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Kuro no Maou Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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-Kuruno saved Reki and Ursula from a guy attempting to r*pe them.
– Kurono and Sariel befriend the two young girls: Reki (golden hair, red eyes, white skin) and Ursula (silver hair, blue eyes, brown skin).
– The two girls (orphans) are considered second-class citizens because they were not born in Sinclaire Kingdom – the homeland of the Church on Ark Continent – but rather in the countries nearby which were conquered by the Church.
– After some time, Reki and Ursula find out that Kurono and Sariel are hiding their true identities. But even so, they respect and admire them.
– Kurono realizes that Reki has the potential to become a powerful fighter, and so he trains her together with the village guards. After a few weeks of training, she becomes the strongest fighter amongst the villagers.

– Also, when a large group of monsters attacks the village, Kurono finds out that Ursula has a very powerful drain ability, which comes in the form of a white mist: first it drains the magical power of its target, then their life force as well.
– During the attack, Ursula sends her mist and turns a giant monster into a pile of bones, in an instant.

– Ursula has trouble controlling her power, which she labels as a curse. Kurono starts training her as well.
– Reki is very upset as she realizes that the fights between the two are on an entirely different level – Ursula is stronger that Reki.

– Ursula tells Reki that she fell in love with Kurono, and that she wants to sleep together with him, just like Sariel does (they’re still lolis, so they take “sleeping” literally though).
– Reki tries to help Ursula with this, but in the end it’s Reki that ends up sleeping together with Kurono. And she too realizes that she’s in love with him…
– The next morning, Ursula calls Reki a traitor.
– Thus, the long-lasting friendship of the two young girls is now over…
– Two months after the war, Kurono and Sariel prepare to leave for Spada as the snow starts to melt.
– Reki and Ursula want to go with them, but Kurono disapproves of this. He wants the girls to remain in Daidalos. If they follow Kurono, they will be dragged into his future fights and risk their lives.

– Our heroes are attacked by lots and lots of squid monsters: small, medium and giant. They have tentacles with spear-like tips, can fly, and the big ones can spit acid.
– Kurono and Ursula face the monsters head-on. Reki and Sariel remain behind to protect the villagers.
– Reki is very upset as she realizes that even Sariel, who lacks three limbs, is more powerful that her. Filled with anger, she rushes alone into the battlefield.

– Ursula becomes more and more exhausted, having to ‘erase’ several giant squid.
– Kurono realizes that he won’t make it in time to protect Ursula from a lethal attack, but Reki arrives and rescues her.
– Just as she was getting praised by Kurono, Reki is impaled by a giant tentacle and gets dragged away…
– A teary Ursula tells Kurono that Reki’s death was her own fault (previously, Ursula told Reki that she is too weak to stand by Kurono’s side; as a result, Reki joined the battle in order to prove that she’s strong enough).
– Kurono however disagrees and consoles her. They even sleep together. The next day, Ursula keeps clinging to Kurono…

– With Sariel on his back, Kurono enters the inside of the monster through one of its holes. There, they find Reki’s body.
– As Sariel grabs hold of Reki, she is thrown outside by a strong wind.

– After the battle, Ursula searches for Kurono, only to find out that he already left for Spada…
– She decides she will go to Spada as well; however, she first travels to Iruzu Village, wanting to bury Reki there.
– All of a sudden, Ursula is captured by a group of Inquisitors, who wish to have her executed because of her OP ability. However, Ursula is rescued by none other than Reki, who somehow has revived.

– It is revealed that Ursula and Reki are the descendants of two powerful enemies of the Church from the Ark Continent, and that they inherited their powers. Ursula has an OP magic/life drain ability, while Reki has OP regeneration and melee figting ability.
– The two girls (who are now friends again) leave Daidalos and head for Spada, hoping to reunite with their beloved Kurono.

– Many chapters later, we find out that Reki and Ursula managed to reach Spada safely but then were tricked and captured as s*aves by some bad guys

– When Kuruno lost his memories he unexpectedly met Ursula and Reki. Reki and Ursula are overjoyed at reuniting with their beloved Kurono.
– Unfortunately, Kurono lost his memories, and doesn’t recognize the girls at all…
– They decide to tell eachother their respective stories. However, Reki and Ursula decide to lie about Kurono’s past.
– The fact that Kurono has amnesia means that Reki and Ursula can now have Kurono all for themselves.
– The two young girls proclaim themselves to be Kurono’s lovers, and lie to Kurono about how he ‘did it’ with them back in Daidalos.
– Kurono is in despair… In the end, he declares that he will take responsibility and marry Reki and Ursula.
– Unfortunately for the girls, Kurono decides that they must wait several years, until the girls are mature enough. This includes ‘doing it’…

-During the Dungeon event, Kuruno together with Reki and Ursula encountered Lily, Sariel and Fiona.
– The situation is hostile at first. But after some talking, Reki and Ursula admit they lied to Kurono.
– Lily offers to use her powers to restore Kurono’s memories, and Kurono accepts.

– With this, our hero, Kurono Mao, is finally back. He remembers everything. He apologizes to Lily, Fiona and Sariel for the past hostilities.
– He also forgives Reki and Ursula, and is surprised by the fact that Reki is still alive.


Table of Content

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