The Guide

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Titles : The Guide

Alternatives : 더 가이드

Author : Kim Jiyoo

Type : KR

Status : Ongoing

Genres : , , , ,

Source : Ridibooks

Cha Ji-won, director of Gallery Hwadam.

From his outstanding abilities to his handsome appearance, this man who looks perfect from anyone’s point of view has one secret ability.

That he can see a ghost and catch it by drawing a picture of it.

One day, Ji-won, who just dealt with the spirit that harasses people as usual, is dragged into the ‘Jungcheon’ for sending the dead without proper procedures.


And he meets Gaon, the head of Jungcheon, right there in Jungcheon, the place where the dead are judged.


At first, he was intrigued.

He thought it was a curiosity about a transcendent being who didn’t even spare a glance at him.

It was a rather complicated emotion to be called as competitive spirit, but there was no other way to explain it.


Yeah, he was like that at first… Why does she look pretty now?


The story of two people, loving and living in the world of the dead.



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