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Huntis had a dream.

Ruined street. Gloomy sky. Heavy air.

A black-haired girl was watching him.

It was nostalgic.

“I’m sorry… It’s me, it’s my fault….”

Huntis muttered words of apology.

But the girl in the dream said nothing, just looked at him with cold eyes.

“What should I do….? Tell me, please…!”

Huntis begged for answer.

But the girl still said nothing and turned away.

Her figure gradually went away.

Huntis collapse to the ground.

“Tell me… Please tell me…. I,I…”

Although he stretched out his hand desperately to reach the girl, he fell empty.

Then he woke up.

“A dream…?”

Huntis sighed softly on the bed. It seems that he fell asleep unconsciously. But still, that dream seems to have a very big impact.

One day, Saya suddenly disappeared from the Academy. Because she never came back, she was expelled from Academy. Huntis had never seen her again since that day.

— The two met again until a few days ago.

She must hate me.

It the most reasonable. Because I killed someone she liked.

Maybe, there is a possibility the she has forgiven him. Huntis looked forward to it lightly.

But this must be just a naive idea. The touch of that time still remains in mhis own hands. The same is true for the other party, and the hatred in her heart will not disappear so simply.

“…Is it seemingly noisy outside?”

At this time Huntis realized that the situation outside was not right.

*Bang* *Boom* *Crash*

From the time to time he heard the sound like an explosion, and the window will occasionally shake. Although it can be seen through the gaps in the curtains, it is not clear because the view is blocked by the dormitory next door.

Suddenly, an unpleasant chill came onto his back.

(…. What’s going on?)

Just after he stood by the window for a while.

“S-Senpai !!, S-Senpai !! Kya!”

Suddenly a scream came from behind the door. It seemed that someone was running in the corridor and fell.

“…… Maron?”

“S-Senpai … S-Senpai! Please I beg you! Please! Come outside!”

Then came a series of knock on the door. Because the door could not be opened from outside, people outside could not enter.

“Hey what’s up?”


The door suddenly opened, Maron’s center of gravity went forward, as a result, she fell to the ground. But she clenched her teeth, and immediately stood up.

“S-Senpai! Please! Please help Saya-san!”

Then she screamed.

“Saya ……? What are you saying?”

“Demon, Demon, Demon have appeared…. Then, then, Saya, Saya-san, she is fighting the Demon alone…

Huntis felt that his blood was frozen like an instant.

Maron was telling the truth.

Close to the second square of the dormitory. Saya was confronting the demon there.

Because everyone went to take refuge, so Academy was empty. But even so, it’s strange that only Saya was seen face the demon.

“Why is no one helping her ……?”

“A group of monsters invaded the city …… So almost all of them were sent to the outer gates!”

“Damn! How could the situation be so bad!”

Huntis jumped from the window to the square and run towards the battlefield. But suddenly the ground in front of him was split by the sharp water blade.

“Stay away! This guy will be knocked down by me alone!”

Saya’s scream sounded in front of him.

Saya was covered with bruises all over her body, bleeding everywhere. She could hardly drag her feet. Still, her eyes had fighting spirit, and had not lost her fighting will. What’s even more amazing is that the wounded Saya can even fight against the demon who once put Huntis and others into a total extinction crisis.

(…… She is strong. Just like Recee …… No, maybe even stronger ……)

Huntis seemed to be shocked by her momentum and retreat.

When he came back to dormitory, he ran into Maron.

“S-Senpai W-Why … !?”

“…… It is impossible. I would only hinder her ……”

“O-of course not ……! S-Senpai is strong … You will not be a hindrance …”

“Of course yes!”

Huntis couldn’t help but say it.

“She and I are different, she has been practicing all this time and I have only been plunged into despair! How do you think I can fight like this !?”

A year had passed since she left the Academy. So the difference between their powers was clear.

“Even in the past ….. I was useless ……”

“B-but at this rate … She could die…!”

“Then find someone for help …”

“Instructor Paretto already, already injured …

“Then find another one …”

“But the main force of Academy is fighting the monsters in outer gate…”

“The Order of Knights of Kirikurusu will come….No one in academy can compete with the demon.”

“But, it may be too late….”

“……She can do it.”

“Why do you want to escape from her !!!?”
Maron suddenly shouted, Huntis was dumbfounded.


That word made Huntis’s chest ache.

Yes. Huntis was constantly escaping.

Unable to withstand of tragic death of Reece, he was defeated by self-blame and can not moved forward.

He can’t make up his mind to leave the school, all he can do is lament and die all day along.

Therefore —— He couldn’t see her face.

“…… I’m afraid.”

The truth can’t help but blurt out.

“Because I’m scared. I think she still hates me… I’m scared. I can’t even face her eyes…”

The lack of skill was just an execuse.

In fact, he just wanted to escape from her.

“Senpai ……”

Maron sadly whispered. At that moment, she made a determination, her lips moved.

“But…. You can’t just escape forever! I have heard the story from Arurena-danchou, I know you suffered!”


“S-Senpai …… S-Saya-san …… You… .Y-You like her… .. Right?”

Huntis felt that the sanctuary in her heart had been violated, and the nameless fire sprang up.

“Shut up!! Yes, I liked her!”

No, even now I still like her. He could not forget her figure.

“So if that’s the case! Convey your feelings to her …… She will never know how you feel! …… That is very sad!”

“No matter how sad or painful is, this is impossible! The one she likes is Reece! But…. I killed him.”

“It’s not your fault… S-Senpai is not an evil person!”

“Yes I’m! You know nothing about me… This bitterness…. How can you understand!!!!””

“Of course I understand!”

Huntis roared, but Maron roared back with a louder voice.

“Because! ….. Because! I…. !”

“I like you, Senpaiiiiiiiii !!!”

“Ah ……?”

Huntis’s jaw dropped.

“In the past …… Senpai saved me from the hands of a monster …… From that moment on, I’ve always liked you! I-I’m clumsy, I’m not skilled either, no matter what. ….. I always fail, but Senpai once said to me “You can be a Heraldic Knight” T-That’s why I came to the Academy! I want to be like Senpai, I want to believe what you told me! ”

“Ah! …… …… So you were …?” Suddenly he remembered.

The girl he had saved. The girl who bravely faced that monster.

Maron blushed, Huntis was surprised.

“I-I knew it! I-This feeling is absolutely impossible to reach! I-I knew it wasn’t worthy …… Senpai likes Saya-san …… B-But … * Uhg * … … Still … * Uhg * …… I will continue ……! * Uhg * …… ”

“M-Maron ……”

“D-Like this …… * Uhg * …… I …… E-Ehh …… * Uhg* …… ”


“H-Hey, Senpai …… A-are you laughing !? Are you laughing? … * Uhg * …”

Huntis suddenly started to laugh, Maron’s eyes were watery.

“No, that’s because your snot is coming out ……”

“Awuu ……”

Maron hastily wiped his nose on the sleeve of his uniform. Her face was red.

“Y-You are cruel.”

“I’m sorry.”

Maron’s face was covered with tears, Huntis apologized.

He was not making fun of Maron.

In fact, he was very happy.

Because this is the first time someone has confessed to Huntis.

Maron pouted, her voice was low, she seemed anxious, in fact it was the first time she had confessed.


Even if she is clumsy, even she acts silly —— She is definitely cute. Huntis’s heart thought that way.

—— You really are very brave.

“…… Thank you.”


Huntis suddenly thanked her, Maron blinked in amazement.

“…… In fact, it’s like you said. I have been escaping. I was afraid of failure, I was afraid of being rejected by others.”

“Senpai ……”

“But …… thanks to you. I regained my courage. Even me… Even if I’m like this, can I work as hard as you do?”

“Of …… Of course!”

The doubtful in Huntis’s eyes disappeared after hearing Maron’s confident answer.

“…… Well!”

Pushed by her encourage, Huntis quickly left.

He headed towards the square.

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