Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System

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Titles : Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System

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Type : CN

Status : 692 Chapters (Completed)

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Pausing time! Turning back time! Reversing time of specific Objects/People! Predicting the Future!

Now that Su Lin has grasp over time itself, there’s nothing stopping him from reaching the peak of the world! Able to stop time, he can dodge attacks and avoid mishaps. Able to turn back time, he will never have to regret his actions. Able to reverse time of specific objects and people, he can repair all damage and cure any disease. Able to predict the future, he can avoid all natural and man-made disasters, invest in the best stock, and made perfectly accurate predictions.

The Son of Heavens!
The Chosen!
The Miracle Doctor!
The Prophet!

There’s nothing he can’t do and nothing he can’t be. No one can compare to him, and no one shall stand above me!

Wealth? Beauties? Fame? Power? All of those belong to none other than him.

He’s Su Lin! The master of time!

NOTE: this is a project that was previously translated by EVILATIONS on ScribbleHub, but it will now be done by me.

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