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Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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It’s real good. Funny too.
I couldn’t wait for the Light novel translations and read a really crummy Google Translate of the original web novel. Regardless of the gross quality, I still managed to pull out the gist of the events that happen. I’m nothing more than hyped for the reveal of, and return of, various characters. Anyways, onto the review!
It’s a rather unique spin on the typical “isekai/game-world” trope, since the game-world our unfortunate protagonist, Souma, gets stuck in just so happens to be the world’s buggiest VR game created,

New Communication Online, which so happens to be a single player game… because the development team found creating a VRMMO to be too much of a hassle. On the bright side, our protagonist knows basically everything there is to know about the game. The reason he got sent to this game-like-world in the first place was because of his addiction to it. While Souma provides various explanations of how skills work, and why some bugs exist, I found it incredibly entertaining to read. Rather, I was always thirsting to find out more about the world known as Nekomimineko, and the characters and “features” that inhabit it. If it wasn’t obvious enough. This is a comedy. The author will subvert what appeals to be “dramatic” into something comedic, basically making everything feel rather anticlimactic. I will say, this process is repeated quite a few times, even in the web novel. Despite this “rinse and repeat, ” I still find much entertainment from it, even if I started thinking to myself, “what kind of bug will he exploit now?” There will be some genuinely “dramatic” moments without subversion, but those rarely appear. I think this has only occurred probably twice in the course of the web novel. In conclusion, I find this to be a “Konosuba” of the Trapped-in-a-Game genre. The world is incredibly strange, and character interactions within that world make it funny. <
Table of Content

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