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Kusuriya no Hitorigoto Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The male lead and love interest of Maomao in this story is Jishin. And in case anyone is wondering, no, Jishin is not an eunuch and yes, he is someone very important.

There is no second male lead in this story so if you dislike seeing second male leads getting their heart broken, you can read this safely. However, the job of getting a heart broken falls onto Jishin instead… (www)

Jishin is definitely the most pitiable male lead I have seen thanks to Maomao’s stubbornness and poker faced personality. She is able to react calmly to Jishin’s advances, and even misunderstands his intentions which results in various funny situations. Despite this, Jishin does not give up and continues to pursue Maomao in a way that is ‘sticky’ but respectful. He also thinks highly of her capabilities and trusts her enough to the extent of trusting the people she trusts.

On the other hands, the Jishin from Maomao’s point of view feels more like a troublesome boss who assigns her difficult tasks and likes to harass her.

So does Maomao have feelings for Jishin? – At this point (c160), I don’t think so. Jishin still has a long way to go…


Table of Content

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