Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 96 – You Can Wear This!

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Qin Yanran wasn’t wearing any clothes! Su Lin gawked as soon as he opened the door and saw Qin Yanran’s smooth and lustrous body.

Damn! Had Qin Yanran specially prepared herself to give him such an unexpected welcome?

No, that can’t be! Even in his fantasies, Su Lin had never imagined a scene like this would come true. It was impossible for a situation like this to exist. What’s more? Qin Yanran didn’t know he would be staying the night over at her place.

However, no matter what the reason, Su Lin couldn’t prevent his pair of scorching eyes from roaming all over Qin Yanran’s chaste body. He couldn’t help but want to lie down in prostration and worship the beauty in front of him.

Curvaceous where she should be, with snow-white skin, and a body that seemed to have been carved out of Heavenly snow!


After racking his brain to come up with a word to describe the absolute beauty in front of him, only one word came up that could describe Qin Yanran’s current appearance.

As if God had personally decided to carve every inch of her body, there wasn’t the slightest sign of blemish on Qin Yanran’s body. It was as if she had been carved out of the finest jade that existed under the Heavens. Just a single look was enough to bewitch the viewer, making it impossible for them to have any blasphemous thoughts about the Goddess in front of them.

Who, however, was Su Lin? He was a horny young man with raging hormones looking for relief all the time, so his glaring eyes that looked like the headlights of a truck immediately took Qin Yanran’s entire figure into their view from head to toe, left to right, missing not a single inch of her snow-white flesh. His gaze especially scrutinized the two drool-inducing, soft steamed buns that lightly jiggled in front of her chest, topped by two red and alluring cherries that resembled the most beautiful flowers in full bloom amidst a world of snow. The enticement they gave off rekindled the fire of hunger inside Su Lin, and as his scorching gaze landed on them, they suddenly vibrated as if they were about to bloom even further, unable to endure the cold. They seemed to be the queens among all the cherries of the world, the sweetest fruits, standing ripe and ready to be plucked at any time!

“Su Lin! You… What are you doing here?!”

Frightened by Su Lin’s sudden appearance, Qin Yanran, who had lost her focus, felt the cold wind caress her smooth skin. Realizing what had happened, she did her best to keep calm and immediately crouched down to pick up the towel she had dropped, covering her privates in haste. With a blush covering her face, she questioned Su Lin, “Why do you have our house’s keys? Where’s my mother?”

“Yanran, I… I didn’t do it intentionally… I just… I swear I didn’t see anything! Aunt Ping had to answer an important phone call, so she asked me to open the door. I didn’t think that just when I would open the door, you… You would come out without any clothes on…”

Su Lin swallowed his saliva as he looked at the devilish beauty in front of him. If, just a moment ago, Qin Yanran resembled a pure angel without any clothes on, then now that she only had her privates covered by a towel, she resembled a devil trying to tempt him towards hell. The thin bath towel could only barely cover Qin Yanran’s privates, and the rest of her snow-white flesh was bare for him to see. Especially the deep valley from where the sun rose gave off a deep allure, nudging at his curiosity to reach out with his hand, uncover it, and take a look and see just what hid down there.

“My mother’s outside?”

Qin Yanran was stunned when she heard his explanation. What would she do if her mother found out she had come out and allowed Su Lin to see every inch of her naked skin like that? With her mother’s disposition, even if what happened was an unintentional misunderstanding, she reckoned her mother would never let Su Lin go unscathed.

“That’s right! She’s on the phone right outside.”

Su Lin had already lost most of his ability to think, and turned around to point towards Fang Liping’s direction.

“That… What are you dawdling out there for then? I will immediately go and put on some clothes, and the matter… No matter what happens, my mother mustn’t know of what just happened, or you are dead meat! Understand?”

By now, Qin Yanran had already forgotten she was supposed to be ignoring Su Lin and treating him coldly, and immediately rushed back to her room after saying a few words to him in a hurry. 

‘Yanran… Did Yanran just talk to me? She’s no longer treating me coldly?’

Su Lin stood on his spot and foolishly laughed to himself, full of joy. He already forgot about going inside the house.

Finally, Fang Liping ended the phone call and turned around. Seeing Su Lin standing outside the open door and smiling to himself foolishly, she couldn’t help but push him forward while teasing, “Su Lin, what are you thinking about that is making you laugh out to yourself like this? Were you waiting outside the door to make your Aunt Ping come and bring you inside by hand? Just what’s making you act like this? Just look at yourself… You are drooling and smiling as if you have gone insane!”

“Aunt Ping… that’s not how it is! I… I am just a bit happy! Haha…”

Su Lin hurriedly walked inside the house. No matter what happened, he couldn’t tell Fang Liping what had happened just then, how he had feasted upon the mouth-watering body of her daughter. He estimated that if Fang Liping found out about it, she would definitely want to dig his eyes out!

What’s more? It was great that Fang Liping had been whole-heartedly focused on the phone call just then, and didn’t hear anything from their side, or if she had seen or heard anything, no matter what lies he weaved with his flowery mouth, Su Lin knew he wouldn’t have been able to trick her and get away unscathed.

“Mother, you are back!”

At this time, Qin Yanran vivaciously ran out of her bedroom, fully dressed. It was apparent from her choice of clothes and current appearance that she had given quite some thought to the clothes she wore, as if dressed up for some special occasion. Her beautiful hair was gripped in a neat ponytail waving around behind her head, just like a willow branch. She looked refreshing.

And with a snow-white one piece dress covering her body, and a pair of small shoes engulfing her feet, she looked like a lively, cheerful fairy who had walked out of a painting.

“Eh? Su Lin, what are you doing here? Mother, how come you brought Su Lin along with you?”

Her acting skills were top notch. It was as if she truly just found out Su Lin was there, too, and hadn’t known about his presence before this. It was as if that moment of her opening the door before, and Su Lin getting a full view of her naked body had never happened as she doubtfully questioned her mother.

“Yanran, Su Lin’s family suffered a disaster today. A bunch of thugs broke into his house and wrecked everything, making it impossible for them to stay there for the night. That’s why… I decided to invite Su Lin to our place of my own volition, so he had a place to spend the night. You wouldn’t have an issue with my arrangement, right?”

Fang Liping explained smilingly. Today, her mood was fantastic. Qin Yanran, on the other hand, felt strange and couldn’t comprehend how her mother, who always had a stern expression, could smile like that and be so happy today? Was it because Su Lin was going to spend the night over at their place?

No, that couldn’t be! Su Lin and her mother and nothing to do with each other, so there was no way she would be so happy because of him! But what could be the reason for her mother’s sudden joy? Moreover, why was it that she, herself, didn’t feel any grievance in her heart after that smelly bastard had watched every inch of her body from up close like that, and instead, she was filled with a feeling of happiness, too? 

As she recalled how Su Lin had ogled her naked body in its full glory just now, Qin Yanran couldn’t help but feel shy and proud as she chuckled in her heart. In her mind, she didn’t put any blame on Su Lin. On the other hand, she was afraid that if her mother found out about the matter, her impression of Su Lin would fall.

What Qin Yanran didn’t know was that now, in her mother’s heart, Su Lin was incomparable to anyone else and no one could match the impression she had of her. After all, it was all thanks to Su Lin that Fang Liping had been able to fulfill her goal of ten years and achieve revenge for her late husband. All because of Su Lin’s help she was able to thoroughly root out Liu Jianguo and his cronies from power. Today was the happiest day of her life!

“There are no problems… Mother, I don’t have any objections to anything. Su Lin is your guest, so what objection will I have if you invite him to spend the night? Hehe… Right, Mother, have you had dinner? Or should I make noodles for you?”

Qin Yanran said while carefully hiding her joy about the matter. By now, it was as if she had already forgotten what she saw back in the hospital.

“Yanran, now that you mention it, both Su Lin and I haven’t had any food yet! However, you don’t have to do it, and I will do it myself. Tomorrow is your College Entrance Examination so you need to review your subject matter and get good rest. Just help me put water on the stove and I will handle the rest in a moment.”

Today was such a busy day, and with everything that transpired, when had Fang Liping had the time to take a breather. Su Lin, too, was embroiled in everything and hadn’t had any time to have dinner either. They had already forgotten anything about eating food. So now that Qin Yanran brought it up, Fang Liping and Su Lin’s stomachs started to rumble with hunger.

“Mother, let me handle it. You have been working all day and must be tired, so how about you first take a warm bath and rest…”

Without waiting for Fang Liping’s reply, Qin Yanran rushed into the kitchen, turned on the electric stove and began heating water on it while taking out noodles from one of the cabinets.

“Su Lin, take a look… This girl, Yanran, will let you taste her special craftsmanship in a while!”

As Fang Liping smiled, her gaze fell upon Su Lin’s dirty clothes that looked awful and hurriedly said, “Su Lin, you must have worked really hard today. Look, your clothes are so dirty and you reek of sweat, too. Hurry up and go take a bath and change out of these clothes. Leave them to me and I will wash them for you. The cool night will dry them off by the morning, and you can wear them again in the morning.”

“Ah, I really do smell awful…”

It was a bright summer day and Su Lin had been rushing around all day long before he arrived at the conference room and revealed all the evidence against the corrupt officials. By now, all his sweat had dried up into his clothes, so now that Fang Liping mentioned it, he, too, could smell the rancid odor of sweat on himself.

Su Lin couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed and uncomfortable as he hurriedly asked Fang Liping, “That… Aunt Ping, are there any spare toiletries that I can use? I will take a bath first…”

“There are spare toiletries for guests in the bathroom cabinet. You can use a set from there.”

Seeing how Su Lin was behaving cautiously, Fang Liping specially said a few words of comfort to him, “Su Lin, there’s no need to be so polite; you can treat this place as your home.”

And as she looked at Su Lin’s dirty shirt and pants, she couldn’t help but say again, “In a while, I will wash your clothes and put them out to dry after you are done bathing.”

“Alright, thank you Aunt Ping! But… What would I wear if you wash these clothes?”

Su Lin was no longer trying to behave cautiously and the more he listened to Fang Liping, the more he felt her kindness. But then, another issue sprung up. If Fang Liping took away his clothes to wash, what would he wear? He couldn’t actually run around the house in just his underwear, right? Even if Fang Liping allowed that, Su Lin didn’t have thick enough skin to go around in front of Qin Yanran like that!

“That… Let me think about it…” Fang Liping suddenly had an idea and rushed into her bedroom and soon walked out with a western suit in her hands. Handing the suit to Su Lin, she said, “You can put these on! This suit belonged to my husband, and I had kept it around for the last ten years after his passing. However, as this is a western suit, it has fortunately not become obsolete yet.”

“This is Yanran’s father’s suit?”

As Su Lin received the suit from Fang Liping’s hands, he didn’t know why, but he felt there were thousands of emotions attached to it.

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