V1c5 part1

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Located in the square of northern of Academy, the first-grade students who were waiting for orders gradually gathered.

Of course, Unit 29 to which Shisurine belonged also gathered here. But only Shisurine, Mina, and Dank were present.

Miina looked around ant then asked Shisurine aside:

“Hey, Shisu-chan. Han-chan and Maron-can aren’t they late?”

“I know.”

With an obvious answer, Shisurine had an anxious expression.

“Ahhhh, where will Maron be? Maron, Maron, Maron, Maron, I don’t care about that guy. I’m only concerned about Maron, Maron, Maron, Maron, Maron.”

She constantly repeated Maron’s name, while her red eyes widened in search of any trace.

Right now an emergency was occurring, all Units must remain in designated location. Therefore, Shisurine, Miina, and Dank were waiting.

Even though Maron is a careless girl, she can’t possibly get lost. So the reason why she wasn’t seen in the plaza was probably because she didn’t come in the first place.

“Anyway, she must be with that guy again. Although I think her preferences are really bad, but Maron really likes that guy.”

Shisurine hit Dank in the side.

“If you dare say such things again in front of me, you will be beaten!”

“Didn’t you beat me already?”

Ignoring Dank’s screams, Shisurine thoughtlessly said:

“I will find her.”

“Wait, wait a minute! You said you will find her, but won’t this make Nee-san angry again?”

“I don’t care.”

Ignoring Dank’s advice, Shisurine rushed over. Miina chased behind her.

“Miina will go too! Nyahahaha… It must be fun.”

“Wait a minute, I’m going too! …… I’d rather go with you than bear Nee-san’s scolding!” Dank followed.

Saya was confronting Demon alone.

If she let this demon go to the streets to make chaos, It would certainly cause many deaths and injuries.

However, in this academy, the instructors and most of the second-year students have left the school in order to fight the monster group that invaded the city wall.
Perhaps there is a combat power that can compete with the demon, but they are not here now.

No, it was impossible to fight that level of combat power from the beginning.

Therefore, this is a golden opportunity for her.

It was possible to defeat the demon without hurting others or letting others die.

I don’t want to experience the regret of that time again. Saya clenched her teeth and shouted loudly:

“I want to defeat you alone!-Leviathan, lend me your power!”

“Okay~ Saya. I will answer your “Integrity” and “Will”~”

At that moment, the fish-shaped Heraldic Spirit began to come to life. A large number of eddies began to appear around the place.

The water splashed and rushed towards the demon.


When she was in the monastery, Saya vowed to become Heraldic Knight. But to be honest, she wasn’t very good at using Heraldic Arts.

So she decided to practice diligently.

Saya, who knew the existence of swordsmanship used by her ancestors in the past, thought of using this swordsmanship. Because their swordmanship is in line with the physical characteristics of Yamatai Nation.

Beautiful, fast and delicate.

The secret of swordsmanship can be summarized into these three words.

By combining it with the Heraldic Art of water, Saya’s special Heraldic Sword Technique was created.

She has very few skills. But Saya practice every move with straightforward attitude, so those moves could be more beautiful, faster, and more precise.

Until today, she has experienced extremely hars to very intense exercise, and her skills have far exceeded the time when she was defeated by Demon, reaching an unprecedented level.


Saya turned her body to make the dazzled six combos.

Her body began to rotate six times. It’s beautiful and cruel at the same time, she seemed like the petal of a flower crossing the sky.

“[Yamata no orochi]!”

She jumped into the air and quickly landed eight blows. The sword shadow flying in the air is like eight water snakes.


At the moment of landing, her body sprang up like a wind. With the whirwilnd caused, she instantly issued ten stabs. She was not going to tolerate the existence of this evil.

A total of twenty-four water swords mercilessly beheaded the body of the demon..

But her attack was not over yet.

Saya sprinted ans rushed behind the demon. At this moment she turned instantly.


Twelve flashes violently occurred, each sword contains the power to kill. The blade of [Double Water Curtain] cut directly into demon’s body.

Twelve flashes of radiance shined, striking the huge demon with bruises all over the body.

“It works…I can defeat the demon…”

Saya gasped, convinced. However—


The demon roared with rage, the earth shock.

At the same time, a Heraldic Art began to emerge.

It was a Fourth level Heraldic Art, [Iron Maiden].

Iron pikes began to fall like rain. Saya waved the [Double Water Curtain] at high speed that couldn’t be keep by naked eye, and cut them off one by one.

However, this still could not stop all the attacks. Several iron pikes penetrated the defense formed by the water, grazed Saya’s right hand, pierced the flanks, and scratched her thigh.

When the heavy rain of the iron pikes finally stopped, Saya fell to her knees.


“Saya-san~~Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine. I’m not going to lose for something like this!”

She stood up. This is just a minor injury, no big deal. I can continue to fight.

It’s just a small injury, not a big deal. I can keep fighting.

Saya stared at the demon.

“I will definitely defeat you!”

“I-Incredible ……”

Maron who was on the second floor of the Knights room, was looking at Saya, she was surprised.

She was able to suppress the demon even the Instructor Paretto could not cope with.

It’s really amazing. She is astonishingly powerful. Compared to me, I can’t even move because of fear when glared by the demon.


Countless iron pikes struck Saya. It’s [The Iron maiden]. That couldn’t be stopped, she is going to be killed. Just when Malon thought so, Saya even slashed the iron pikes with a high-speed sword that her eyes could not keep up with, or dodge sideways and escaped the iron rain.

She was still injured in the attack. But she stood up again and continued to challenge the demon.

“But if it continues like this …… ”

(W-What should I do ……?)

At that moment, Maron’s eyes saw something.

From the window she was in, she saw the window of a room open. There was a slight shadow of the figure behind the curtains.

(That room is ……)

Maron immediately ran away.

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