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Preface – A Flower Blossoms


Taking a breather. Although I’ve been working to rewrite a favorite (a story of one’s previous life from a society from the medieval era~), I am tired of writing the same story over and over again (hey!), so I thought while taking a break, with a story in mind which you often hear a villainess,
I am thinking of writing one. It’s within my liking, “it differs to an extent” to what I am used to, if possible, please overlook it. To people whose favorites are these kinds of stories and would advance on, do not worry.

I will do my best for everyone to take an interest in this work.


— I remember now.


In the winter when I was five years old, I drowned in the pond at my residence and was on the verge of drowning – during then, an enormous number of memories flowed into my head.


It was the memories of a young woman who lived in a country called Japan. She was twenty-two years old and worked in a stationery company. That company was not the usual black company which leads people to reincarnate, the pay was good, the company offered modest vacations, it also had a good reputation which led me to have an enjoyable life as a working adult.


However, on my twenty-third birthday celebration – I was struck by a car and died abruptly


(Oh, …… I’m going to die)


After being hit by a car and no longer having the composure to move my fingertips, “Girlfriend” appeared near my face between the night fog. I remembered a certain Otome Game I played with my sister.


(…… That Otome game was a lot of fun……)


It was a familiar royalty progressing game, there were some opportunistic parts, and there were some foreshadowing events that you likely need to manage, — but I didn’t dislike it. That royal progression was a pleasant experience for me.


(But I wonder if I won’t be able to play that game anymore……. — That young lady, what would’ve become of her?)


I died with a “regretful heart” left in me.

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