Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 87 – The Accounts Book was Lost!

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“What? The criminal police are looking for me?”

Su Lin was stunned as he heard Lin Qinguxe’s words. Why would the criminal police be looking for him?

‘Could it be to investigate yesterday’s matter? Don’t tell me they found out I stole the College Entrance Examination question papers, right?’

‘It must be about yesterday’s matter! The matter of me stealing the College Entrance Examination only happened a while ago, and I am sure nobody noticed it when I replaced the question papers in Peng Shenda’s possession. Ah, right! Even if that matter’s been revealed, they should be looking for Peng Shenda and his cronies, not me!’

Calming down, Su Lin looked towards Lin Qingxue’s face and felt a rush of warmth in his heart as he saw her worried expression.

“Teacher Lin, relax! The criminal police must be looking for me to investigate some matter, in search of evidence. That 1 Million from me definitely doesn’t have any issue, so you don’t need to be worried about me. Where are they? I will go see them together with you.”

It was naturally impossible for Su Lin to confess the truth before Lin Qingxue, so this was the only way he could comfort Lin Qingxue and make her not worry.

“Oh! Su Lin, the two criminal policemen are waiting for you in the Student Council office. Moreover, the one in-charge is a vice squad leader. Ah, I also have a class to attend, so I won’t be able to accompany you there. You… You be careful!”

The way Lin Qingxue currently looked towards Su Lin didn’t resemble a teacher looking towards their student, at all. Instead, it seemed as if she were looking at her beloved.

“Teacher Lin, I will go ahead then…”

Su Lin brightly smiled and then turned towards the direction of the Student Council Office. But just after walking two steps, he turned his head and earnestly said to Lin Qingxue, “Teacher Lin, thank you! You look really beautiful today.”

Without waiting for Lin Qingxue’s reply, Su Lin hurriedly ran off, leaving behind Lin Qingxue whose face unknowingly bloomed with a happy and satisfied smile.

‘Hmm… the one in-charge of the criminal policemen is the vice squad leader? Wouldn’t that mean Yan Longyang himself came over to see me? I am pretty sure I haven’t violated any law or committed any crimes… Ah! I hope it’s about yesterday’s matter!’

As he arrived before the Student Council Office, although Su Lin knew he hadn’t done anything wrong, he still felt a little worried in his heart.


At this time, the most satisfied person would have to be Li Jianhua who was inside the Student Council Office. He had long hated Su Lin, and even his plan of slapping Su Lin with three major offences to get him kicked out of the school had failed. What’s more, Su Lin even got to show off and gain clout by giving that speech a few days ago.

And when he realized that he won’t be able to get his revenge or make any trouble for Su Lin after tomorrow’s College Entrance Examinations, he felt even more unwilling and sour in his heart.

However, just when the day had crossed noon time today, a police car arrived at the school out of nowhere. The vice squad leader, officer Yan Longyong personally arrived at the Student Council Office and asked to see Su Lin by mentioning his name.

Since the criminal police had come knocking, there definitely couldn’t be any good news.

Li Jianhua heartily laughed in his heart thinking that the little bastard, Su Lin, must have violated some law outside, otherwise, why would the criminal police come looking for him.

In his 56 years of being in service, Li Jianhua had come across many instances of policemen coming over to the school for some student, or some student getting caught by the police in Internet Cafes and other entertainment establishments.

But this was the first time he had seen officers from the criminal police investigation unit looking for a student, moreover, the vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, had personally arrived. Only when wanted criminals were involved would the criminal police squad get involved in the matter.

‘Hehe, it seems the crime that little bastard, Su Lin, committed isn’t some small matter! Let alone anything else, just getting arrested and taken to the police station like this will be pretty bad. There’s no way he will be getting to sit in the College Entrance Examinations tomorrow!’

Li Jianhua thought as he politely made tea for the two officers in the Student Council Office. At the same time, he asked with a smiling face, “That… Chief Yan, may I take the liberty to ask what the matter is? Has our school’s student, Su Lin, violated some law?”

“Pardon me, Principal Li! This is our bureau’s internal secret, so I am unable to disclose anything to you. All you need to do is to coordinate with us and make student Su Lin get here as soon as possible.”

Yan Longyong serious and stoic expression of “Shut up and do what you are told!” immediately embarrassed Li Jianhua as he said, “Naturally, our school will fully cooperate with the police’s investigation. I have already telephoned Su Lin’s class in-charge, Teacher Lin Qingxue, and asked her to inform Su Lin. I believe Su Lin will arrive at the Student Council Office very soon.”

Just when Li Jianhua finished his words, Su Lin knocked on the door and made his presence known before entering the Student Council Office.

“Chief Yan? You… What might you be looking for me for?”

Entering the office, Su Lin completely disregarded Li Jianhua and directly asked his question to the criminal police’s vice squad leader.

“That’s right! Su Lin, there’s an important matter we need you to explain to us.”

Yan Longyong nodded and then turned towards Li Jianhua and said, “Pardon me, Principal Li, but we will need you to temporarily leave the office.”

“Want me to leave the office?”

Here was supposed to be Li Jianhua’s domain, yet he was now being asked to get out of his own office? But well, the matter seemed to involve secrets of the criminal police bureau, and their vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, had already said it clearly, so he could do nothing but leave the office even if unwilling.

“Little Zhang, you go and stand outside the door. Make sure nobody can enter the office without my permission!”

Yan Longyong seriously said to the policeman he had brought along with him. It was of utmost importance to make sure any outsider didn’t hear what the two of them (Yan Longyong and Su Lin) were going to talk about. After that, he said to Su Lin with a stern expression, “Student Su Lin, we are well aware that you will be sitting in the College Entrance Examination tomorrow, and hence, it’s not right for us to bother you at this time lest it affect your College Entrance Examination results, but the matter at hand is extremely urgent and we need your help to resolve it. Therefore, I will first apologize to you on behalf of my entire criminal police bureau!”

“Chief Yan, what are you saying! It’s the responsibility and duty of every citizen to cooperate with the police in their work. If there’s anything I can do, there’s no need for Chief Yan to be polite when asking me for it. I will fully cooperate with you!”

The worry in Su Lin’s heart vanished as he listened to Yan Longyong’s words, and now, he was sure that Yan Longyong hadn’t come looking for him to cause him any problems. However, Su Lin could tell from Yan Longyong’s expression that the matter about the Dragon-Tiger Gang from yesterday wasn’t progressing very smoothly.

“Great! Student Su Lin, those words of yours relieve me greatly! The matter is like this: as you already know, there had been a gang fight involving the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and our police squad promptly rushed to the scene to subjugate the criminals. Luckily, with your help, our criminal police’s undercover cop, Han Xiaoxiao had been rescued from the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s pursuit. Moreover, we also discovered the Gang’s underground base and succeeded in capturing almost all of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s leaders! And it was all thanks to you; it’s all your merit. Ah! Student Su Lin, our criminal police bureau already asked the Provincial Public Security Bureau to award you with a Medal of Righteousness for your merits. This is the least we can do for you when affecting your College Entrance Examination marks!”

Since they needed Su Lin’s help, it was only normal for them to give him some benefits. But seeing that his words didn’t elicit much joy or response from Su Lin, Yan Longyong continued with his words, “Through the investigation done by our undercover cop, we learned that the Dragon-Tiger Gang has colluded with many government officials of our Jian’an City in the dark. By bribing those officials, they have done many criminal acts without getting caught. Due to that, not only do we need to thoroughly uproot the criminal Dragon-Tiger Gang from our Jian’an City, but also those corrupt officials who helped them…”

“That’s great! Chief Yan, I completely support your decision, and that’s exactly what should be done! It’s time that these officials who have been squeezing the blood and sweat of the common folk for their personal gain be brought to justice! Ah! However, if it’s just this, then how can a high schooler like myself help you?”

Su Lin, under the influence of his father, had always hated the wicked officials and spoke with his sense full of justice. Moreover, just like the other children, Su Lin had, too, fantasized about becoming a full-time superhero, smacking criminals left and right.

“Su Lin, don’t underestimate yourself! The help you can give might be able to exceed everything else!”

Yan Longyong said with great excitement, “Last night, when you and Han Xiaoxiao were in the underground base of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, hadn’t you both obtained the Accounts Book of the Gang? That Accounts Book has a record of all the bribes those corrupt officials have received and offered to the Dragon-Tiger Gang. It records the time and date of the transactions, and many other of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s important records. So long as we can get our hands on that Accounts Book, we will have conclusive evidence and we will be able to submit an appeal in the Court so that those corrupt officials can be brought to justice! The officials involved, however, are many, and many of them are quite powerful, too, hence we need to be extremely careful…”

“I know, Chief Yan! I read the records in that Accounts Book, and the officials and the amounts recorded in that were astonishing! If they were to be thoroughly uprooted, then I reckon that at least one-third of Jian’an’s officials will be dismissed!”

Su Lin completely agreed with his words and then said, “So what do you need me to do for you, Chief Yan?”

“Student Su Lin, what we need from you is the Accounts Book so the police can continue the investigation,” Yan Longyong said with extreme seriousness. His heart was burning with anxiousness to bring those officials to justice as soon as possible. Ah! In his ten years of service as a criminal policeman, this was the biggest case he had seen. The people involved and the scope of the case was just too broad, and if they succeeded in exposing everyone involved, they will definitely make a sensation throughout the land, from the lowest to the highest authorities!

“You want the Accounts Book from me? What do you mean by that? Isn’t the Accounts Book already in the police’s possession?”

Su Lin was stunned. So the reason Yan Longyong was looking for him was to demand the Accounts Book. But Su Lin believed that with how important the Accounts Book was, the police would have already taken it into their possession when they found him at the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s base, right?

“The Accounts Book isn’t in our possession. Su Lin, when you rescued officer Han Xiaoxiao and came out of the underground base, both of you had been unconscious, so there was no way for us to ask you anything, hence I directly sent you back to your home. Han Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, had to be sent to the hospital for treatment due to excessive blood-loss, and she only regained consciousness today at noon. Only after she woke up did we came to know about the Accounts Book. But the Accounts Book was nowhere to be found of Han Xiaoxiao’s person, so the only other place we could think of was your person. That’s why I immediately rushed over to your school, making sure to not divulge the matter to anyone. After all, the matter involves far too many people, and if those officials who had been involved in the matter found out the Accounts Book was in your posssession, you might have been in great danger!”

“But there was simply no Accounts Book on my person! When I woke up in my bed at home, there was no Accounts Book near me.”

Su Lin tried his best to recall, but he couldn’t figure out where the Accounts Book ran off to! He wouldn’t have unknowingly lost it, right?!

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