I’ll Just Live As A Villainess

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Titles : I’ll Just Live As A Villainess

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Type : Korean

Status : Completed

Genres : , ,

Source : Yeondam

I reincarnated into the body of a willainess in a book who attempted to murder the female protagonist!




“I didn’t do anything, so why do I have to reflect on it?”


I thought about it for a moment and decided. Let’s just get it over with!


“…It’s cold, isn’t it?”


But I was banished to a cold land. Extremely cold.


I’m about to die, but I only have piles of wood that don’t burn well!


So I called out to Theoharis, the demon of flames, to live, and…


“You called me just to light a fire?”


“Yes, just quickly light it.”


This demon is an inexhaustible nuisance!


“You called me. So you should be responsible for me.”


“Be responsible? Why should I?”


“The contract is for a lifetime.”


Hey, I just wanted to light a fire!


This is a story about a villainess who wants to live peacefully, and the demon Theoharis, who wants to have his contract fulfilled.



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