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Upon completion of the wyrm work in the city of Fass, Unit 00 was on the way home.

As they rode through grasslands, the weather was sunny. Fortunately, the windy weather prevented them from feeling too hot.

When it was already noon, Recee suddenly began to speak:

“What’s wrong, Huntis. You haven’t been so energetic since early in the morning?”

“S-seriously? I don’t feel different at all.”

Huntis replied. But in fact, what happened at night was still on his mind.

“If you don’t want to talk, don’t mention it. Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Huntis nodded. Saya’s date with Recee was something impossible to say.

Recee seemed concerned, so Huntis seemed to be laughing at himself.

(…… Why should I feel sad? It was nothing special.)

He is handsome, has a great personality, cares about others, and is the best Knight the Academy has ever had. Finding someone like Recee is very rare.

Of course, he is quite popular with female students in the Academy. Huntis knew that he had been confessed several times so far. But he doesn’t know why he rejected all.

(It turns out there is someone he likes ….) Hunts looked toward Saya.

Her beautiful black hair fluttering in the wind, she deftly controlled the horse.

Seeing Saya’s face as usual. Huntis felt his chest was being squeezed.

The sun is about to fall, when the streets appeared in the distance. The sky was covered with dark clouds, the sky was dim, and it seemed that it was going to rain.

“It would be nice if we get there before it rained.”

Saya said confidently. She was scheduled to spend the night in the city.

But when they were ready to hurry, Huntis and the others noticed something abnormal in the city.

“The city is on fire……?”

They can see the flames rising behind the city walls. A few black smoke drifted straight into the dark sky. The dense black clouds reflect the orange light.

The city gates were closed. Huntis quickly tried to sneak through the walls.

“It’s terrible……”

Huntis could smell burnt meat, so he frowned.

The streets were full of tragic scenes.

Numerous corpses scattered around the road. Some people were burnt to the point of being charred, and some people were torn miserably. The fire that engulfed the building reflected the body in crimson.

It was unknown when the falling rain start diluted the blood remaining on the ground.

“This must have been attacked by monsters…”

Arurena said, covered her mouth.

“Damn, doesn’t anyone survive…”

Huntis intended to enter the interior of the city. Recee stopped him.

“Wait a minute.”

Huntis looked back, having an indescribable expression. Recee said:

“It can be very dangerous …… let’s leave out of here immediately.”

“Leave!? Hey, Recee, are you serious?”

Huntis’s tone become violent..

“I have a bad feeling …. That’s why ….”

The Floating Serpent Ring floated around Recee. Although his Heraldic Spirit had a golden color as usual, but now the light seems a little dim.

“Still, we can’t leave this place! Right now the demons could be attacking people !? Isn’t that a violation of the Knights’ code !?”


Recee frowned as he thought. For someone smart like him, seeing himself in this situation is quite rare.

“Huntis. Recee is our captain, so we have to obey his decisions. Reckless behavior is not in line with the Knights’ code.”

“It’s not being reckless, if there is anything I can do to help those people, then I will!”

Saya heard what Huntis said. He just wanted his views to be accepted right now.

The three were silent for a moment, so Arurena spoke:

“I also agree with Huntis’ point of view. We are the Knights of the people, even knowing that there is danger we cannot withdraw. I prefer to give my life protecting rather than regret having escaped.”

After hearing Arurena’s views, Recee said:

“Okay, I understand. Let’s go. But if I say we must retreat, you must obey, without any objection.”

Recee had a serious tone, Huntis inadvertently continued to feel that disturbance in his chest.

(Recee really is cautious ………. No, no problem. We can defeat any monster together.)

Huntis forced down the uneasiness in his heart and rushed into the depths of the town.

After walking for a while on the main arterial roads of the town, suddenly the streets echoed a huge enough to drown out the noise of the rain. Then came the horrifying screams that chilled the listener.

Maybe there are survivors. Huntis leaped forward.

Finally they reached the main square.

There is humanoid monster standing there.

Lightning flashed through the sky, illuminating the iron-gray skin and the thick muscles underneath. The height of the monster at least more than two and a half meters, and its mouth grows like fangs like a beast. There is a pair of sharp horns on the hairless head.

Huntis gasped.

“Isn’t that… a demon?”

Demons standing at the apex of various monsters, as well as the dragon. Having a single one can destroy small towns or cities. The Heraldic Knights who sacrificed in the past to fight against this kind of monster are innumerable.

Therefore, there’s an almost self-deprecating phrase that is used within a group of knight when one has a bad luck to run up against demons without any preparation.

—- It was give up.

A group of people were confronting the demon.

It was Heraldic Knights.

Their physique is strong, and at a glance they know that they are quite experienced knights.

But still, each of them has a tragic expression. There were two dead bodies of knights lying on the ground nearby.


One of the knights shouted loudly, picked up a spear-shaped Heraldic Armament and jumped towards the demon. The head of the spear sharply pierced the heart of the demon. But, the knight’s eyes opened to the maximum limit in surprise.


It was unbelievable. The spear pierced the demon’s chest, but it still hadn’t done any harm to it.

The giant palm of the demon caught the face of the knight who was too late to respond. With a snap, an unexpected sound was made and the knight’s skull was crushed.

“Damnnn —— Burst and scatter, the flames will crush you without forgiveness.”

At that time, another knight used a third level Heraldic Art, [Explosion]. A fire orb about a meter in diameter was launched.

The Demon emitted a roar. Bright red patterns began to emerge in midair.

The amazing torrent of flame easily engulfed [Explosion], and the remaining knights also became the snack of the fire burst. Distorted screams rang through the rainy sky.

“Just now, that is [Eruption]…?”

Huntis’s lips were trembling. That is an extremely difficult third level Spell, and that demon can be launched almost without using concentrated movements.

And all the Regular Heraldic Knights are easily eliminated.

Huntis and the others were scared, unable to move.

“Run away! None of us can save!”

Recee screamed. Although it has allowed them to recover from the shock, the demon had turned its head to them.

“It, It’s coming!!” Arurena scream.

The Demon emitted a fierce roar. It seems that fighting is inevitable. Given its overwhelming power, it is something that cannot be handled.


Mustoria raised his sword to counter. His Heraldic Armament [Ground Cutting Earthquake] tore the air and cut down towards the demon.


Mustoria had a stunned expression. The big sword he swung with incredible force was blocked by the demon with palm of its hand. The next moment.


Mustoria made a painful sound.

Along his wrist blood began to flow, as if they were red flowers began to splash on his wrist.

Surprisingly, Mustoria gripped his sword tightly.

The Demon took Mustoria and threw him. He fell onto the wet floor and then lay still.


“Damn it!!”

Huntis and Saya were furious and approached from both sides.

“—— Let these feelings burn, the red flames of my will burn the entire sky …!”

“—— The roar of the waterfalls are the irresistible tears of the earth.”

Huntis launched a third level Heraldic Art, [Ardor], Saya also launched a third level Heraldic Art [Waterall]. Both attacks were directed at the Demon.



The result surprised both of them at the same time to be speechless.

The demon launched two Heraldic Art at the same time.

A third level of Heraldic Art [Eruption] counter the [Waterfall], and third level of Heraldic Art of Wind [Storm] blocked the [Ardor]—-no, both attacks were returned.

Huntis and Saya immediately jumped to the side, barely able to evade the attack.

“Mustoria, hang on —— The spark of mercy will catch you forever, light of life …!”

Arurena used her third level Heraldic Art of Life [Remedy]. A greenish-yellow color pattern appeared.

It was at this time that a sharp object like a bullet hit Arurena’s abdomen and penetrated her body.

It was third level Heraldic Art of Iron, [Bullet] launched by demon. As the blood foam sprayed into the air, the heraldic of life also disappeared, and Arurena collapsed in a puddle.

“W-What is …… this?”

Huntis’s entire body trembled.

The confrontation with the demon was only take a few tens of seconds, but the Unit fell into the worst situation where both vanguard and rear, the important parts of Unit were defeated. There can be no chance of winning, but retreat. However, Huntis knew that they could not escape from this monster.

(I …… If I hadn’t been so stubborn ……)

Regret is all that comes to my mind. What should I do next? He could not continue to think about this problem because of fear.

— Give up.

Huntis knew this is not a joke. Even as powerful as Saya is, she was also trembling.

However, in such despair, a man has not yet lost the will to fight.

That’s Recee.

A beam of light turned the rain water forward. Such a light beam is not only one shot. Two shots, three shots. The ultra-high-speed light beam that couldn’t keep up with his eyes was continuously fired, ruthlessly penetrated the demon’s body.

That did indeed injure the demon.

But surprisingly, the demon tried to initiate [Remedy] on itself. The speed of injury and recovery actually reached a balance. It’s just like a cat-and-mouse game, in which injuries are healed, healed and then injured again, and the process is repeated

Due to that attack, the Demon was wounded.

“Huntis! Saya! Twenty seconds, no, fifteen seconds! I give you time fifteen seconds!”

“Uwaaaaaaa …… !!”

Huntis trusted Recee, so he mustered the courage to face the Demon. [Purgatory] a sword surrounded by flames had appeared.

A blow made with all his strength cut off the demon’s body. But the damage caused was too light. Immediately afterwards, he avoided the blow of the demon who swung around, and immediately jumped away.


Saya spinned behind the demon, and the [Double Water Curtain] in her hand glowed blue.


What was released from the two swords was a water sword that even shreds rocks in the blink of an eye. Reddish black blood flies from the demon’s body.

But the Demon’s injuries were not serious, it jumped suddenly towards Saya.

The demon who even penetrated the body of Mustoria approached Saya. She took the twin swords across, but her slim body was sent to fly like a sheet of paper. Her right shoulder hit the ground severely.


Her right hand twisted in a strange position. She passed out, lay still.

At that moment, Huntis’s field of view was dyed in red.

He lost his mind …


Huntis erupted in anger, his entire body spewing flames.

Burning balls floated around him, like flies on fire. As if to respond to the dance of fire balls, the flames spread like wings on his back. The rain evaporated immediately upon touching his body.

The blade of [Purgatory] also elongated, giving off a more intense brilliance. Almost turned into a big sword.


He ran on the muddy ground at an explosive speed, and cut the distance in the blink of an eye.

Huntis vigorously lifted the huge [Purgatory] with all his strength and waved towards the demon.

When launching the attack, the Demon with its hand caught the great sword. He wasn’t going to let something like that defeat it.

Although the attack was caught by the demon’s palm, he forced the sword down.

The sword cut some of the Demon’s fingers, pressing more, his chest was cut. After a beat, a fierce flame ignited at the wound.


Huntis then reversed the blade and chopped up, then immediately slashed at a high speed without even breathing opportunities.

However, immediately after hitting the fifth strike, the Demon launched Heraldic Art [Storm]. Huntis blew away by strong wind pressure.

Twice or three times, his body hit the ground and kept rolling, and finally hit the wall of the house.


After recovering from the blows. At this moment, Huntis instinctively said:

“[Blaze Wave]””

It was a third level of Heraldic Art, but this time he didn’t use any enchantments.

In an instant, a great flaming wave swept up.

The huge wave of fire forcefully stopped the Demon movement and burn the whole its body.

Huntis spit out the sand in his mouth, and then quickly pushed his way through the rubble.


With a searing attack, Huntis cut the shoulder to the armpit. The blood that came out evaporated immediately, a red mist began to appear.


Once again activated a Heraldic Art without saying an Enchantment, he undoubtedly wanted to destroy his enemy.

The explosion engulfed the Demon, the shock wave swept through everyone.

Huntis knelt down on the spot, and [Purgatory] also left a trace of afterglow disappearing into the air.

“Hah… .Hah… Hah ….!”

He was panting like an animal, he felt his heart go out of his mouth. He had used an absurd amount of Heraldic Arts, so his vision began to blur.

His ability to think had returned, and great pain began to invade his entire body.

(What’s going on with the power just now? …… No, most importantly, that Demon …… After receiving such attacks, could it be—— !?)

Huntis was frozen to see that scene.

The Demon stood up.

Huntis only watched, all attacks had only caused him a few injuries.


Huntis gritted his teeth in regret, and that time…

“—— The light flickers even in the dark.”

Recee’s voice sounded.

Huntis looked back. Recee was standing on the roof of a house.

“——Demons will be destroyed by this light.”

His hair dyed in golden colour, and over his head was a ring that reminded us of halo, like the gods described in mythology.

“——Ruthlessly they will be burned for putting a foot on the ground.”

He was saying endless Heraldic Arts, a three-dimensional pattern appeared in midair.

It was a third level Heraldic Art, even more powerful.

The pattern was huge, it looked like it was another sun. That is the Heraldic Spirit of Light.

“—— Return to Nirvana …”

That was a Fourth-level Heraldic Art [Vanish].

A blinding light appeared in the sky and directly struck the Demon.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

A great noise like thunder sounded suddenly, it was as if the sky was screaming as it rained.

The shock waves caused the rain clouds to clear, allowing the sky to briefly reveal the evening sky.

Finally, everything returned to tranquility, and the sound of the rain hitting the ground became stronger.

The symptoms of dizziness gradually recovered.

There was a huge crater on the ground.

Huntis endured the pain as walked forward to check. The Demon had collapsed, it was in the middle of the crater.

The Demon’s muscles were melting away, exposing the insides of the organs and bones. He remained motionless.

After undergoing such an attack, it was impossible for him to live.

“It’s so very powerful……”

He couldn’t help swallowing. At the same time, because he was liberated from the fear of death, he lost his energy for a moment.

But Huntis turned immediately.

“Let’s hurry up and help others!”

No one is allowed to die ..

At that moment.

“It is dangerous!”

Recee’s voice was heard. Right in front of Huntis who turned around immediately, Reece rushed over.

Recee protected Huntis, but his waist was entangled in a stream of water like a plant vine. Because he used a high level Heraldic Art, his physical strength had easily drained and dragged into the crater.

In the crater—

Incredibly, the Demon was standing up.

The dragged Reece struggling to swing [Hesparas] and stab the demon’s body. Dark brown blood splattered on the ground. However, the Demon didn’t mind getting hurt, it just wanted Recee’s head.


Although Hantis immediately rushed to attack the demon, he was blocked with Rees’ body as a shield. And because Reece became a hostage, once someone approached, the demon would exert force on the hand holding Reese’s neck.

“…Cough… no, don’t worry about me… do it…”

“You, what stupid words do you say…”

“It’s the only way ….T-to defeat it..”

After hearing what he said, Huntis noticed something.

The Demon’s Wounds were being healed, he was using [Remedy].

“Hurry up …… I-I don’t think …… we have another chance …”

“How could I do that!”

However the Demons’ wounds were healing at an alarming rate. The blood vessels and nerves were being repaired, the burned muscles were coming back again.

“D-do it ….. If we continue like this ……. W-we will be annihilated”


Huntis had no choice.


Huntis was screaming, at that moment [Purgatory] manifested again.

The demon took Reece’ body as a shield and moved forward. Huntis hesitated for a moment, and the movement to jump over stopped.


Reece struggled so hard to shout his name.

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!”

Huntis leaped from the ground. At that moment his remaining Spiritual Power (Anima) was manifested. [Purgatory] a large concentration of flames began to surround the sword.

The Demon’s regeneration capacity is unusually high. So this decisive attack may not have taken his life.

You have to hit it directly with all your strength-even if you have to involve Reece in it.

The Demon tried to escape. However, Recee had no intention of giving him that opportunity. Without saying a Spell, a second level of Heraldic Art was launched, [Laser]. The Demon’s feet were paralyzed.

Then, the fiery sword cut the Demon into two pieces.

The flames engulfed the body of Demon, it remained lying on the ground.

Likewise with Reece.

“Recee !!!”

His lower body had disappeared.

Most of the remaining upper body limbs were also burnt black, and the skin was almost carbonized.

Huntis quickly made his way over to Recee’s and immediately used [Water] to spray the fire, at which point he launched a top-tier Heraldic Art [Healing].

But his top-notch Heraldry Art was insufficient. He knew it, even with a fourth level Heraldry Art he couldn’t save Recee’s life.

Huntis desperately started screaming:

“Hold on, Recee! If Arurena comes, then …..!”

Huntis was going to stand up, at which point Recee stopped him.

“I-I will…. not survive….”

“D-don’t say stupid things! I-if you die, who will lead the Unit !?”

“…… Y-You …… will you be able to ……”

“I’m not good for that! You are the talented one! I can’t even do a good job! I mean, thanks to you, we can fight! This unit can’t be maintained if you’re not there!”

“…. N-no…. N-not so…. I know that…. That

“…… N-No ….. N-Not so …… I-I know that ….. You….”

“Hey, I can’t hear you! Recee!”

Recee’s voice grew lower, almost unheard. Huntis continued to use [Healing] while then asked:

“What do you think I will say to Saya !?”

However, Recee did not respond. He closed his eyes, awaiting the arrival of his death, he had a serene expression. His life is lost little by little.

“She’ll be sad! Recee! Answer me quickly! Yes !? Hey, Recee? Hey! Hey!”

Huntis desperately yelled, but got no response.

Recee died.

“Damn it! Damn it! Daaamn!!!!”

Beside him, the [Purgatory] sword looked lonely on the ground. Huntis always believed in him as a friend, so he held his hand for a time.

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