The Villainess Clovia Zelkatore blooms in the dark.

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Titles : The Villainess Clovia Zelkatore blooms in the dark.

Alternatives : 嘉月零

Author : Katsuki Rei

Type : Japanese

Status : 1st volume / 6 Chapters (Current)

Genres :

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That day, she remembered. A former self of where she came from.


Clovia, daughter of Marquise Zelkatore. A heavily pampered young lady. In the winter of her fifth year, she accidentally fell into the pond at her mansion.

In her hazy consciousness, she recollects her previous life, when she was a working adult in Japan. Her parents had passed away several years earlier, and she had a younger sister in her Senior high school years, the two sisters were doing their best to survive.


When she somehow survived, she realized that this world was that of “Maiden of White and Light,” a game she had often played in her previous life. She also then realized that she is Clovia Zelkatore, a villainess who’s fate will meet a tragic end…

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