Volume 1 – Chapter 1: Sadness and Awareness

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Clovia Zelkatore, five years old, is currently in bed resting. And had remembered her memories of her past life.


Before her eyes are her parents weeping, with exaggerated tears.


“Oh Via! Our Via! Thank God you’re okay! When I heard you drown in the pond, I thought my heart would stop for a second there!”


“Yes, truly…..! I was so shocked that I might have fainted! but I’m so glad you’re okay, Via!”


“Oh, Endeared Father, Mother…”


Clovia, who had managed to escape death, was examined by a doctor and told to rest completely.


“You need not cry no longer Endeared Father and Mother, as you can see I am alright”.


“Oh, my Via. I can’t tell you how much I am relieved to know that you’re alright……! Although I don’t believe in God, after praying for your safety, from the bottom of my heart, I feel like thanking God…!”


“I’m very much relieved that you’re okay, Via!!”


I should have called out to her to make her stop crying.


While I was bewildered ── I heard a calming woman’s voice.


“The doctor then said, “Sir, ma’am, your daughter only needs a complete rest. I think it’s the best time to give her some space alone to rest”.


“Oh, Yurie, you’re right, let’s do that”.


“Oh my Yurie-chan, I am sorry, I am such a clutz. I cried not benefiting from my age. You’re right, absolutely right at that, then I’ll be taking my leave. Clovia, make sure to rest alright?”


“Yes, yes, Endeared Mother, Father”.


After Clovia spoke those words, they then walked out of the room. The door was slammed shut and Clovia let out a sigh. The two of them, truly love their daughter Clovia very much. So much so that I feel like melting like chocolate. They pamper me too much.


“Thank you, Yurie.”


“You need not thank me. I only said it was time to give My Lady the rest she needs. I don’t deserve any thanks, My Lady”.


After which, all of a sudden Yurie’s mood changed. She raised her head, which had been lowered.


“My Lady…! I am sorry! Even when I was by your side, I failed to move while you were drowning in the pond..! It was my blunder! I am prepared to accept any punishment!”




Yurie then kneeled beside her bed and expressed her faults as fast as she could.


Yurie Rook. Ten years old. An orphan. She was picked up in a slum when Clovia was three years old. Since she became Clovia’s maid a year ago, she has dressed befitting to be Clovia’s maid. Clovia’s parents have placed their trust in her, and Clovia too likes her.


“Yurie… Why? You were not at fault in this incident.”


“Such a thing..! I have been entrusted with caring for the most valued treasure of the House of Marquis Zelkatore, Clovia, I have received this role of looking after you with all my being, but this time I failed to fulfill that duty. Please bestow punishment on me.


(Valued treasure…)


This time, Clovia was playing with Yurie in the garden of her mansion. An acquaintance told her not to go near the pond. Clovia rebelled against this and forced her way through to play in the shallow water. She losses her footing and drowns in the pond. ── This was my price for one mistake.


The father then left the punishment for her daughter to decide.




What a thing to say, that father.


Clovia hurriedly said to the confused Yurie.


Yurie, there is no punishment. You are doing a good job. There is no way I would punish you.


“But My Lady”.


(This is troubling.)


Yurie will not be satisfied if she is not punished. However, it doesn’t mean that she should be punished in any way.


The troubled Clovia then thought and said.


“Then, Yurie, I will ask you to stay with me for the rest of your life.”




“I want you to be my lady-in-waiting until the day I die until you grew tired of me, that is what I wish.”


“My Lady..!”


When Yurie was about to say something, her mouth was then shut, and smiled, with the tears running in her eyes for some time down to her cheeks.


“–… then, I will always be by your side, My Lady”.




Two years back. After picking things up with Yurie, Yurie swore her loyalty to Clovia. Then again, at present time, Yurie swore the same loyalty.




(For that matter, a reincarnation in another world…)


After that, Yurie left the room and Clovia was left alone.


Lying on the bed, staring at the canopy, Clovia ponders.


(I was Japanese in my previous life…)


A working adult living in Japan. My hobbies were Otome games. My appearance was average. I lived my life working steadily and diligently at my job. However, I died in a car accident and was reborn in another world




It wasn’t that I was a corporate slave working for a black company like in the popular “otherworldly reincarnation” stories, or that I was unhappy with my life or anything like that. Well, I had a life that could hardly be called ordinary, but even so, at that time, I was a very normal human being. So, of course, there were people I cared about and so on.


(I wonder how she is doing. ……)


The sister in my previous life. She was only 15 years old, and her parents died in an accident when Clovia was 16, so Clovia paid her school fees. However, she was a good girl who worked part-time while participating in club activities in order to buy stationery, notebooks, and other writing materials. She adorned herself as an older sister. I think Clovia also loved her sister and with what you would call an older sister possessing a sister complex. While those two sisters struggle and work together in life.


(I died..)


I wonder if my sister is struggling after my death, the main source of income for the family. We had some savings, but it was only a certain amount, and I wondered if it would last until she successfully graduated from high school. Which then, would be hard for her to enter college. I could not go to college because I had to earn an income as soon as possible after my parents died, I want my sister to go to college properly. In addition, there are many other things to worry about. I wonder if she is feeling lonely. Is she doing well in school? Is she getting up by herself in the morning? My sister had to study until late at night in order to maintain a special scholarship at her high school. I wondered if she was getting enough sleep. I worry about her endlessly.


Leaving my sister is my sole regret.


(Oh, speaking of my sister)


There was an Otome game that I used to play with my sister.


The game was called “White and Light Maiden”. In the world of medieval European society, the heroine Ruby, a commoner girl, realizes on her fifteenth birthday that she has a rare attribute of light magic. An envoy comes from the country to protect the light magician, and Ruby goes to work in the royal palace and becomes friends with the prince and duke’s son of the country…in a tale of Royalty.


The delicate and beautiful pictures, the careful depiction of romance, and the moderate amount of battle scenes made it quite popular despite its low budget. My sister was already hooked on this otome game, and every time she played it, she would mutter, “I can’t do it.., it’s too precious…” Clovia wasn’t that great either, but she liked the game a lot.


(Oh yeah ……. She was a total fan of Ruby and used to make up and imitate Ruby.)


On her days off, she would put on makeup to make her eyes and imitate Ruby’s expressions down to her aura. Then, with a bashful smile, she would ask, “How does it look?




── When I remember my sister, tears started to fall.


(Wait, what?)


(Oh, that?)


I was perplexed by the tears that kept overflowing after wiping them.


But after that, I accepted my situation.


Clovia’s one and only sister


The sister that I loved from the bottom of my heart.


A sister I will never meet again.


Never again.


Thinking of that, my heart ached.




I called out the name of the sister and shed tears.




Later, Clovia was tired of crying and fell asleep.
When she woke up, she was relieved to find Yurie by her side. However, Yurie could tell that she had been crying because of the reddening of her eyes, and she was very worried about her.
I managed to deceive her, and that’s when Yurie agreed with me to which then my ──


stomach rumbled.


Clovia’s face turned bright red in embarrassment, but Yurie chuckled and said, “We will prepare your meal right away. My lady may still need some rest, so she won’t be able to eat a very solid meal, but we don’t want her to be hungry.


Only a few minutes later, Yurie brought the evening meal to my room.


The menu was a light porridge, steam floated around the plate. It looked delicious.


(It was a light meal fit for my stomach….)


I just almost drowned, but I’m fine now. The people in this mansion are too overprotective.


Clovia’s mental age is twenty-seven years old, which is the sum of her previous life, so I was reluctant to ask her to “feed me,” but Yurie, who was looking at me with a look of great concern, I gave in and asked her to feed me and I did “ahhh”.

At first, she moved her mouth slowly as she was fed in a way she was not accustomed to, but she gradually got used to it, and by the time it was over, she was eating normally.


When he was feeling good and full, the porridge still had some leftover, but the outstanding maid, Yurie, sensing Clovia’s feelings, said, “Well, it’s time for me to braid your hair,” and left the room after taking the tray with her.


Clovia sat on the bed, propping her feet out, and went into a daze.


In this world, Clovia is the daughter of the Marquise Zelkatore in the Kingdom of Rio Welt.


The Marquess of Zelkatore is a prestigious family said to be comparable to a duke, and the current Marquess of Zelkatore, in other words, Clovia’s father, is the Prime Minister of the kingdom. Therefore, the Marquise of Zelkator stands in a very important position in the kingdom. Moreover, the Marquise of Zelkator is said to have the most financial power in the kingdom. I don’t know if this is really true, but I have heard rumors to that effect. In fact, the furniture and clothes that Clovia is currently surrounded by are all of the highest quality. It is not a mistake to think that my family is rich.


(I’m an aristocrat, huh, would that mean I would live a far more extravagant life?)


I don’t want to go so far as to have an extravagant lifestyle, like buying my favorite jewelry or going to an esthetic salon, I think it’s fine to do all those things. I want to do what I couldn’t do in my previous life.


(“The Marquise daughter”… I can’t believe it…)


── Marquise daughter, Clovia Zelkatore.


(Oh, by the way, the villainess in “The Maiden of White and Light” was also the daughter of a marquise.)


The heroine works as a light magician in the royal palace. The villainess obstructs the heroine from getting close to the princes at every turn, but in the end, she ends up in an absolutely horrible situation. I believe her name was….


(── …… Clovia Zelkatore)


My heart rumbled.


(──wait what?)


The name of the villainess in the game is Clovia Zelkatore. My name now is also Clovia Zelkatore.


I jumped off the bed. I walked to the dresser next to it and vigorously picked up the silk cloth hanging on the mirror. Then, in the mirror in front of me, I saw the reflection of a five-year-old Marquise daughter.


She has jet-black hair that is endlessly and bottomlessly black, with blood-red pupils. Her skin is stunningly white and beautiful, and her lips are rose-colored. Long black eyelashes. Beautifully contoured features. The girl reflected in the mirror was such a girl who, despite her young age, can be assured to be absolutely beautiful in the future. That was the kind of young lady reflected back in the mirror.


And it was the same for the game’s villainess, Clovia.


(That’s me…)


── It seems that I have been reincarnated as the villainess in the game.










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