Where I can read I am the Fated Villain?

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Here is the some reviews from Novelupdates


I Am the Fated Villain is a pretty interesting and fresh novel. The concept is pretty unique. It’s not one that I’ve read about before. It does get boring and repetitive really quick since it always follow the same pattern. The MC is never in a precarious situation since the MC always have everything by the grasp of his palms. He’s always 10 billion moves ahead of his opponent. There’s harem, but it’s barely noticeable.


I Am The Fated Villain tells the story of how Chinese Sephiroth uses the power of Stockholm Syndrome to cuck obnoxious cultivation protagonists.

One of the novel’s features is the scheming as it quickly evolves past simple cat and mouse. In order to become the invincible ruler the world, our protagonist Gu Changge plays the impostor in a big game of Among Us against the cultivation world. Since the story has a good level of logical consistency, reading through Gu Changge’s plots will provide an ample supply of big brain moments.


It’s one of the few good Xianxia novels I have read with a decent plot and character development. All the female characters also get their fair share of character development and they are not all one dimensional loving the MC just because he is the main character. The MC character is ruthless to the extreme and he meticulously plans his moves and takes down his enemies. All in all it was a good read.

Where you can read it? Since Cyborg-tl has been removed, you can read it here on asurascan

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Table of Content
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