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Live Dungeon! Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Review as of chapter 3.
Quick recap, MC is an MMORPG player, whose game of choice is a dungeon-delving type. The game is going to close, so he decided to solo (with 4 secondary accounts) the dungeon till its last boss, perhaps part for pride and part because there had been noone who had done so.
Once he done so though, he got an invite… And simply sent to face the final boss again, in the flesh, alone, in his main account as a white mage/healer/priest/cleric. Suffice to say, he died.

story proper then starts. There’s barely any further information from the gods, who in the old Lore of the game was the maker of the Dungeon, and it was basically for fun. So far, he has gotten two party members, but they were mostly forced on him, because of a kind of PR disaster, involving the fact that the Dungeon spits out dead adventurers with the most expensive item in their hands, and an auctioneer that forgot to keep his private information, well, private. It is rather interesting, too bad the author has declined to allow further translation. Well, if you can read moonrunes, go find the WN and read for yourself. Have fun. <
Table of Content

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