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Magi Craft Meister Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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1) MC knowing he can’t release too many technologies (asks if patent systems exists, knows current world golems are poorly made things) and has enough common sense to render his potentially compromised warp gates inoperable at the start. Yet he completely forgets this and goes around tossing around innovations left and right without building any anti-theft safeties into his new innovations like the warp gate has (how difficult is it to have his plane/boats/golem have the same option as his warp gate?….. why is he making all these planes and ships operable by anyone?)

2) Supposedly magi craft meisters are shunned during the predecessor’s time and there is only one magi craft meister at a time…. yet said magi craft meister is extremely powerful, wealthy, and has access to highly advanced technologies. 1, 000 years later somehow magic craftmen are all over the place with regular non-magi craftmen nowhere to be found (still haven’t met a non-magic craftsman magician 5 volumes in….) The author claims the war 300 years ago wiped out a significant portion of the magic population but that wouldn’t explain why magic craftmen became so popular or why non-magic craftmen magic people are nowhere to be found.

3) Supposedly writing magic formulas in Japanese makes them more efficient and would be an excellent way to prevent others from stealing his work (Having a self destruct option like the Terminator CPUs when the magic plate is opened up or something would be very effective, right?) Yet either the entire world can either magically understand Japanese or he just forgot all about this.

4) Apparently swords are a thing, but flint/firesteel aren’t? A s*upid way to make MC’s “lighters” popular. MC also apparently completely forgot about his magic stone powered stoves he made for the village which would make lighters completely unnecessary. (Since they can literally run on fragments of fire magic stone dust found in a river bed.)

5) Current world golems suddenly gain a level in technology during the boat race ark. Apparently golems are rare, hard to make things yet all of a sudden an entire city has boat racing competitions with custom made highly advanced golems (Reinhardt made Lorelei which is somehow an autonomous golem which are supposedly very difficult to make, wut?)

6) Magic craftsmen also gain a level in technology during the boat race arc. They can suddenly read the orders/mana signature of enemy golems to figure out their directives and who sent them. Wtf? Why was this not mentioned/done during the 3 volumes that came before it? Why the balls didn’t he do this when Gen/Gon first attacked & he re-purposed them?

7) The various villains are extremely s*upid. I guess common sense fell drastically along with the technology/magic levels of the world. Supposedly Magic craftsmen are very rare and precious commodities being jealously hoarded by various nobles yet Dumbarse McNoblederp tries to rhape the magic craftsman chick MC was providing blueprints to. Supposedly she’s the apprentice of a famous local magic craftsman which makes it all the weirder than said noble would try to rhape her. The village villain is yet another dumbarse noble that tries to manhandle the MC even though the King is trying to curry MC’s favor. (How the hell do you fail that hard in your mission) ? The boat arc villain is dumb enough to leave a crapload of evidence (literally left 4-6 golems with his signature and very clear sabotage orders…. in a city filled with magi craftmen that could read said orders/signature if they got their hands on them, wut?)

8) Around volume 4 when MC is making his robot army author claims “Knowledge transfer is not effective in transferring knowledge to other humans.” Yet he literally received most of his knowledge from the previous magicraft meister via knowledge transfer…. and has been employing it with very little problems. The only downside is that it’s like having a “book” memorized in your head to reference. But that’s still PRETTY DAMN EFFECTIVE. I’d love to be able to download books directly into my brain.

9) MC drops a bombshell about magic (apparently everyone has a limited amount) as late as volume 4 chapter 6. (Prompted because of Reiko’s concern to him)…… then it’s brushed off because the MC has a magic body which can absorb ambient mana, so it’s okay for him. Wut?


Table of Content

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