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Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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It delivers what it promises, except the action. Not that it doesn’t exist, but it’sp just slice of life kind of action, not boring, but not at all exciting or involving.
A big flaw, as mentioned in other reviews, is the bad writing. The author insists on repeating an explaining things over and over. So much that you’ll find yourself skipping entire paragraphs.
Even worst is that, even wih all the repetition, he constantly forgets about his characters personalities and the simple rules of its skill leveling.


Badly written novel and it’s almost impossible to feel any relation with the MC. The MC is a gamer who is summoned to another world. He is so convinced of his flawed gaming theories that he refuses to accept that he’s the only one who believes in his gaming theories. Unfortunately the writer has decided to let the MC do what he wants without any indication that the MC is capable of learning (and bc it’s badly written there is no pushback from the writer). The world views the use

of evasion stat an useless upgrade path and instead of recognizing that and just to shut up about his theory he keeps on mentioning it and thereby being ignored. The inability for the writer to think up a story where the MC reacts realistic in an unrealistic setting makes it a badly written story (even if I were in an actual game I wouldn’t keep on mentioning that I use the evasion stat after being told so clearly that the evasion stat is useless but this MC is not that smart) <


Definitely not the best story, but no means so bad it’s not worth a try. The main problem everyone seem to have with it is that he put all his points into evasion and his character not growing. One seeing how the MC is set on his path of being a evasion based healer, and with it working for the most part, of course he’s not going to learn much yet. Maybe in a volume or two he actually will. Two, if you are playing a RPG with a Warrior,

Tank, Mage and a healer what would you spec them in? Obviously damage for the Warrior, vitality or defense for the tank, intelligence or something for the mage and healing for the healer right? But wait the healer already have max healing. So why NOT put it into evasion? Who would send their parties lifeline to tank or attack on the front lines? Since its extra points might as well decrease the chance of the healer being hit rather than banking on him being hit. A healer that is forced to constantly heal itself is not a good healer. So please take this into consideration when you try this story out. It’s not going to wow you, but it’s just a simple silly light hearted story. Not every fantasy story needs to be LoTR. <


The novel is still at the beginning as of the time of writing this, but so far it looks great! The translation has been pretty high quality and the story itself is pretty unique. From what I’m seeing, it’ll be a good underdog story where the MC’s abilities are doubted by everyone and he hasn’t to prove them wrong. Now that it’s caught up to the manga, we’ll see if the translations are affected at all. As of now, I’m really enjoying this novel!

Typical disappointing Japanese protagonist. Doesn’t kill people trying to kill him. And he’s too s*upid to add skill points into attack.
I had such high hopes. Why? I dunno.

The only thing it has going for it is that it’s not a cringey r*pe/ntr story But the MC is Japanese beta tr*sh. The author touts him as intelligent but through his actions (or lack thereof) you find he is actually very s*upid. Don’t read this unless your bored and can handle losing a few brain cells. Still rating it 3 stars since the world the story takes place in appears wholesome thus far and there are some things I enjoyed in the novel. I just wish he was more of a man or atleast acted like a real gamer would in that situation. <

Most people complaining about this story don’t give it any time to build up or give it any thought outside what they would do. The MC is standard japanese who had a normal happy life, he used a pretty smart gamer tactic of using high evasion healer as his build (harder to hit, less wasted healing on self) and he wants to get perfect evasion (which would mean no need to ever heal himself).
Is it serious? It has serious subplots in but overall he is a kind character who will

live his life in a carefree nature. You want something dark and gritty then go look for a novel with dark themes, this is more for wanting to see an unsung hero who doesnt mind not being praised for saving people and would rather save them without being noticed. <


Mediocre. Feels childishly written. It’s just the first chapter and it presents the typical scene of a protagonist being summoned, but already it feels extremely lacking. No descriptions of the location, atmosphere, feelings/reactions of people around the protagonist, etc. Worst still, it introduces the unusual idea that allocating points to get skills is something known by the king (and maybe everyone else; the phrasing makes it sound like a common thing) without any prior set up. I’m only giving it 2, not 1/5 because the story’s synopsis sounded good. Normally

I’d try to be fair and read further before commenting but I feel like the first chapter already told me all I need to know about the author’s skills. Oh, and the translation is wonky. <

I would usually rate this more at 4 stars, but this story definitely is not at 3, 2 (agregate at the time I wrote this).
Sure, the world-logic isn’t really anything amazing (see sinopsis: “healer who does not up their healing power? Of into the dungeon with ye”) and overall this is a story that doesn’t take itself tooo seriously.
And to the critique that he doesn’t kill his enemies that try to kill him… sure he could have



but what would he gain from killing the henchmen that don’t even pose a threat. Furthermore not he would kill them but his partner. Isn’t that a bit much to ask of someone?



The biggest reason why I like this novel is the fact that the other summoned individuals plus the MC are really working to help each other. Unlike the other isekai novels where the summoned individuals are plotting against each other, in this novel, I feel that they are really comrades.
It’s actually a pretty light read and it doesn’t get convoluted so it’s really enjoyable.


I still don’t get why evasion is such a big thing that people don’t normally put their stats in, but whatever! This is another cliche novel that you can read for enjoyment. Our protagonist can evade, heal and take care of undead monsters. Unfortunately, he doesn’t put his stats in anything else other than recovery (a special stat for healers, I think?) and evasion. But there’s no need to worry that much about it as that provides a role for his party member! (more members, later on I think…) He

takes care of kiting and attracting mobs while his party member takes care of killing them. <

It’s good until v1c9. It’s the usual good idea of our gamer MC proving everyone is wrong. Evasive healer is good and he’s right. Which is fine… Until I realize the author either doesn’t have any intention giving MC offensive power or took a lot of chapter to do so.
Idk what kind of boring ass masochist omnigendered game that let you progress the entire map without even capable of killing a single slime.
The idea of focusing on a single stats weren’t uncommon either, the mage woman give all stats to

her defense and the hero man in offense, what is this bargain sale of unbalance self proclaimed good stats? If otherworld god or whatnot exist they should just give a button that says [☆what kind of stats idiot are you?☆] and let people choose one. Well, If you don’t mind our MC being a true healer *lol* incapable of killing even a slime then this might be for you. This might change further into the story but I already lost my interest with this one. <

The story starts with an alright idea but is poorly executed. The MC is an idiot. Irrationally charging ahead with a single idea isn’t a personality. There are ways the characters could be much stronger in the setting, but the characters aren’t smart enough to take advantage of them.
It’s okay if you’re bored but don’t expect much.


Storywise is good so far. The con of the novel is that the stat gain and the level gain does not tally and the mechanics was not explaimed. It was as if the author just assign random number to the character status. Some stats like INT was also there in the beginning but suddenly disappeared after a few chapters.

Table of Content

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