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Kojiin Tamer Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Average isekai slow life..
There really isn’t much happening in the story.
I can’t say that there is much character development as there is not much progress due to MC being a very busy 6 year old child..
Chapter 1 to 290 is from 0 year old to around 6~7 years old, although the MC has a lot more freedom when he turned around 5, he is just doing a lot of stuff from carpentry, blacksmithing & alchemy he just keeps on doing a lot of stuffs that a child his age could

be considered abnormal yet since this is an isekai it is perfectly normal due to the existence of STATS, so if you think about it normally you will lose it. There isn’t really any goal other than improving his lifestyle in the orphanage & getting ready to become an adventurer. And for the love of.. I just can’t find the name of his little sister & it’s bugging me the whole time.. And a lot of other names are also like that, Ojii-chan, obaa-chan, director, land lord’s son, Bear peddler, merchant group, adventurer group, gatekeeper, in his familiars only until Queen have proper name then the rest are named after their race.. Fun start but became a little bit boring when story keeps on dragging, maybe the novel will finish when he finally becomes 15 when he can register as an adventurer.. <
Table of Content

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