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Loved by Her Sister’s Former Fiancée Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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the MC visits her sister in her room during the, apparently hellish, bridal training. sisters room is about 3 times the size of hers, and filled with much higher end furniture and clothes then the MC’s. the sister seems to be stressing out over the upcoming marriage, the fiance seems to have a reputation as a woman hater, and they have never met, so she has no idea what he is like. With the way this chapter seems to read it would not surprise me if the sister faked her death to escape a marriage she as afraid of, she even shows the MC her secret (from their parents) hobby, and confesses what her plans were if the family fell into ruin. Which feels like foreshadowing to me.

The sister is no where near as bad as her parents, but I an not certain she was a good sister from what little we see of her, and even seems to give the MC some words of encouragement.

Her reflection ends, and the MC is back in the carriage to her sister’s fiance. with her father ordering her around, complaining she is not cute, tells her to not stay in the capital and try to find work once the fiance gives her the boot, and even ends with saying he wished she was dead.


Table of Content

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