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Maou no Hajimekata Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Hello everyone, I’m Nefarian, the current Overlord translator of this wonderful series: (Here is my take on it)
I know that this is actually one of the top notch novels out there that have very descriptive and in-depth battle scenes, interesting and witty dialog, titillating erot*c scenes, over the top and shocking moments of extreme violence, there is also the very dirty and underhanded methods of guerrilla warfare.
To top it all off the Main Character of the series is Aur, is a nefarious but very intelligent schemer who is able

to use his evil plans to achieve his goals in a variety of thought-provoking ways. His final goal is to be able to create an unbeatable dungeon and to rule over it as the one and only Demon King. (For Nefarian it doesn’t get any better than this: It ticks every single box and it’s like Game of Thrones became a Japanese light novel, the ultimate erot*c fantasy adventure to become the King of the Iron Throne, I mean Demon King haha~) <
Table of Content

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