Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

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Titles : Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

Alternatives : 武侠:拜师岳不群,师娘勾引我!

Author : 程程呀

Type : web novel (cn)

Status : ongoing

Genres : , , , , ,

Source : faloo

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Yang Huan crossed over to [The Smiling, Proud Wanderer] world to become Yue Buqun’s disciple, only to be seduced by the master’s beautiful wife at the beginning!

At that time, he activated the ‘Evil Deeds System’, which allowed him to earn rewards for doing evil!

[Ding! The host has cheated on the master’s wife, earning a reward: Long Rainbow Sword Technique!]

[Ding! The host has killed a fellow disciple and humiliated a senior sister, receiving a reward: Red Fire Divine Skill!]

[Ding! The host has deceived his master and killed an ancestor, receive the reward: Demon Heart Crossing!]

[Ding! Betrayed the sect and became an imperial dog, receive the reward: Demon Sword with a Thousand Blades!

[Ding! You have conspired to usurp the throne, assassinate the sovereign and destabilize the palace.]


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