Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 90 – The Accounts Book was Burnt?!

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Hurriedly getting out of the police car, Su Lin rushed into his house.

“Mother! Mother… how are you? Is it serious?”

Just as he entered through his gate, Su Lin saw a bunch of their neighbors gathered around his mother in the courtyard. 5-6 criminal police officers were also present at the scene, gathering verbal and photographic evidence of the place. But the front door of their house had been smashed down, and even in his confusion, Su Lin could see the smashed chests and cupboards, with all of their family’s stuff scattered around.

“Little Lin, you are back already? Mother is alright; it’s just a small arm injury, and everything will be alright after running some more medicine. But look at everything in our house, everything has been smashed and broken by the intruders… Don’t know what those bunch of bastards had been looking for when they smashed about everything. It’s not like our family had any valuables they could have obtained.”

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, panted in rage as she cursed those bastards in black who broke into their home and ruined everything.

“Mother, everything’s well if you are well!”

To be honest, on the road, the only real worry Su Lin had was the concern for his mother as he had been afraid those intruders might heavily injure her. Now that he saw that his mother only suffered a few scrapes on her arm, his heart felt relieved. But the fact that those bastards dared break into his house was something Su Lin could definitely not forgive! Su Lin clenched his fists as it was hard to swallow his anger now that this enmity had been born.

“Little Zhao, Old Li, how’s the current situation?”

Criminal police vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, also caught up and entered the residence. Immediately, he found the nearest two criminal police officers and questioned them about the current situation.

“Chief, we have basically determined the course of events that transpired. Four men wearing black suits and sunglasses broke into Su Family’s house around 3 in the noon, about an hour ago. With a strong momentum, they rushed in and started smashing around cupboards and chests to look for something. Obviously, it wasn’t for wealth as the Su Family doesn’t have any sort of valuables at home. Moreover, according to Mother Su and some other eyewitnesses, after rummaging about for a while, those intruders acted as if they had found what they were looking for, and rushed out and away in a hurry.”

As Yan Longyong listened to the officers’ report, he frowned and said, “According to your report, we can determine without doubt that those men were here for the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s Accounts Book. Moreover, there’s also the possibility that they already found the Accounts Book. The situation’s not good. Do you know which direction they fled to, and what vehicle they were using?”

“Chief, as soon as we received the report, we rushed here at our top speed. Moreover, the eye witnesses reported that the intruders escaped in a “Fujian Xiali” model car with the number plate listing “A78945″ as the registration number. We have already relayed that information to the Traffic Police department and they have blockaded all roads in the city, and are checking every vehicle to catch the criminals…”

“That’s good! The evidence in the Accounts Book is far too important, so we must get it back no matter how! Mobilize all police forces under our command — we must capture those criminals.”

Yan Longyong nodded. This was all they could do now. What a pity! They were a step too late at figuring everything out, otherwise, they wouldn’t have let those criminals reach this place so soon.

“Little Lin! Our home… Just who did our family offend? For several days, trouble’s all that’s coming to our place. Couple of days ago, someone smashed the window, then your father and I were laid off from our jobs, and now someone broke into the house and smashed everything, turning our house upside-down…”

Although the words that came out of Mother Su, Liu Aizhen’s mouth were foul, fear had begun welling up in her heart. After all, those four men in black who broke into their house were just too fierce and evil. After they pushed her aside, making her collapse on the ground, she didn’t dare make the slightest movement and quietly lay down on the floor. It was only after they had left did she get up to call the police, but the neighbors had already done that.

“Mother! Don’t be afraid. We will soon bring those evil people to justice!”

Because of his own matters, he had brought such a disaster upon his family. In his heart, Su Lin felt a rush of guilt, but this also steeled his resolve in helping the police exterminate that group of Dragon-Tiger Gang and those corrupt officials.

“Oh right! Mother, didn’t Chief Yan bring me home the day before yesterday? There was something in my clothes they needed. Do you remember where you put that thing? It was the criminal syndicate, Dragon-Tiger Gang’s Accounts Book that had details of all their unlawful trades, bribes, and records.”

If they really wanted to exterminate those criminals thoroughly, the only way would be to get their hands on the Accounts Book that recorded all of their transactions. Su Lin hadn’t yet concluded that the Accounts Book might have been already taken away by those intruders, so he asked his mother.

“I think there was such a thing soaked in blood. I had thought it was your study book or some mock papers, so I placed it on the balcony for it to dry. Ah! Right, those people who broke into our house were also yelling at me, asking for some account book, but how would this old woman know anything about that at such a time. So, they pushed me aside and…”

Mother Su tried her best to recall and describe.

“On the balcony? Let me take a look…”

Su Lin immediately rushed towards their balcony in the back of the house, and found it to be completely empty. It seemed that those intruders had truly taken away the Accounts Book…

“How is it, Su Lin? What did your mother say?”

“Chief Yan, my mother said that the Accounts Book really was on me when you delivered me back on that evening. She thought it was my study book and placed it on the balcony to dry off. However, I just looked in the balcony, and the Accounts Book was nowhere in sight. It seems like those men in black really did take it away already.”

Su Lin disappointedly shook his head. He knew that now that they had lost the Accounts Book, it would be almost impossible to get it back from the jaws of those criminals.

“Su Lin, it seems that the situation isn’t very positive with how everything went down. We also estimated that they might have taken away the Accounts Book.”

What he said was similar to what the police officers had already described to him, so Yan Longyong nodded. What Su Lin said was also what they concluded.

“Then what are we going to do now, Chief Yan? Now that they have taken away the Accounts Book, we no longer have any conclusive evidence!” Su Lin said worriedly.

“With how everything has transpired, the Accounts Book is temporarily in the hands of the enemy. However, we already have the information about their escape vehicle, and we have already mobilized all of our forces, so it won’t be long before we get results and catch those criminals.”

The importance of the Accounts Book was already self-evident. No matter what price they had to pay, they had to obtain the Accounts Book.

And just when Yan Longyong finished his words, the intercom in his hands dinged with sound.

“Chief, we have found a black Fujian Xiali model car with the license plate number of A78945. It’s currently rushing through the city center, along Zhongshan Road, making its escape towards the South Highway entrance. What are your instructions, Chief…”

This was the report Yan Longyong received from the police station’s Traffic Police department. Hearing that they had discovered the escaping vehicle, his spirit shook, and he immediately issued orders through the intercom, “All squads, pay attention! Follow the directions from the Traffic Police department. The criminal vehicle is currently passing through the city center along the Zhongshan road, heading towards the South Highway entrance. All police officers with police vehicles must rush after them and capture the criminals at all costs…”

“Chief Yan? Have they found them?”

Su Lin felt excited inside as he heard the news, and Su Lin’s mother, who had been feeling afraid a while ago, also recovered her guts after hearing the news and rushed towards Yan Longyong while saying, “Chief Yan, it’s the duty of the police to assure the safety of the lives and property of the common people like us! Yet, under broad daylight, those bastards broke into our house and destroyed everything, so you must take responsibility for us!”

“Ms. Su, you can rest assured. Now that we have found their location, it won’t be long before we bring those criminals to justice according to the law.”

Yan Longyong spoke to assure Mother Su, and then immediately called Mayor Fang, Fang Liping, to report the matter to her.

“Hello! Mayor Fang, we have already arrived at Su Lin’s house, but what a pity, their house was broken into, and the Accounts Book has already been robbed. But we have pin-pointed the location of the suspects, and ordered all of our police forces to capture them at all costs.”

Fang Liping, who was sitting in a bad mood inside her office, immediately felt good once she heard the news and said to Yan Longyong, “That’s good! Chief Yan, you must retrieve the Accounts Book at all costs. If there’s any progress, make sure to report it to me first!”

Hanging the phone call, Fang Liping angrily looked towards the person sitting opposite to her in her office and said, “Liu Jianguo, just you wait! Once we obtain the Accounts Book, all the crimes you have committed will be brought to light for the world to see!”

“Oh? I am so-afraid! Ah! Mayor Fang, what gives you so much confidence in being able to retrieve the Accounts Book?” Liu Jianguo wasn’t anxious in the least as he smiled satisfactorily and said, “Then I shall wait and see how Mayor Fang makes an Accounts Book to convict me!”

He had received the news a while ago through a phone call that his men had already burnt the Accounts Book in the vehicle, so Liu Jianguo wasn’t worried in the least. Even if those few subordinates of his were captured, it wouldn’t be enough to link them to him. And with the Accounts Book turned to ashes, there was no longer any evidence left to catch him.

“Hmph! The Special Investigation Committee will be arriving soon, and with all the crimes you have committed, you definitely won’t get away unscathed, Secretary Liu!”

Just when Fang Liping’s words ended, her office phone rang, and her secretary informed her that the people of the Special Investigation Committee had arrived.

“Alright, I understand. I will immediately come down to welcome them.”

Fang Liping immediately stood up to go downstairs while also ordering the other people in her office to come downstairs to greet the people of the Special Investigation Committee sent by the Provincial authorities. Liu Jianguo, too, smiled and set out to greet the guests, “Mayor Fang, since the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Provincial Public Security Bureau have sent their people, it’s only natural for me, the Municipal Committee’s Secretary, to welcome them… Let’s go, we will all welcome them together!”

The Special Investigation Committee had already arrived, yet Yan Longyong was still anxiously waiting for the suspects to be caught by his subordinates.

After half an hour of chase, the Jian’an Police Department finally succeeded in overtaking and busting that black Xiali model car. Now, even if the suspects wanted to escape, they would have no path for it. With that, the four men in black were apprehended by the criminal police.

“Reporting to the Chief! We have intercepted that black Fujian Xiali model car and taken the four suspects in our custody!”

As soon as he heard the news over the intercom, Yan Longyong happily said, “You did well! What about the Accounts Book? Have you found the Accounts Book?”

Su Lin’s was also on alert as he anxiously listened to the conversation. Although the criminals had been apprehended, the most important thing was the Accounts Book. Only if they recovered the Accounts Book will they have conclusive evidence against the Dragon-Tiger Gang and corrupt officials that they could then present to the authorities.

“Chief, we have looked everywhere in the vehicle, but the Accounts Book is nowhere to be found. But we discovered a bunch of burnt paper and ashes in the back compartment of the vehicle. Perhaps, the Accounts Book has already been burnt to ashes by them.”

“What? The Accounts Book was burnt?!”

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