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Musume Janakute Mama ga Sukinano!? Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Mhhhh, I am not trying to offend Japanese writers; but I feel like, Japanese writers, majority of them; or like, all of them (I think) are magicians. I feel like, they have this standard when they write something that is exquisite, noble and very refined but then when they actually started to write the words that makes the world of it; it just so happens that no matter how noble or how refined the idea is, it so happens that the end reason or how it happens to go with are plainly ret*rded or simply put it down-to-earth will trigger that funny bone you have and just have this uncontrollable urge to smash the mug you’re holding and just go mad. I f*cking love romance series… I f*ckING DO! I’m an incel weeb degenerate that will rejoice the purity of romance because of the otherworldly affect of romanticism attached to the world unknown to me, But goddamn, Japanese authors just have this ability to make a simple romance turn into a f*cking comedy series. Like…. I dont know if all Japanese author have this genius side of them being comedian but I sure do know that all the stand-up comedians I’ve watched are all african americans.

This series will straight up suck every f*cking braincell you have and turn you into an idiot. Ummm that’s understandable, Every romance series at this early stage of romance are like that ret*rded faithful meeting encounter cliche. Like, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole for it to be so disgustingly tilting. I dont hate how vol.01 has this “immature” tone because I feel like, even if it’s like the most mature JP LN, like it’s just the nature of the core of ALL JP WNs to have this RETADEDNESS attached to every f*cking word in flow or atmosphere. I like how subtle it was tho, that the relationship that MC and heroine have was slowly fleshed out… We do f*cking know that they’re a decade old apart and the scenario that led to scenes when MC was a child upto the point, where he wasnt, and the heroine being an adult upto the point where umm she somehow became a teenage girl in love, have this very relaxing atmosphere. I quite like it, and this sense of time that’s between them has this tension and when heroine slowly pushed forth, has this sense of fulfillment that I feel like, isnt worth the goddamn life of an ant I killed when I was a kid, or the c*ckroach I just killed today. Like because, it’s this sense of JP LNs that I feel like, will regardless of whatever f*cking cliche was “resolved” and how MC and heroine got closer together; will still have this sense of PLATONIC undertone to every f*cking f*cking f*cking f*cking f*cking roundabout way of ending it. Like, I feel like, this sense of equilibria of platonicness that displayed and will still be presented regardless of the AHAHAHAHAHA MC goes brr brr for being GENTLEMAN, will still follow this equilibrium shift that goes towards platonic relationship tone… I DO NOT MIND PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP… I f*ckING READ OTONARI FOR THE f*ckING f*ckING REASON OF EMBRACING THE AHAHAHAAHAH JAPENSE CULTURE GOES BRRRR BRRRRR, but god f*cking damn I never get into this sense of blissfulness of enjoying a JP romance LN simply because of this fact of being this platonic equilibrium shift that goes to the f*cking extreme that just…. wow…. shows why Japan is gonna f*cking die because there’s no more babies in there. Like wow….

The MC is like the epitome of PURENESS, it’s like he’s the reincarnation of Virgin Mary and the heroine is like Virgin Mary. Put those two together in a single room and you’ll have…. I guess…. FLUFF ROMANCE? Ummmm unaltered passionate glance of their love? UMMMMM pure PLATONIC handholding scene that’s completely PURE because they’re actually wearing condoms? Like I dunno how to put it… it’s like you (the reader) have a doll and you have the complete power to either make them go horny all day or make them not horny all day and ummm the author just so happens to choose the latter because, I dont f*cking know how in the the f*cking universe can you so f*cking genius that a 30 yo woman will be f*cking turn brainless horny (pure) 4 yo maiden in love when MC suddenly confessed to him…. Like that’s a f*cking… I dunno how to put it…. funny? She’s the epitome of submissive copypasta heroine. It’s like, if you gave her a d*ck she’ll prolly think it’s not a d*ck and it’s a lollipop. She doesnt have a personality that will make you like her, and I think further on; she never will have or develop it. It’s simply because I feel like, the one dimenionallistic Jap authors found this ummm… quite moe? I mean…. sure…

I dont hate reading the novel, in fact I loved every f*cking word of it…. It’s just that, when I read vol.01 to the current vol right now, this sense of unease and the doom that all JP romance have ingrained in my brain just corrupts my f*cking soul and just makes me mad.


Table of Content

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