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Chapter 4: Demon

A great void emerged from a heraldic seal.

At that moment, a yellow-green light appeared in the middle of the room.

The plants began to bloom little by little. Suddenly the branches turned more and a number of green leaves appeared.

Plants grew to ceiling height, foliage filled the entire room. The branches looked strong and full of life.

“…… Good!”

Seeing her spell succeeded. Maron couldn’t help but clenched her little fist happily.

Imperial Calendar – Year 90/8 month. A room, second floor of practices. Even though today is a holiday, Maron was practicing her Heraldic Art here alone.

“B-But …… Once I’m in a real battle, I never do it so well ……”

Her face of joy suddenly wrapped in sadness.

“A-Even so ….. I-I’ll try ……”

She encouraged herself, and finally got her spirits up.

(I hope …… Not being a hindrance to others ……)

She remembered what had happened in the Ancient City. She could see that her companions gradually became stronger. That made her feel frustrated.

“Good! I must keep trying!”

As noon approaches. Maron wiped the sweat from her forehead, left the room, was ready to take a break.

“You’re still working so hard during the holiday, Marone Mamado.”

Suddenly someone called her from behind, and Marone shook in surprise. Looking back, it was the instructor who often takes care of her.

“I-Instructor Paretto!”

“I’ve been watching you. I didn’t expect you to be able to successfully launch that kind of high-level Heraldic Art. It’s amazing.”

“No, not a big deal …… I-I’m just practicing by myself …… ”

“Don’t be ashamed of it. Even if it’s just practice, you can get great results.”

Maron was embarrassed, while Instructor Paretto seemed to be comforting her.

“I-It’s true …… B-But I, I want to use my strength to help everyone!”

Those were Maron’s expectations.

“B-But …… Now … I’m …”

Her voice was getting lower and lower. Although Maron had that intention, she has always been weak. The reality is very cruel.

“Are you afraid of failure?”

“…… Y-Yes”

Instructor Paretto knew it, Maron was surprised.

“Don’t worry about it. Being nervous and anxious will only turn results into failures. And that failure will turn into more fear, so you will continue to fuel those nerves and anxiety. It is a negative cycle.”

“Uuu ……”

She knew the truth. Even she is aware of the problem. However, she does not know how to overcome it.

But no matter how many months passed, no conclusion was reached.

“…… Maybe there is a way to help you overcome that difficulty.”

“Eh? …… S-seriously?”

What Instructor Paretto said was a ray of hope in the dark, making Maron widen her eyes.

“I’m serious. Seeing your performance so far, I understand one thing. In fact, when you are in a situation where failure is never tolerated, you will be able to show your strength.”

“My true strength ……?”

Maron gulped, she had a serious face as she looked at Instructor Paretto.

Instructor Paretto nodded confidently.

“Yes …… And so——”


“The city has not changed at all, it is still just as noisy.”

A large number of people were on the streets. The city of Kirukurusu had changed nothing, so Saya muttered.

“I~~I like a noisy environment~~”

She clearly has no anyone beside her, but there is a voice that responds to the girl’s self-talk.

It was a small blue figure, this thing hovered near Saya.

If you take a closer look, it’s a person-no, although the upper body is a human, but the lower body is the tail of a fish. It’s like the legendary creature “Mermaid”.

She has beautiful emerald blue hair, her face is like a girl’s. Having a small body, it is very cute.

“I don’t like this place …… I prefer less populated areas.”

Saya said this and tried to avoid the crowd, so she walked down the alleys. At that time, the little mermaid was also following her.

“Well, how do you feel? Has anything changed since then?”

“Change~~ It seems, doesn’t it~~?”

After giving that ambiguous answer, Saya nodded.

“…If that’s the case. It would be nice if your hunch didn’t come true…”


“Don’t screw with me, do I have to leave the Academy?”

“Calm down, Eagle Isharu.”

Eagle roared, Arurena couldn’t help but frown, she replied with a firm tone:

“This matter has not been fully determined. The final decision is in the hands of the academi council. You only need to show a good introspective attitude before the verdict, It’s still very likely that the council will consider this action again.”

“Who cares what they consider, it was just a mock battle! Didn’t I tell you that I intended to be the best?”

Eagle began to speak with disrespect, Arurena impatiently continued speaking:

“Even though you say it was a mock battle, these battles are prohibited without consent. This is more serious, even your unit was dressed as thieves. You even gave a surprise attack. Do you think that’s not bad behavior? Didn’t you think about what could happen to the two Units? This is a Knights Academy. If you do all those things, what makes you think you are worthy of being an Empire Knight? ”

“I am a very talented person. Why can’t I be a Knight !? I even did all this just to become a Knight ……!”

You could see Eagle’s veins on his face.

“Being a Knight does not mean that you should always use combat force. There are also honest, modest, and brave. So these characteristics make you become a true Knight right?”

“Honest? Knights fight monsters, those things are not needed! Power is everything! Knights are evaluated for their power!”

Eagle said everything he thought about being a Knight. Arurena patiently just listened.

She inadvertently said the.

“… Damn, you really have too much confidence in your power. According to what I’ve heard, someone stronger defeated you.”

“That was because that guy used despicable trick! ”

Deafening roar. Eagle stared at her with a vicious look that was about to pounce.

(It really is very annoying. It is almost certain that he will be expelled, but I can’t leave him alone before Council makes a verdict.)

Arurena thought from the heart, so with a serious tone she said:

“To what extent do you have to misunderstand to be satisfied. He will use that vulgar move just because you are not qualified to confront him head-on.”

“Wh-what did you say !?”

Eagle was furious, Arurena each time added more salt to the wound.

“Because when he takes a serious move, he can overthrow ordinary people like you in less than ten seconds.”

“Shut your mouth! I’ll show you my strength! I’ll make you my opponent!”

Eagle screamed, and drew his sword from his waist. Arurena just sighed.

* Clank * There was a fierce metal stagger in the room.

Eagle opened his eyes in surprise. The sword he drew was blocked by an amazing big sword that suddenly protruded from behind.

The holder of the big sword is a giant man more than two meters tall, it is deputy head of the Knights of the Materia Academy, Mustoria Mufare.

Eagle made the heavy slash with his best effort easily blocked by his one hand, showing that his strength was quite amazing.

“W-What are you ……?”

In addition, Eavle didn’t notice the breath of Mustoria at all. He originally thought there were only two people in the room.

“Mustoria, can you get this over with quickly?”

“It is understood”

Along with a simple answer, the huge hand grabbed Eagle’s neck.

“What are you doing……?”


Eagle’s body flew off and immediately fell to the ground.

Being taken by the neck, he had difficulty breathing. In a short period of time, Eagle was knocked unconscious.


“…Go back. I don’t want to see anyone now.”

“…… E-Ehh, at least eat some food ……”

“I tell you go back!”


Maron brought soup in front of the closed door only to be evicted from the room owner, she bowed her head in front of the door dejectedly.

Huntis shut himself in his room. Maron, although afraid, came to visit him several times. But every time Huntis came, he closed the door. Even if he wanted to enter, she could not open the door.

(Senpai …… What’s going on? …..)

He has changed since his meeting with the woman in the Ancient City.

She is a very beautiful woman.

But she is also strong enough to defeat an ogre.

Just remembering about her looks made her chest feel depressed.

(That person ….. Must be someone important to Senpai ……)

That’s just intuition …… but for Maron, it’s something that’s for sure.

What kind of person is he? Just by looking at her outfit, she shouldn’t be an Academy student.

(I really ….. I want to know what relationship she has with Senpai ……)

Huntis has never mentioned his past.

Why did such a powerful person repeat, Maron doesn’t know anything.


When she walked down the hallway in the dormitory listlessly, she suddenly hit someone. It seems like they passed each other in a corner of the corridor accidentally.


“Uhm? Are you a freshman?”

The voice sounded familiar. Her tone of voice was calm. Maron looked up in surprised, in front of her was the leader of the delegation, a Knight of the Order of the Materia Academy, Arurena Arato.

“Y-Yes !!”

Maron replied in a very high tone of voice. To Maron, she is a very honorable person. Originally Maron would be very shy in front of the others, and this made her stiff and not dare to move.

“I-I’m Maron Mamado!”

“Don’t be so nervous. After all, we are students from the same Academy”

“Y-yes ma’am……”

Arurena tried to get Maron to speak calmly, but as a result, Maron was afraid.

“Anyway, do you belong to Unit 29? That means you and Huntis are partner?”

Maron was surprised.

“Y-Yes ……”

“I see. These last few days must have been difficult, right?”

“It-It doesn’t happen …… Well, what is …… your relationship with Senpai?”

Maron couldn’t help but blurt out the question. Arurena lowered her head slightly, perhaps due psychologically she answered in a deeper voice than usual:

“…… We used to belong to the same Unit.”

“Are you with the seniors…?”

“Yeah… Anyway, is he in the room now?”

“H-he …… locked himself in his room …… He doesn’t want to come out”

“…… I see. The same thing happened yesterday.”

Arurena sighed. It seems that she has also visited Hunts’s room.

“What’s happening to him? I heard he’s already recovered ……”

Arurena seemed concerned, Maron suddenly thought of something.

(I-It’s true. Maybe it was because of that person ……)

Although it was the first time they had seen each other, Maron’s heart had some anxiety, but she could not miss this opportunity. So with great courage she said:

“Arurena-Danchou ……”


Arurena tilted her head slightly, exposing a warm smile like the sun. Maron felt the tension lessen, bowed her head and said:

“M-Maybe it’s an inconvenience …… B-But …… Can you tell me about Huntis-senpai’s past? ”


Saya was still on the streets of Kirukurusu.

A man who passed her wanted to turn his head to check, but found that the black hair was already flying in the distance. Saya’s speed like the extreme wind makes the man’s mouth surprised.

After the gust of wind, a blue water-like figure followed.

It was the little mermaid, it’s the Heraldic Spirit (Undine), Saya used her Heraldic Art [Leviathan]


“The unstable aura~ ~ ~ ~ is getting stronger”

Unstable Aura, also known as “Evil”. It is the cause of disasters, diseases, war and it also produces corruption, it is always the cause of unfortunate incidents.

Furthermore, it makes monsters more violent, corrupts them, and is therefore the main reason for attacks on human cities.

“Is there something strange about this place?”

“There is no change ~~”

Saya asked, the mermaid nodded. As a Heraldic Spirit she has the ability to perceive a strong flow of the aura.

On the other hand, for Saya it is almost impossible to know the changes in the force of evil.

However, her chest was filled with shock.

The city has a huge crisis that is about to break out.

In this case, Saya finally entered the Seventh Materia Knights Academy District.


“S-Sorry for the inconvenience!”

Maron after a deep bow entered, Arurena entered the room and sat down.

“Although it is the head room, there is no big deal here.”

This is where Arurena and the Knights of the order meet, it is a spacious room. The floor is impeccable. All the furniture is also, everything looks luxurious, but not to be too extravagant, you can certainly feel the Knight’s aura.

“Hya ……”

Maron’s eyes move everywhere, she cannot remain calm.

There is a strong man over two meters tall, standing calmly over there as the guardian of this room.

“Oh, don’t be afraid of him. He is my assistant, Mustoria Mufare, he is my puppet ”

“You’re cruel”

Mustoria had a sad expression, silently expressing his discontent. Seeing her reaction, Arurena laughed. It seems that the two of them get along very well.

Even without knowing each other, Maron had already seen that huge person. He is someone very striking, since he is very muscular and giant.

Arurena and Maron were sitting, avoiding sitting in the guest chairs, Arurena sat opposite Maron.

“Do you want to know ….. About Huntis?”

“Y-Yes ……”

“Despite his age, he is one of the highest scoring people in the entire Academy, he has great talent …… At the same time, he is also related to us, so together with him we make up the Unit 00 (Irregular).”

Arurena affirmed. Many people make fun of him for being repeater, knowing a little more about him, Maron felt that her words had more weight.

(I knew it …… Senpai is a very powerful person ……)

She was not surprised, therefore, Maron just nodded.

(Then why……?)

“He passed the Knight Academy test without problems, when the approved list was published, he met his fate.”

Maron listened carefully, what Arurena said was part of his past.

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