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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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1. Grinding arc (ch 1-150)
wellp, it’s the begining story. Yeah, it’s the usual grinding chapter, leveling up, evolving, racking skills up, lvling up Taboo (wait, what), acidentaly learns about the world’s truth (ch 130, 148-150) and some insight about her true nature (ch 150, also some side chapter. Dont be lazy, keep looking). It’s nothing but battle and eating.
this part is also where most people decided to give up and left this novel

2. Learning the world’s circumstances and preparation arc (ch 151-201)
after learning the about the world, MC finally think that it’s time for her to make her move. While preparing for her final stage, she travel here and there to understand about the world’s condition. Here, the author decided to finally inform the reader about the human residing in this world (not really detailed though, since in the end, they all are nothing but tr*sh), and all the important faction that affecting this world
this, is where everything turns into what the f*ck

3. Let’s save the world, while accidentally kill some and intentionally kill the rest (ch 202-206, current recent chapter)
after grasping the mean to realize her plan, MC started to intentionally interact with the dwellers of this world and manipulate the factions from behind in order to realize her plan
this is where you finally realize “holly shit, it’s becoming something else, and it’s starting to become more and more awesome”, and where all those side chapter starting to make sense and hold their own role (wellp, except the part where demon lord and her acquintance is crying over spilled fruit)


Table of Content

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