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Of Course, I’ll Claim Palimony! Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Its not a reincarnation, transmigration or transmigration, rather its centered on the Book of Prophecy (a romance novel), a cute high-spec Prince who is too adorable in the face of the MC, her brother and the ‘heroine’, and a domineering MC with an eye on profit and is a slight tsundere.

The MC and Prince are the main pairing but there’ll be countless hurdles in their way from the MC only wanting to make money and hence thinks being Queen is non-profitable, to well… actually that’s the biggie so far. BUT another Prince character is introduced in the second part, the question is rival or friend? Regardless within the first or second chapters she’d gotten him to sign a trade contract for some stone fufufufu… Yulias is definitely true to her character.

The engagement with the loser fiancé being broken ends in the ‘heroine’ (who was actually trying to make the Book come true) collapsing after dumping the loser fiancé and being dumped by the Prince, the MC’s brother and the Book’s author’s M son, the MC being propositioned by the King to be the Prince’s wife and the MC declaring being Queen is an obstacle to making money, LOL.


Table of Content

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