Mushoku no Eiyuu ~Betsu ni Skill Nanka Iranakattan daga~ Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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Mushoku no Eiyuu ~Betsu ni Skill Nanka Iranakattan daga~ Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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After he gets home from Sword City he doesn’t know what to do and is getting bored so he decides to tell his father that he wants to learn magic, so his father teaches Arel magic after Arel shows him that even people without a class have magic power, after 3 years he is going into Magic City to enroll in Magic Academy (i dont know its name) where he goes to test in all 6 departments which are [Red – Blue – Green – Yellow – Black – Light] corresponding with [Fire – Water/Ice – Wind – Earth (Golems) – Dark Magic (Necromancy, etc) – Purify/Healing (not sure). At the testing ground there were Mithril (I think) Dolls which were all “destroyed” by him, more in depth at the Red testing ground he molts the Doll, at the Blue testing ground he impales the doll with 40 Ice Something, at the Green testing grounds he does a Tornado at the doll and destroys it (i think), the Black one did not have any testing ground so he passed instantly because no one went to the Black, and at the Yellow and Light I dont think it mentions the test in the novel but it only says that he passed. After some time in the academy he went and did his 2nd grade exam faster because the “teacher” (i forgot the exact name) acknowledged him. In depth at the Red department he did a text exam and a fight exam, at the Blue department he went against the teacher and won, at green he did a flying competition with the other students and won first place, at the Earth department he fought against the teacher again but this time with golems and won agian, at the Light department he went somewhere (i dont know the exact location) and was needed to go outside while purifying undeads, ghouls, zombie, etc, at the Dark department I dont know the exact thing but while reading a book with no name he found a marquis demon and subdued it those putting a s*ave mark on it. After that it comes the Mage Competition in which all the departments send disciple to fight against each other, but everyone sent Arel because he was the best in every department. Because the Dark department Headmaster was infuriated at how small of resources he gets he summons a slime (Gluttony Slime) from the Netherworld, which of course Aerl defeats with Mage God abilities and subdues it those becoming his second “monster”, after that the 6 headmaster ask him how to become a mage god so he tells them that they need to be able to use advanced magic in every Nature. And that is how the Volume 2 is ending.


Table of Content

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