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“It’s promise, okay?”

Arurena told Saya to remind her, who did not answer and then left the room.

“Um, ano …”

A voice suddenly called out to her.

It was a shy-looking petite girl. The girl had been sitting in this room earlier with her hands down. Judging from her uniform, it seems she is a first-year.

“Um … who are you?”

“I-I’m Maron …”

“Why are you here?”

After asking that, Saya remembered that Arurena was having a guest.

“Ah, uh … umm, I guess … I feel out of place … I should have gone out, but … no, I can’t say that …”

Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. Saya think she looks like a puppy. The feeling of wanting to protect her suddenly arose.

“Ah, Saya-san, did you come all the way here just to tell us that?”

Maron asked timidly.

“Ah, I already told you. I happen to have business nearby.”

The little mermaid suddenly appeared from the empty air. That is Saya’s Heraldic Spirit.

“Saya, be careful.”

“What is wrong?”

“It’s an evil aura, an evil aura!!”

“There is more?”

“Saya-san … is that a Mermaid?”

Maron tilted her head when she saw a strange creature.

“Um, this child is ..”

That’s when.

“Aaaaaaaaargh !!”

A roar echoed beneath their feet.

“Damn, damn, damn it! They insulted me ……”

In the basement of the academy building. A gloomy aura mixed with a voice of malice.

“Huntis Harmillion! Arurena Arato! All of you will not be forgiven!”

Eagle was currently in a underground prison.

His biggest crime is attacking Arurena. The school board is very angry. Being expelled from the academy is certain. Besides, he won’t be able to get out of this prison for a while.

Isharu family is a well known family in the port city of Treston, south of Kirikurusu. Both his mother and father were knights, and Eagle himself would naturally be predicted to become a knight. After all, he was far more talented than his brothers.

However, because of the over-attention of his environment, his personality became arrogant and caused this disaster.

Even so, he did not reflect his own action.

“They will definitely admit that I’m better than them …”

“And when did that happen?”

“Who is that!?”

Suddenly a voice echoed from somewhere, Eagle’s face rose. But in the dark prison, there was no one besides him.

“You don’t need to be vigilant like that. I’ll give you power.”

The voice sounds like a kid’s. Squeaky laughter rubbed his ears uncomfortably.

“Give me … power?”

“Don’t you want it? Power. If you use my strength. They will kneel at your feet.”

Power. Hearing that word made Eagle’s heart flutter.

“Is this real?”

After a short laugh, the voice responded.

“Of course. After all you are a genius. If a genius like you and I work together, nothing is impossible.”

Eagle laughed out loud.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Yeah You’re right, I’m a genius! Then give me power! I will destroy this trash academy! ”

The voice laughed once more.

“Then this is a deal.”

Zub ──

Eagle didn’t know what was happening.

Suddenly a finger appeared in front of his face, then stuck its nail into his forehead


The piercing claw moved, while making the sound of flesh tearing.

Eagle’s entire body did not move like a corpse. Not even a single finger moved.

A pattern of blood was drawn on his forehead.

That is the Heraldic Seal.


Miasma escaped from the Heraldic seal on his forehead. He held his head while rolling on the floor.


Pain attacked all over his body.

“Well, welcome, my sweet Knight. You have abandoned your humanity and are now the strongest warrior.”

The voice── “The Fallen Spirit Weiss” grinned.

“Hurry up! A group of monsters has invaded the city!”

Paretto Pascali, one of the instructors at the Knight Academy of Materia, stood in front of the entrance to the students’ dormitory and looked angry.

The students hurried out of the dormitory with serious gazes, accompanied by the instructor’s shout. Perhaps because of the results of regular training, their movements were fast and organized.

“Hurry up for the first year! Even though you were ordered to wait, I don’t know what orders will come after this!”

This dormitory was originally intended for the second year, but there were also many first-year who lived here because of the capacity of other dorms. Unlike the second year, the first year is required to wait in the square.

“Roaaar!” ”

“… What was that noise just now?”

There was the sound of footsteps in a hurry, and out of nowhere, a sound like the roar of a beast could be heard. Instructor Paretto frowned and turned toward the source of the sound.

This is the building used as the main office of the Knights Academy of Materia. Right next to it is a building with the same structure, which is mainly used by instructors.

Almost all students, except the red-haired lazy boy, had left the dormitory and headed for their posts. Instructor Paretto stopped calling the students and turned towards the Main Office Building.

There is no one here.

Suddenly, a snarling sound could be heard from under her feet.

“From the underground?”

There is an underground prison under this building. The prison was originally intended to imprison real criminals, unlike prisons which are used to detain students who break rules. Because the task of capturing criminals is the task of security forces consisting of Regular Knights, this prison is rarely used as its original purpose. But right now one of the students should be locked up while there.

Instructor Parreto felt unpleasant feeling as cold sweat fell on her temple.

Inside her, a rang of strong alarm warning her to run.


At that moment, a student in a guard uniform came from the stairs that led to the dungeon.

“This is bad! The prison is destroyed …”

The student’s voice was cut off. Suddenly, a flame eruption flooded from the basement, instantly engulfing his body in an instant.

Instructor Paretto rolled on the floor, trying to avoid the wave of fire. The cold sweat she felt immediately replaced with hot air that attacked her entire body.

A creature came out of the basement, Instructor Paretto widened her eyes.

“Roaaaar !!!”

The roar shook the air, the earth trembled.

“Ah damn ….. Why in a place like this …?

That is demon.

Instructor Paretto immediately took out her Heraldic Armament in the form of a spear [Kazefukyo cyclon].

She once faced a demon.

That was the time when the expedition in order to be promoted to intermediate knight.

On the way to the labyrinth in the northern regions of the Empire. They were stopped because the city they visited was attacked by Demon.

Three high-ranking knights and eighteen examiners faced the demon to protect the city.

Not only examiners, but examinee are also strong people. At first, Paretto was pretty sure that this battle would not be difficult, even if their enemy was a Demon.

Even so, a total of four senior knights and three examinees died, and seven others suffered serious injuries.

For Instructor Paretto, her fear of Demon was engraved because of the real experience she had.

“Instructor Paretto! What was that sound just now …?!”

It was a senior instructor rushing from the building. He held his breath for recognizing the demon. Although he has the title of a Heraldic Knight, he has retired from active duty and is now an instructor in charge of the academy.

“Tell the Knights in Kirikurusu about this and evacuate students and residents around here, hurry! I’ll buy time here!”

“I-I understand.”

Senior instructor immediately rushed and ran.

Roaar !! While shouting, the Demon launched level 3 of Heraldic Art [Arder].

“It is the sanction of the heavens. The stupid Army is swept away by hammer of God!”

Instructor Paretto responded immediately by launching Heraldic Art of Wind level 3 [Storm] to counter [Arder].

However, without giving her time to breathe, the demon immediately launched another Heraldic Art. It was Heraldic Art of Iron level 3 [Shoot Shell].


[Shot Shell] doesn’t match Heraldic Art of Wind. Instructor Paretto fended off the rain of bullets with her spear [Kazefukyo Cyclone].

But not all can be fended. Although she could avoid most of it, several iron bullets pierced her body.

The right foot that was hit by the shot made her lose balance. At that moment, the demon step forward while destroying paving stones.

“… Kuh!”

Instructor Paretto gritted her teeth and regained her posture, then poured her spiritual power into her Heraldic Armament. [Kazefuyo Cyclone] shrouded in sharp winds which cut through the air, she aimed for its body.

However, the spear was blocked by the demon’s strong body, and was thrown away.

The giant palm of demon caught Instructor Paretto’s body, holding her tightly. Even though she kicked the demon desperately, it was useless. Instructor Paretto could hear a broken sound, and then she was blown away.

Instructor Paretto rolled on the floor, and finally stopped after she fell to the floor below.

“Damn .. !!”

The bones were crushed, and some ribs seemed to be broken.

The demon is merciless. Right when she stopped moving, the demon immediately launched [Blaze Wave].

Face a wave of flame. The Instructor Paretto tried to recite the Heraldic Art [Storm] to counter it, but she didn’t have time.

At that moment. Large waves of water flooded from the sky.

It was a level three Heraldic Art of Water [Great Waterfall]. Even though the level was same as [Waterfall], the strength was far above it.

Large waves of water eliminate all of flames, and a large flow of water spreads in all directions.

(Who is that…?)

Suddenly, a figure fell from the sky.

A black haired girl landed on the ground as beautiful as falling flower petals. Holding twin swords in both hands, she stood in front of the demon.

“Why are you here?”

A sound of surprise came from Paretto’s mouth.

Although she is an Instructor, Paretto is also a Knight. She respects the strong. Even if it is her own student.

That’s why the sword skills she used ── No, the sword dance was still clearly engraved on her head.

“It’s has been a while, Instructor Paretto. Leave him to me and evacuate immediately.”

The girl spoke while looking back, revealing Paretto’s surprised face.

“I have business with him.”

It was Saya Sakurai, who should have left this academy since a year ago.

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