Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 97 – Fang Liping’s Heartbeat

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Fang Liping’s family consisted only of three women, Fang Liping’s mother, herself, and her daughter, Qin Yanran. Therefore, it wasn’t easy to find a men’s suit in their place. Originally, this western suit had been the one Qin Yanran’s father, Qin Zemin, wore on the day of his wedding with Fang Liping.


Qin Zemin had passed away, and Fang Liping had slowly lost everything that belonged to him, and now, this suit was the only thing that remained of him with her. Living a life of vengeance, Fang Liping had never thought that there would come a day she would take out the suit her late husband wore on the day of their wedding.


“Aunt Ping! Aunt Ping…”


Su Lin felt that it wouldn’t be right for him to wear the suit that belonged to Qin Yanran’s father, so he called out to Fang Liping, who was lost deeply in her memories of the olden times, to get her attention.


“What happened? Su Lin…”


Fang Liping focused her attention on Su Lin while pretending to be alright, albeit reluctantly. But Su Lin still didn’t miss the layer of tears that had formed in her eyes, and knew she had been sincerely lost in recalling the old times.


“Aunt Ping, since these clothes belong to Yanran’s father, I don’t think it would be right for me to wear them?”


She had taken care of this suit for ten years and it still looked as good as new, so it was obvious that Fang Liping greatly cherished this suit. If Su Lin wore the dress, then he would have to be very cautious when moving around, lest he smear it with some dirt or tear it somewhere…


This suit wasn’t just an ordinary article of clothing, but a token of their love, an object of reminisce and lovesickness. Although the person himself had departed ten long years ago, and their little princess, Qin Yanran, had grown up into a graceful young woman, Su Lin could tell Fang Liping hadn’t forgotten about him. In her heart, he still held his former position…


Su Lin could tell with even greater assurance because Fang Liping had suffered everything for ten years while holding onto her desire to attain revenge for her husband, gathered all necessary evidence, and then sent the criminals, Liu Jianguo and his cronies, to damnation. Even if it meant having to work as colleagues with the prime criminal.


“Su Lin, do you not like this suit… Do you dislike it because it belongs to Yanran’s father? Do you think it might bring upon bad luck?”


Fang Liping spoke up in disgruntlement. Some of the good memories she had recalled had been broken by Su Lin’s intervention.


“No! Aunt Ping, it’s because I think these clothes are far too precious, so you should keep them somewhere safe. If you let a kid like me put them on, who knows how I might dirty them or ruin them somewhere…”


Su Lin hurriedly clarified.


It wasn’t that Su Lin had any problem with the suit, it was just that he truly felt the suit was far too precious.


“Clothes are meant to be worn by someone, so since I am giving these to you, just wear them. I will also get to have a look on how this western suit looks on someone after ten years. I tell you what? You will most certainly look charming in the suit!”


Without waiting for Su Lin’s reply, Fang Liping hurriedly pushed Su Lin towards the bathroom and urged him inside as she said, “Su Lin, you reek so bad so you better wash yourself thoroughly. Otherwise, my daughter and I might have to shut you outside!”


Pushed inside the bathroom by Fang Liping, Su Lin discovered that there was already a thin layer of mist inside the bathroom, vapor covered the mirror, and a faint, fresh fragrance lingered in the air.


‘Someone must have taken a bath recently!’


‘Right! Just then, didn’t Yanran come out with just a bath towel wrapped around her body? She wasn’t wearing any clothes so it must have been her!’


Su Lin then thought, ‘Qin Yanran mustn’t have taken the bath too long ago since the mist and vapors throughout the bathroom hadn’t had the time to disperse. Then, wouldn’t that mean the bathroom was still full of Qin Yanran’s fragrance?’


A fire began raging inside Su Lin as he thought up to this point and started to look around the bathroom. Suddenly, his gaze landed upon the clothes Qin Yanran had taken off and hung on the suspension hook on the wall. Unexpectedly, she hadn’t taken them out to be washed.


A simple and elegant small skirt, long, white silk stockings, pink C-cup bra, and a pale-green, lovely laced panty.


As he stared at the various articles of clothing, Su Lin’s blood rushed to his head and he almost spurted blood from his nose out of excitement.


‘Not good! This is not good! Bad matter! This is evil… I am simply passing a night at Qin Yanran’s home. I cannot let my imagination run wild. Must not let my imagination run wild!’ 


As a bunch of filthy ideas started to bubble inside Su Lin’s mind, he couldn’t help but rebuke himself. But these were the instincts and hormones of youth burning around, so how was it possible for him to suppress them?


‘I will take the bath now!’


‘No, I will just take a cold bath now!’


‘I must calm my head!’


Su Lin turned on the cold water and kept the warm water off, letting the ice-cold water drench him as it flower down on his body. From his shoulders to his chest, and from his head to his four limbs, the cold water helped him calm himself down somewhat.




Outside the bathroom, Qin Yanran was still busy cooking the noodles virtuously, while Fang Liping sat on a sofa with her eyes staring in the direction of the bathroom. It was hard to tell whether she was in a daze or waiting for Su Lin to come out.


Her expression turned complex, and her innermost feelings were also in a tangle. She didn’t know just why she would bring out her late husband’s suit for someone after such a long time.


“Mother, you haven’t gone to take a bath? The noodles will be ready in a few minutes.”


In the kitchen, Qin Yanran had cut up a bunch of vegetables and put them in the pot with the noodles. Now, all she had to do was wait for a few minutes and the pot of delicious noodles would be ready to open.


“Su Lin worked a lot today and his clothes had turned dirty, so Mother let him take a bath first.”


Fang Liping spoke while pointing towards the bathroom, “I will take a bath once he’s done bathing.”




Qin Yanran nodded, but suddenly, as if she had remembered something, her small face looked up and turned deep red as she tried to say something but held herself back. Turning her head to the other side, she dared not let her mother know her thoughts. In her heart, she felt immensely shy as she thought, ‘Ah! I just took a bath and left my dress, bra, and panty hanging on the wall of the bathroom! This… Wouldn’t it all be seen by Su Lin?’


Before today, the only ones living in the house were three women, and no man had ever stayed at their place. What’s more, it was so late when her mother returned home today that Qin Yanran never thought there would be a man staying at their place overnight all of a sudden… Not only was he going to spend the night, he even went to take a bath at the earliest moment.


With everything hanging on the wall in open sight, unless Su Lin somehow went blind, it would be impossible for him to not see it all. The more she thought about it, the less comfortable she felt. However, she then recalled how her entire naked body had already been exposed before Su Lin and felt somewhat relaxed. After all, what was there for her to be anxious about after something like that?




Inside the bathroom, Su Lin was busy taking a comfortable bath without an ounce of idea about Qin Yanran’s tangled heart.




After the bath, Su Lin dried himself with a bath towel and then sized up the western suit Fang Liping handed him. It was the suit that belonged to Qin Yanran’s father, and the design was certainly a few years old by now.


Still, the thick cotton material used to make it must have been of really good quality, and a lot of work must have gone into its care, as there was not a single crease to be seen anywhere on the suit. The unfolded suit had a shirt that looked as white as new and Su Lin had to be very cautious when putting it on.


Even though the suit was from over ten years ago, the design hadn’t fallen out of style even yet. And now that Su Lin wore it, his entire person looked a lot more charismatic and energetic.


Opening the door of the bathroom, Su Lin, wearing the clean western suit, walked out under the barrage of water vapors rushing out of the door. Fang Liping and Qin Yanran, who were sitting in the living room, turned around to look towards Su Lin and were immediately stunned.




Fang Liping felt as if she saw her husband behind the dim vapors. It was as if she had returned to the day he wore the very same western suit, held onto her hand, and married her.


Peng! Peng! Peng!


Fang Liping’s heart frantically beat as she fell into the illusion that the one standing in front of her wasn’t Su Lin, but her late husband, Qin Zemin!

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