V1c4 part3

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After hearing the story, Maron didn’t say a word.

“Recee’s death was certainly not Huntis’s fault. But he has been blaming himself to this day. He has psychological trauma caused by the death of his partner, so he cannot use his Heraldic Armament again. Now he locks himself in his bedroom and repeats the same thing every day … …”

Arurena had a sad look.

“Saya also retired …… As a result. By losing the most important pillar, Recee, the Unit dissolved.”

“I’m really sorry.”

Looking at Mustoria’s face, huge tears shed on his face. It seems that he is not as strong as he looks, he really is very fragile.

“…. I,…… I….”

Maron did not know what to say at this time.

“Oh sorry. Listening to this kind of thing certainly makes you sad.”

Arurena aware of Maron’s inner thoughts, apologized.

“No, it’s not that ….. It-it must be difficult to remember everything that happened, I’m really sorry ……!”

“No. Apart from the sadness, I am happy that someone like you is in the same Unit as Huntis.”

So, Maron asked carefully:

“E-Ehh …… And what happened to Saya-san ……?”

“Saya retired, she continued traveling between cities, but from time to time I have heard stories about her …… let’s say, I haven’t seen her in almost a year.”

“I-I see ……”

That beautiful woman who rescued her in the Ancient City was Saya. Maron was very sure of that. —— That woman and Senpai ……


“Sorry to disturb you, Danchou.”

Maron hesitated, just as she was about to speak, suddenly someone knocked on the door. It was the strained voice of a person.

“If I remember correctly, currently there is no schedule. What is the problem?”

“A guest said that she wants to see you.”

“Who is that? I’m sorry, I have guest here. Can you ask her name first, an then ask her to come another time?”

“But that person…. looks like a mercenary and have something important to tell you..”

“If that case, tell her to wait.”


Footsteps could be heard in the distance. After a while, the commotion could be heard.

“Miss, I’ll be in big trouble if you come in now. ”

“I said I want to see her immediately!”

“Please go back and wait. Leader have a guest right now-”

“I said this is an urgent matter!”


“That voice is…”

Arurena immediately froze. Her face turned pale and she rushed into the hallway, her gaze had changed.

“D-Danchou, I’m sorry, but what happens is that—— Danchou?”

Maron followed Arurena, she saw that Arurena entered the hallway and hugged a woman. At that time, the security guard did not know what to do.

“…… …… Really ….. It really has been a long time … You look good ……”

“W-wait… wait a minute… it hurts…”

“I’m not going to stop …… Because I really wante to see you”

“It’s good to see you again.”

Mustoria had a teary look. He is very fragile.

“D-Danchou …… …… S-She is?”

The guard was full of confusion. Arurena wiped the tears from her eyes, and said:

“She’s my friend.”

That woman was the one who had saved Maron in the Ancient City.


Seventh District, on both sides many vendors extend from the outer gate. You can find a variety of things within the city. Because the exit gate leads to the port and it connects to the neighboring town Toreston. So merchants and travelers are always found on these streets.

On the outskirts of the Seventh District, not far away, a loud shout suddenly rang out.

Roars, screams, and more roars.

Not knowing what happened, people stopped to look in the direction of the sound.

There was a great bustle, a group of people was running.

“M-monsters!” Someone shouted.


One person screamed.

Kobolds are mostly in the old street area. However, they are well aware of the dangers of humans and should rarely approach the city walls. But now they are in a settlement. And not just one or two, but a large group.

At that time, from the outer gate a rushed boy was running while having a look of anguish.

“The outer gate has been pierced … And not just Kobolds!!…… There are also ogres ……!”

He was a student of the Knights of Materia Academy who were guarding the outer gate.


“That’s right ….. Fufufu”

“W-What’s wrong?”

Saya was talking to Arurena, she kept a smile. Then Saya frowned.

“No, it makes me very happy to see you come again. You are still worried about us.”

Having said this, Saya couldn’t help turning her head.

“It is not what you think, I have come especially for business matters. Although I cannot deny that I was worried about you.”

It was at that time.

* Ding * * Ding * * Ding *

The bell suddenly rang. That’s the alarm bell indicating an abnormal situation.

“D-Danchou! The Guard reports an emergency!”

The previous boy hurried into the head’s room.

“What happened?”

“There are reports that a group of monsters entered the outer gate, they are invading the city!”

“What have you said?”

“This is a large group of Kobold! Approximately one hundred! I also received a report that there are some ogres …… ”

“A few hundred Kobold and several Ogres …… ”

After listening to the report, Arurena repeated. Then she calmly gave orders to Mustoria.

“Mustoria, immediately take our troops to the outer gate Materia.”

“I understood”

Mustoria nodded softly, and then quickly walked out.

“…… Saya, is this what you were referring to? But fortunately, the number of monsters is not that great. We must be careful with the ogres, We depend on the Knights of the Order, so, Saya ….. You can stay in the city for some time, right? ”


“We haven’t eaten together for a long time. If it’s convenient, come and have a dinner. And I still have a lot of things I want to talk to you about.”


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