Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 93 – The Fall of the Municipal Committee’s Secretary!

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‘Since Chief Yan dares name everyone, could it be that he has some solid evidence?’

Fang Liping’s heart had come to her throat at this moment. She had never thought that Yan Longyong would dare to directly name Liu Jianguo and the other officials so straightforwardly.

With that, all of their routes for backing off had been cut off. It was either those officials that fell, or them who died. They had to now produce concrete evidence to kill off Liu Jianguo and his cronies.

“Liping, that officer… What’s he doing? Do you really have solid evidence to back those claims? If not, then with how big the issue is, even if I try my best, it would be impossible to shut so many mouths!”

Zheng Liangbo also frowned and slowly whispered to Fang Liping. 

“Uncle Zheng, this… I am not sure either what evidence Chief Yan has gathered on his side, for him to speak like this. Originally, the important evidence he had gone out to retrieve, the Accounts Book, had already been taken away and burnt down by Liu Jianguo’s people! Now… I am not too sure of the situation over Chief Yan’s side. However, since Chief Yan dares name them, then he must have solid evidence to back his claims!”

Now, all Fang Liping could do was pin all of her hopes on Yan Longyong and pray that he had found some conclusive evidence recently.

“Are you the vice squad leader of Jian’an City’s criminal police department, Yan Longyong? The key personnel in charge of this case?”

At this time, Zhu Li of the Anti-Corruption Bureau spoke up while staring towards Yan Longyong, “You do know the consequences and the scope of the words you just spoke, right? Slandering several Director and Deputy Director-level officials is no minor offense. You do know how great the responsibility is for such an offense, right?”

The tone of Zhu Li’s words was clearly one of condemnation, making it clear that he stood on the side of Liu Jianguo and the officials.

“Deputy Director Zhu, we might as well ask Chief Yan to take out his evidence. Let’s see how this Secretary has any relationship with that Dragon-Tiger Gang, ah!”

Liu Jianguo said with a fearless face. In his opinion, there was nothing they could do against him now that the Accounts Book had been burnt down. There was no more evidence left that could threaten him. The other trails he left behind had already been wiped clean by him, so now, it was impossible for anyone to topple him from power.

“Alright! Chief Yan, I must ask you to present the evidence you have to back your claims. If you fail to do so, I will have to ask for an investigation against you.”

As he said those words, Zhu Li didn’t fail to turn towards Zheng Liangbo and ask for his opinion, while suggesting something through his words, “Old Zheng, what do you say? It should be alright if we do it like this, right?”

“Since it’s related to the issue of government officials, then it obviously falls under your jurisdiction, so I will leave it up to you to decide how to deal with the matter. I naturally don’t have any problem doing it your way.”

As Zheng Liangbo said that, he sighed and looked towards Fang Liping, saying in a low voice, “Liping, ah! It seems it won’t be easy for you to win this battle and get out unscathed, ah!”

“Evidence? Good! Everyone, please take a look at these oral confessions we received after investigation of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s leadership. They, alone, are related to 13 officials, and here are the confessions with their signatures. They have plainly reported that they were obeying orders from the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s two leaders, Brother Dragon and Brother Tiger, to be at the beck and call of these officials…”

First, Yan Longyong put out ten oral confessions that they had recorded. He presented the records before the Special Investigation Committee’s members for them to scrutinize. 

“Hmph! Chief Yan, these good for nothing oral confessions alone won’t hold much weight in the court of justice. Moreover, these fuzzy recordings alone aren’t enough to prove any relationship between these officials and the Dragon-Tiger Gang. Who knows if they might be slandering? These oral confessions have no real value as evidence and won’t do anything to convict these people, ah!”

Zhu Li of the Special Investigation Committee briefly took a look at the recordings and then dismissed them, “Moreover, none of the above records have anything to do with Secretary Liu of the Municipal Committee. So why did you slander Secretary Liu Jianguo and claim that he was colluding with the Dragon-Tiger Gang?”

“In my opinion, you’re not the one to be blamed for this, Chief Yan! You must have received false instructions and accusations from someone else who wanted to slander me under the guise of this case, right?”

Liu Jianguo immediately took his shot as he wanted to make Yan Longyong put all the blame on Fang Liping and claim that it was all a treacherous plot of hers. With that, he could shoot Fang Liping in the foot and get rid of her!

“Secretary Liu, I haven’t received any instructions or accusations from anyone else. All the words that come out of my mouth are mine alone, fair and for the common people of Jian’an City. And great, since you want me to produce evidence, evidence I shall produce!”

Yan Longyong had never been so excited before in his life, and in high spirits, he turned back towards Su Lin and urged, “Su Lin, are you done on your side? Eh? Is it ready?”

“I am done, almost done! Chief Yan, this is the last one… I have completed it successfully!”

Originally, when Su Lin had arrived inside the conference room following behind Yan Longyong, he immediately went to one corner to continue writing down the Accounts Book. And with how unremarkable he looked, none of the officials beside Fang Liping spared him a second glance, focusing all of their attention on Yan Longyong.

But now that everyone saw Yan Longyong turn towards Su Lin and speak with him, they realized that the evidence he wanted to present might be with that unremarkable kid in the corner. With that, everyone’s attention immediately turned towards Su Lin as they focused on him.

“Since you have succeeded… Su Lin, why don’t you make the contents of the Accounts Book public for all to hear then?”

Saying that, Yan Longyong acted as if he had given Su Lin a great opportunity, and he even winked towards Su Lin in encouragement. The meaning behind his actions clear: ‘Kid, look how good of an opportunity I have provided you with!’

“Me? This… Won’t that be a bit inappropriate?” Su Lin timidly asked. There were so many officials in the hall, and even Fang Liping was looking towards him. All the attention he was receiving made Su Lin a little anxious. 

However, he immediately saw Fang Liping give him a look of encouragement, so he also gathered his guts and started to loudly, and clearly announce the contents of the Accounts Book, “Everyone, I am currently holding the recovered Accounts Book of the Dragon-Tiger Gang that has the records of all the transactions and bribes they did with many senior, middle, and lower-levelled officials of Jian’an City. The records include the amount of bribe each official received, the time of the transaction, the place where the deal happened, the account numbers, and everything else related to the transaction…”

“That’s impossible! How can you have the Accounts Book of the Dragon-Tiger Gang in your hands? That has to be a fake! Everyone, take a look at the quality of the material of that Accounts Book; that’s clearly an ordinary notebook used by high-schoolers. Will the Dragon-Tiger Gang use such a notebook to record all of their transactions?”

Liu Jianguo finally became flustered and anxious, and interrupted Su Lin’s words with haste as he brought in question the legitimacy of the Accounts Book in Su Lin’s hands. As everyone else in the room looked at the Accounts Book, they also thought that it was a regular notebook used by high-schoolers. This was an empty notebook Su Lin had taken from his home on the way to the Mayor’s Office.

“That’s right! It’s just like what Secretary Liu said; this isn’t the original Accounts Book of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. The original Accounts Book had been robbed and burnt to ash.”

Su Lin kept speaking while looking towards Liu Jianguo’s face to make out any special expression, “But since I had read the contents of the Accounts Book beforehand, I used my memory to recover the entirety of its content in a new notebook. With that… The Accounts Book is now in my hand, in its original condition!”

Lifting the Accounts Book in his hands, Su Lin fervently said, “Inside this Accounts Book are records of the corruption committed by Secretary Liu Jianguo, and many other officials of Jian’an City. Each record is trackable with the amount, accounts, goods, and location…”

“Impossible! That’s impossible! How can we believe the words of a brat? Who knows what you have written in that notebook? Just because you call it evidence, you expect us to believe it as such? How laughable!”

Liu Jianguo began to fluster even more and yelled out, “Security! Security! Someone kick this kid out of this place! This is a serious gathering of government officials, so how can we allow a brat to ramble nonsense here? Security! Where’s the security?!”

“What’s the matter, Secretary Liu? Why are you getting so flustered? Since there’s no evil in your heart, let Su Lin read out the contents of the Accounts Book for everyone. Whether it’s real or not will be easy for the Special Investigation Committee to verify through their governmental sources. Everything will become clear at that time.”

Fang Liping instantaneously made a comeback against Liu Jianguo. Even though she couldn’t believe Su Lin could write out all the contents of the Accounts Book from memory after a single look, she still had to back him up at this point. There was nothing else she could do now, except for betting on him.

“You… Young man, you are called Su Lin, right? Hurry up and submit the Accounts Book for inspection by us. We will certainly make a thorough investigation effort to verify the records inside!”

Without giving Zhu Li any chance to open his mouth, Zheng Liangbo asked a person in the vicinity to take the Accounts Book from Su Lin’s hands. After that, he immediately made the members of the Special Investigation Committee that had arrived with them verify the authenticity of the records.

First was to verify the bank account numbers and the remittance records, and it was pretty easy to verify. The Special Investigation Committee had come prepared, and it was under their jurisdiction to fetch the needed records from the banks on-demand. Hence, the Special Investigation Committee investigators immediately turned on their computers and began verifying the records.

Bribes given by the Dragon-Tiger Gang had been transferred to the various officials through different channels. Some were transferred directly to their accounts, some had been given in cold hard cash by hand, some had been transferred through various anonymous bank accounts, but no matter what the method used was, so long as the transactions were very authentic, they would have solid evidence to convict the corrupt officials.

“Deputy Director Zheng, the transactions and information on this Accounts Book… We just investigated and almost all of them are authentic. Moreover, we were able to determine that Secretary Liu of the Municipal Committee has received at least 10 Million in bribe from the Dragon-Tiger Gang. Other than that, the Jiaxing Hotel of Jian’an is a joint property with shares held by both the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and Secretary Liu’s son, Liu Yuanfeng. Most of the behind-the-scenes plotting and transactions were conducted by Liu Yuanfeng as well…”

Quickly, in less than one hour, the information in the Accounts Book had been thoroughly verified by the Special Investigation Committee members. As Zheng Liangbo and Fang Liping listened to the contents of the report, a subtle smile of victory appeared on their faces. The Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Liu Jianguo, and many of the other officials on the scene had already reached a point of collapse.

‘Great! We can finally get rid of Liu father and son’s influence from Jian’an…’

Su Lin had been patiently waiting by the side. Since he knew the records in the Accounts Book were authentic, he wasn’t worried in the least. And now that he heard the report made by the Special Investigation Committee members, the last bit of anxiousness in his heart also disappeared.

“Liu Jianguo, I had never thought you would turn out to be such a corrupt man running amuck like this in Jian’an City! I, Zhu Li, misread you and let you pull the wool over my eyes for so long. Now that there’s solid evidence, I, Zhu Li, formally convict you as a corrupt official, under my authority as the representative of the Fujian Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Special Investigation Committee!”

In the face of such solid evidence and the presence of Zheng Liangbo, even if the friendship between Zhu Li and Liu Jianguo was quite deep, he had no choice but to give precedence to his official duties and convict Liu Jianguo to be sent for punishment.

The Municipal Committee Secretary, Liu Jianguo, had been convicted! The Municipal Committee Secretary, Liu Jianguo, had fallen from power just like that!

All of this happened, and the one to blame was none other than a nameless youth… Su Lin!

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