Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 9: I Copy; I Copy; I Copy;

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“Hehe……As expected, time certainly stopped!”

Su Lin was smug in his heart, but when he saw the number in the upper right corner of his vision, where one second amounted to one value, he knew just how valuable time was. He couldn’t waste any of it.

“Qin YanRan is the first in grade with her English results always close to perfect! If I copied her, would my English result even turn out bad!”

No demur, Su Lin took the pen and question paper from his table and ran over to Qin YanRan’s table. Turning over her examination paper, Su Lin started to copy the choices on the listening part.


Most of the questions in the English exam were multiple-choice questions, so Su Lin had no intention of copying Qin YanRan’s composition. Compared to Su Lin’s original 60-70 marks, the score he would obtain from these multiple-choice questions was already above 120, twice his own!

“Alright, done……It only took 30 seconds……”

After copying dozens of answers in a single breath, Su Lin was about to return to his seat, when he was startled as his vision fell on Qin YanRan’s expression.

Although Qin YanRan had an icy expression regularly, it was just outward appearance to appear aloof before every guy. Though Qin YarRan’s expression was frozen, Su Lin could tell she was frowning, and her face was full of worry.

“What happened to Qin YanRan? Is she worried because her grandmother is ill? I have never seen her look so worried before today!”

Perhaps, even Su Lin didn’t realize how much tenderness filled his eyes when he looked toward Qin YanRan. But Qin YanRan’s frown and worry still made him pity her.

“YanRan……Forgive me……”

Qin YanRan’s grandmother had an accident, yet he still took advantage of her yesterday using his ability to suspend time. At this time, Su Lin felt his heart get heavy with guilt. Looking at her frowning fair face, Su Lin couldn’t help but caress her frowning face.


The world suspended in time, but all that belonged to Su Lin was only one minute and a second. Su Lin didn’t dare waste any more time and quickly ran back to his seat. Taking his original posture, he muttered in his heart, “Time Resume!”


With an unusual feeling overcoming everything, the frozen time resumed and the still examinees started to move again, answering the questions. As Su Lin looked at his multiple-choice sheet filled with ABCD, the corners of his mouth curled up, “Haha, as long as I hand over these answers together with the composition I wrote, how is it possible for me not to get more than 130 marks……”

Generally speaking, Qin YanRan’s English results were always over 145, and her multiple-choices were all correct. Now that Su Lin copied her answers, won’t his accuracy rate be over 99 percent? It was only the composition and translation questions where he would lose marks!

However, compared to 60-70 marks Su Lin got in English usually, 130 marks were already twice that. Such progress was no less than a miracle. He wondered just what kind of expression those people will have who ridiculed Su Lin after they look at his massive improvement.

Just when time recovered, Qin YanRan, who was sitting right in front of Su Lin suddenly felt her face caressed with gentleness and love. Although the feeling was a bit rough, at this moment, she remembered it strongly.

“What happened to me? This feeling……It’s so weird.”

Qin YanRan gently held her chin and gently caressed her face with her other hand, right where Su Lin had just touched her. But it was the examination room, and all the examinees were answering their papers vigorously, so no one had the time to look at her.

“What was it? Was the feeling just now simply an illusion?”

Because she hadn’t had a good sleep yesterday, Qin YanRan’s spirit wasn’t very well. However, because of that warm feeling, Qin YanRan felt really spirited for some time. The feeling was like that of between two lovers that she had heard and read about. Thinking of all this, Qin YanRan’s heart couldn’t help but beat fiercely.

“There are still eight minutes till the end of the exam. I have to quickly fill in the answer sheet!”

The answers had already been seen, so if he couldn’t fill them in time, Su Lin won’t even have the tears left to cry!

Shua Shua……

The feeling of copying answers was really refreshing. Others had worked hard to read everything carefully, ponder over it, and then answer. Su Lin, on the other hand, simply took his brush and filled out everything without a need to even read.

“Everyone, there are still 5 minutes till the end of the exam. Remember, the final answer must be filled in with a 2b pencil. Please hurry up. Also, remember to check your name and examinee number on the answer sheet and confirm that it is correct. All the answer sheets will go through a computer – if the examinee number is incorrect then you might not receive any results.” {TL Note: Aren’t answers supposed to be filled in using a ballpen or something like that and not with a pencil?}

When there were only five minutes left till the end of the exam, the invigilator reminded the students friendlily. At this time, Su Lin had already filled the answer sheet, finishing the exam. With a smile, he sat on his seat calmly, waiting for the exam to end so he could hand in the paper and leave.

“Humph! Why is the English exam so difficult today that I didn’t have enough time. Before, I could finish the exam and still have ten minutes to review it, but today, I barely finished it in time!”

Tang Zhongwang was sitting in the front-seat left of Su Lin. Only after the invigilator finished his words was he able to fill in all the answers. Relaxing, he put down the pen and looked all around. As he saw that majority of the examinees had yet to finish and were frowning as they tried to answer with all their might, Tang Zhongwang couldn’t help but feel complacent at his heart.

But when he looked back and his vision landed on Su Lin, he saw that Su Lin was sitting relaxed with a confident expression on his face, appearing as if he finished everything long ago, stopped writing, and didn’t even need to review the test papers, cheerfully waiting for the invigilator to end the exam.

“Su Lin? Impossible! How could this guy finish the exam so quickly? This English exam was at least twice as difficult. There were so many difficult words in the reading comprehension part. I had to guess for quite a while, and even then, I had to spend so much time just to understand the meaning of the article! As for this Su Lin? It’s impossible that he will finish faster than me. I think that… Ah! This kid must have been scared after he saw the difficult exam, therefore, he must have just skipped most of the stuff because he couldn’t understand it……”

When he thought till here, Tang Zhongwang couldn’t help but despise Su Lin even more. As he stared at Su Lin, a contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of his face.

“Tang Zhongwang?”

Su Lin naturally felt Tang Zhongwang staring at him, so he looked towards him. Tang Zhongwang’s contemptuous smile reminded him of yesterday evening when he was enjoying the cool air in the courtyard. This Tang Zhongwang had looked down on him right in front of all the neighbors and especially his parents.

“Good, Tang Zhongwang, this is what you asked for. You weren’t good to me, right. If you had not come to annoy me, Su Lin, then I wouldn’t have bothered to deal with you either. But since you look down on me again and again, ridicule me, and despise me so much, then I, Su Lin, will make you understand just who I am!”

Although the impression people usually had of Su Lin was that of an honest and good guy, it didn’t mean he was someone who would sit back when bullied. Thinking of what the invigilator just said, Su Lin smiled as he already had an idea in his heart.

The examinees who still hadn’t finished their paper yet were really anxious, and many didn’t even the time to read the options so they blindly filled in the answers. After they were done, they had serious expressions as they looked over their answers and used an eraser and a 2b pencil to revise their answers.

Su Lin was playing with the eraser in his hand. He was waiting for the right opportunity. The sound of a bell resounded, ending the time of the examination. The invigilator ordered everyone to put down their pens, and started collecting answer sheets from the first row.

“You are not allowed to pick up a pen now. The exam is over. Anyone who is seen holding a pen will be treated as cheating.”

It may be because the test is too difficult, many examinees had still not answered all questions. After the bell rang, they were still scrambling to fill in some answers on the sheet. But under the dignified voice of the invigilator, they all stopped and placed their pens down one by one.

“Wow, so many people have not answered all the questions this time, yet I have already finished it all! It seems that my ranking is going to go up again. This is the last test and its result will also be a rough estimate of the actual College Entrance Examination. If my results here are good, then the College Entrance Examination will not be an issue. Haha……”

As he saw that many examinees had not finished the entire exam, Tang Zhongwang heart burst into happiness as a wide grin appeared on his face.

When the invigilator arrived before Tang Zhongwang to receive the answer sheet, Tang Zhongwang puffed out his chest and proudly handed over his answer sheet to the invigilator.

“This is the opportunity. Time Stop!”

Su Lin had been waiting for this opportunity and immediately stopped time. Taking an eraser, he leaped up and without any reservation, erased the examinee number from Tang Zhongwang’s answer sheet, yes, completely wiped it off!

“Time Recover!”

Sitting back in his seat, Su Lin thought, “Hehe, Tang Zhongwang, now that I have wiped off the examinee number from your answer sheet, your perfect score also got wiped from the world. Now, the computer will certainly not recognize it. With only the marks obtained from composition and the and the 30 points from thesis and translation, what will you have to be arrogant again?”

For a gentleman’s revenge, 10 years aren’t too late. Su Lin won’t be like those hypocritical gentlemen, instead, Su Lin was going to be the “villain”. If there is a grudge, the grudge must be resolved as soon as possible. Only then will there be a chance to go forward. The more weakness you show before people, the more people will think you are easy to bully. {10 years are late, too late.}

Bully the weak, while revering the strong; that’s how people like Tang Zhongwang were. However, Su Lin wasn’t going to clash head-on against Tang Zhongwang. Instead, he wanted to play Tang Zhongwang, play him so hard that Tang Zhongwang wouldn’t even understand what hit him.

Now that Tang Zhongwang’s examinee number had been wiped off, his English score could be officially considered gone. Although these exams weren’t the actual College Entrance Examination, these were crucial exams as well. The result from these exams greatly affected the mentality and display of students in the actual College Entrance Examination.

After receiving the examination answers and confirming that the quantity was accurate, the invigilator made the students leave the examination hall. This mock exam was on the same level as the final College Entrance Examination. The invigilators here were quite strict and cheating was impossible, unless, of course, you had the ability to suspend time like Su Lin.

Just as they left the examination hall, Su Lin didn’t have the same enthusiasm as Tang Zhongwang as he was still waiting for the results to see what kind of face Tang Zhongwang was going to make.

Coming out of the examination hall, Su Lin thought of the anxious appearance Qin YanRan had inside. Due to shame from his act yesterday, he wanted to go and comfort Qin YanRan. After all, he was also Qin YanRan’s classmate and she was also their class leader.

“Miss Class Leader, your grandmother’s sickness…… She will be fine, everything will be all right!”

Usually, when Su Lin hung out with Li Hao, he would be very talkative. But now when he arrived before Qin YanRan, he was at a loss for words. All the words that he had prepared beforehand to comfort her, all flew beyond the highest Heavens as soon as he saw Qin YanRan.

“Thank you.”

Two plain words. When Qin YanRan saw Su Lin block her path, she slightly frowned, but still concealed her dislike for Su Lin and politely replied with thank you.


Listening to Qin YanRan’s plain words, Su Lin didn’t know what to say and just stood there like a dork. Finally, the deadlock was broken by Qin YanRan who looked at him and said impatiently, “Student Su Lin, is there anything else you would like to say? If you have nothing else, then please make the way.”

“Ah…… Um…… Miss Class Leader, for what happened yesterday, I am sorry……”

Su Lin said as he lowered his head. He knew that what he did wasn’t right, so he wanted to apologize to Qin YanRan and recover a point or two of his image.

Su Lin would have been better off not saying yesterday’s matter, as the moment he mentioned yesterday’s matter, Qin YanRan’s complexion immediately changed as she said loudly, “Student Su Lin, as a student, you should concentrate more on learning instead of thinking of random things all day long. I know that the reason you are doing all this is to attract my attention, to get me as your girlfriend. However, I, Qin YanRan, must let you know that your act is too childish and I, Qin YanRan, will never like a person like you!”

Qin YanRan was already not in a good mood today, and Su Lin hit the final nail in the coffin, making Qin YanRan no longer give him any face under the watch of such a large crowd.

With such loud words, the students all around started to look towards them.

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