He Only Played a Dead Person, How Did He Become the Best Actor?

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Titles : He Only Played a Dead Person, How Did He Become the Best Actor?

Alternatives : 他就演了个死人,咋成影帝了?

Author : 清蒸

Type : web novel (cn)

Status : ongoing

Genres : , ,

Source : faloo

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Lin Beifan crossed parallel time and space and obtained the Actor System. As long as he acted well, he could acquire the abilities of the characters.

He had no acting skills but wanted to gain the abilities of the characters, so…

In the martial arts drama, he played the long-deceased Dugu QiuBai and spent the whole time lying down.

In the zombie film, he played the sealed general and only needed to show his face in exchange for a packed meal.

In the fantasy drama, he played the immortal emperor who dominated an era without even showing his face. He relied solely on his silhouette.

Lin Beifan: “As long as I act briefly and show fewer flaws, my acting will naturally be excellent.”

One day, Lin Beifan stands on the glittering award stage, receiving the Best Actor trophy.

The audience is puzzled, “He only played a dead person, how did he become the Best Actor?”

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