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Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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This is the final coup de grace that made me stop reading this bullshit. Their ultimate goal is to lose the war and sell their country to the enemy just because they think their country is rotten to the core and unsaveable!
“Princess: Hey make me emperor and I will make you the worst general in history. I will sell the country by the way.
Ikta: let me join! I will be the Supreme Commander and surrender in the most needed time to sell the country. Let’s also kill our friends in the process”.

What a rubbish lazy plot from the author who created a total lazy MC with cringe thought. Compared to other two, this really seems as halfbaked plot because the author just want to make a tear-jearking story and cannot think anything else.

Altina literally continues her struggle even after lost the succession to become empress. Climbing in rank and plan a revolution against her brother IN A DREAM TO MAKE HER COUNTRY BETTER EVEN SEEMS HOPELESS.
Tanya also literally carries her country’s burden alone to continues the war against the world, WHILE IN THE DESPERATE TIME, SHE AND THE OTHERS SEARCH BEST WAY TO LOST so Treaty of Versailles will never happen!

Ikta was the number one general and has empress as the backing with a bunch of military friends for god shake! I don’t care how deus ex machina Ikta will triumph as long as he is not lazily surrendering his country! This is the laziest struggle I have ever seen, and every Shounen protagonist will cry of it!


Table of Content

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