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Lazy Dungeon Master Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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when he learns the loli s*ave was previously named “Meat” (a slang for s*x s*ave) by the former master, he makes no attempt to change it, even though he realizes the meaning. Of course, as expected, he’s treated as a pedophile by every human character he meets, all for the sake of a “comedic” situation. Then when he receives his first adventurer request (cleaning toilets, wtf), the MC comes up with some convoluted lies in order to hide the fact he is good at magical toilet cleaning (who cares?) all so that he can have more “hilarious” misunderstandings? Moreover, not only does he go through so much effort to hide his “amazing (?) ” abilities, but he makes it look like he left his loli s*ave to clean the toilets by herself while he played around on the town.


Table of Content

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