Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 99: Qin Yanran Sneaking In at Midnight

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“Hmph! Is this how your family treats guests? You let your hungry guests starve further…”

With his hunger trying to overpower him, Su Lin decided to play the rogue and picked up his chopsticks while ignoring Qin Yanran. But just when he was about to take some noodles, Qin Yanran snickered and hastily took away the beef noodles as if her life depended on them.

“You must wait for my mother to come out. You… you aren’t allowed to move your chopsticks! And you aren’t our guest! Didn’t you listen to what my mother said? You had nowhere to go, so we are letting you stay here for the night. Did you really think you would be treated like a guest?”

Qin Yanran chuckled as she watched Su Lin’s helpless and pitiful expression.

“Su Lin, there’s no use staring at me like that. This is your punishment.”

A satisfied expression adorned Qin Yanran’s face as she secretly thought in her mind, ‘To catch a man’s heart, you must first have control over his stomach!’

“Punishment? For what?”

Su Lin knew there was no way he could forcefully take the fragrant beef noodles clutched tightly by Qin Yanran, so he could only hope to evoke Qin Yanran’s sympathy by acting pitiful. If this didn’t succeed, then he would really have to wait for Fang Liping to finish her bath before he would be able to use his chopsticks.

‘Why is that woman so slow at taking a bath? Us, men, have one more thing than you yet I finished far faster than you!’

Unable to eat the beef noodles, Su Lin could only starve and drool over the nice scent wafting around. Not only was he complaining about Qin Yanran in his heart, but he was also blaming Fang Liping for being so slow in the bath.


It was probably because of the complaints going on in Su Lin’s heart, but when Fang Liping finally left the bathroom, she sneezed. Wearing black, tight-fitting pajamas, Fang Liping sat on the sofa in the living room and began blow-drying her wet hair while saying to Su Lin, “Su Lin, weren’t you starving? How come you haven’t eaten already? Were you waiting to eat together with Aunt? That’s really good! This Aunt’s affection wasn’t wasted…”

‘My dear Aunt Ping! It’s not that I didn’t want to eat first, but your baby girl here kept insisting that I wait for you to finish the bath before I got to eat anything.’

In his heart, Su Lin relentlessly complained, but the words that left his mouth as he squeezed out a smile were completely different, “Aunt Ping, you must be hungry, too! Hurry up, let’s dig in!”

On the other hand, Qin Yanran winked towards Su Lin instead of bringing out the truth of the matter. It was as if she was telling Su Lin to be thankful to her for letting him deepen the good impression her mother had of him.

“My great-aunt Yanran! Can we finally stop these small games? Your young master Su can’t hold back anymore! I want to eat a big piece of beef, bite into mouthfuls of noodles, and drink a lot of soup…”

Now that Fang Liping had come out of the bath, Su Lin didn’t care about what Qin Yanran said. He snatched the beef noodles from Qin Yanran’s hands and immediately took his chopsticks to gobble them up. If an outsider who didn’t know better heard the sounds of Su Lin devouring the beef noodles, they would have mistaken him for a pig eating!

Fang Liping couldn’t help but smile as she saw Su Lin’s messy table manners. It seemed that Su Lin was quite starved. She felt some feelings of affection bubbling up as she smiled.

Qin Yanran was also amused by Su Lin’s actions as a beautiful smile bloomed on her face, making her look like an strikingly attractive flower. It was just that Su Lin had no time to enjoy the view near him. In his eyes, the chewy chunks of beef in the bowl were the most beautiful things in the world.

“Su Lin, eat slowly! Don’t choke.”

Fang Liping also swallowed her saliva and got up without completely drying up her hair. Watching Su Lin gobble up the noodles like there was no tomorrow, she felt immensely hungry as well and hurriedly took a big bite out of her bowl. Sitting next to Su Lin, she gluttonously butchered the beef noodles that were more beef than noodles, not even caring for the taste.

“Mom, you are no different from Su Lin! You should also slow down…”

Joy and warmth burst inside Qin Yanran’s heart as she watched the continuously moving chopsticks in Su Lin and her mother’s hands, ‘This was the kind of feeling a family should have!’

“Huu… So full! So full… I dare say these were the best beef noodles I have ever eaten. They were too delicious!”

From the big pot of beef noodles, a third had been destroyed by Su Lin alone and were now resting inside his round belly. Like an old man who was keen on preserving his energy, Su Lin went to lay down on the sofa. He was so full that he couldn’t even open his eyes. With his eyes half-opened, he licked his lips from time to time, savoring the aftertaste and aroma of the beef noodles. It was simply too enjoyable.

“You brat, no matter how delicious, you shouldn’t eat so much in one sitting!” Fang Liping, who was on the side, reproached Su Lin, “It’s already 11 o’clock. Now that you have eaten so much, just how are you going to fall asleep later?”

“Aunt Ping, haven’t you heard the saying: a full stomach leads to a fine sleep? That’s the state I have reached. Now that I am full, I don’t wanna move in the least. I think there’s no need for me to sleep in the guest room anymore, just let me sleep here on the sofa. I think this sofa is quite comfortable!”

Su Lin yawned as he stretched his body. He was treating this their home more and more like his own place.

“Aiya! Alright, brat, go brush your teeth and go to bed since you are that full,” Fang Liping said while picking up the dishes. At the same time, she said the same to Qin Yanran, “Yanran, you too! Tomorrow’s the College Entrance Examination, so you must rest well tonight. I will clean up the bowls, so you can go back to your room and sleep.”

Rushed to the guest room by Fang Liping and made to lie down on the strange bed [read: strange to him], Su Lin’s brain suddenly awakened and he no longer felt sleepy.

The College Entrance Exam will be held tomorrow. It was an exam that determined the destiny of countless people. There was a time when just thinking about the Examination would make Su Lin shiver, but now, Su Lin felt not a trace of fear or anxiety.

On the contrary, Su Lin looked forward to the College Entrance Examination results. It will be the day Su Lin will rise to the top and completely change his destiny.


It wasn’t known whether the moon was afraid of disturbing the sleep of others, or if it were just sleepy itself, but it had hidden itself behind a blanket of thick clouds.

The cries of the summer cicada’s, on the other hand, were unavoidable no matter where one went. Before, Su Lin had always felt upset because of the insect’s cries, but today, for some reason, listening to it delighted him instead.

As the symphony of the insects continued, Su Lin, who was lost in his thoughts planning his own future, felt his eyelids get heavier and heavier and realized that it won’t be long before he entered dreamland.

But just then, Su Lin heard gentle knocks coming from the door of the guestroom.


Su Lin, who had almost fallen asleep, immediately sobered up.

“Su Lin, it’s me! I couldn’t fall asleep, so… I thought I will go speak with you.”

Qin Yanran’s timid and shy voice broke through the silence of the night. Su Lin had never thought that Qin Yanran would unexpectedly come knocking at his door in the middle of the night.

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