Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 85: Steal and Substitute

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“Humph! Su Lin, that bastard, has been getting quite in the limelight over the last few days just because he scored into the Top 10 of the grade! Isn’t it just a ranking of a mock exam? What’s there to be happy over something like that? What truly decides our destiny is the College Entrance Examination! With the College Entrance Examination papers in my hand, I will see how that bastard, Su Lin, scores better than me!”

Peng Shenda spoke with a satisfied grin on his face. After Su Lin had scored into the Top 10 of the grade and given that haughty, thought inducing speech, he had turned into the element of worship in the hearts of almost all young girls of the school, and everyone had a favorable impression of him.

However, this time wasn’t a mere mock exam, but the real College Entrance Examination, and Peng Shenda rejoiced that his father was the director of Jian’an’s Education Bureau. It was only because of that that he was able to get a copy of the College Entrance Examination’s question sheet.

“Boss Peng, that’s absolutely great! It’s as I always say, there’s nothing that Boss Peng can’t do!”

“Boss Peng, with these College Entrance Examination questions in hand, would we even need to fear not achieving great results? So long as we get a model paper and memorize all the answers to the questions in there, we will be able to get a high score without a doubt!”

“We are lucky that we have Young Master Peng to look after us, otherwise, all the years spent studying those innumerable books gave us nothing! Finally, we would be able to get a high score and prove to the others that we aren’t inferior to them in any way.”

“That’s right! With Boss Peng’s help, we will easily be able to get admitted into a good University…”


Receiving the praise of his various cronies made Peng Shenda immensely satisfied with himself. He felt as if he could see himself in a good University, with all the others following behind him like his subordinates.

“This examination paper was personally copied by a person I know, and the original is still in the warehouse with a tight security in place. You all must remember to keep this entire matter a secret — if even one person reported us, we will be goners. Also, for safety’s sake, I only made that person copy the content of the examination papers and not the title page that had ‘College Entrance Examination’ printed on it. In a while, I will use the photocopier of this reception room to make a few more copies for you all, and you all must find someone reliable to help you solve the questions of a subject each. After all of us are done doing that, we will bring together all of our answers… Again, you all must remember to never reveal this matter…”

Peng Shenda carefully explained the matter to his cronies as even if his father, Peng Yuanhui, was the Director of the Education Bureau, the matter of the College Entrance Examination’s question paper getting leaked wasn’t a matter even someone like him could bear. If it wasn’t because Peng Yuanhui was worried about his son’s future, he would have never taken the risk to use such a method like copying the College Entrance Examination’s question paper.

Therefore, when Peng Yuanhui handed over the question paper to Peng Shenda, he reminded him again and again to be careful and not let anyone unreliable know of the secret. And that he must find someone absolutely reliable to help him into solving the questions.

Originally, Peng Shenda had wanted to look for some teacher of his school to help him, but then he remembered that the teachers of Jian’an were quite honest, so there was a chance that the teacher he asked for help would be the one to expose him.

The safest and most convenient method was to find a student to do it, because once he let the other party know, they would end up getting tied to him in the mess. If they reported the leak, they will certainly not escape unscathed either. At the same time, Peng Shenda remembered that these young masters who studied together with him in Jian’an First High also had quite some connections through their powerful parents, so if he pulled them together through the College Entrance Examination, he will not only be able to form some relationships through them, but also make a lot of money for himself!

“Boss Peng, I am well-acquainted with that Xiao Yuan of Class 7, so I will have him help us solve the question paper in a while. Moreover, I know this Xiao Yuan well, and although he’s a diligent student on the surface, he’s quite a schemer that plays quite some dirty tricks, so I can guarantee that he won’t reveal anything.”

“That’s good. What about the rest of you? Do you also have someone who can help you solve the question paper?”

Peng Shenda greatly enjoyed the feeling of being in the limelight, and the title of “Boss” made him smile with great satisfaction. Moveover, even though the family backgrounds of these rich playboys weren’t worse than his own, they all had to treat him as their lord just to get through this College Entrance Examination.

“Right! Boss Peng, I know that guy Yueshan Yang from Class 13! I believe there will be no problem if he’s the one doing it for me.”

Just like that, the task of getting the answers was divided among all the cronies. After all, there were so many subjects in the Examination, so it was a bit unrealistic for a single person to be able to solve them all. Moreover, one person wouldn’t be as accurate either. Peng Shenda had already thought up a great idea, and that was to get the help of some reliable people from the Top-ranked students of their Grade known by these cronies. With that, a few reliable people were selected and each person took one or two subjects, finalizing their plan.

“Alright! I will make five copies in a while, and all of you will take one each and leave separately. Remember, keep a low profile when you meet up with those guys. Try to tell them that it’s a mock exam and you need their help in solving it. Later, in the afternoon, all of you will bring back the answers and we will gather here once more.”

As he was allocating the tasks, Peng Shenda felt as if he was a great strategizer. Who said that he was just a rich playboy that only knew how to eat, drink, and have fun? Who said that he couldn’t do anything properly without his father wiping his ass? Hadn’t he arranged all of his properly, and by himself?


“Turned out that these really are question papers from the College Entrance Examination! If Peng Shenda succeeds in his plans, then I am afraid all of them will attain a very good result in the College Entrance Examination.”

Su Lin, who was hiding behind a cabinet, had clearly overhead Peng Shenda’s entire plan. In his heart, he thought, “It was this Peng Shenda that almost caused me to be punished in the Student Council Office. Since he caused trouble for me without reason, I will also ruin his great plans. Moreover, I will take this opportunity to get my hands on the College Entrance Examination questions. Although I have no use for them, I can still use them to help Li’l Hao!”

Thinking of his next moves, Su Lin immediately began devising a clever idea in his mind. He secretly looked at the stack of question papers placed on the table in front of Peng Shenda, and then looked at the large stack of papers placed on the top of the reception room’s cabinet. Immediately, a sinister idea popped up in Su Lin’s head.

“This stack of papers seems to be the test papers that our school used to organize the mock exam before the last one, and since the last mock exam was a unified test of the various schools in the city, they had no more use for these. Who would have thought that they would leave them here like this. Just now, that Peng Shenda said that he only copied the pages with the exam questions, so as long as I photocopy similar pages from this stack, I will be able to quietly replace them with the real College Entrance Examination question papers. Hehe, when stealing something, one must replace it with another…”

Taking advantage of the time Peng Shenda moved towards the photocopy machine, Su Lin silently commanded in his heart for the time to be paused.

With his command, time and the world immediately stopped. In the reception room, Peng Shenda and all of his cronies became still as wood, while Su Lin smilingly took the bundle of mock test papers from the cabinet, and took out question papers of each subject from the bundle as he ran over to the photocopy machine. There, he planned to make copies of those question papers that resembled the one in Peng Shenda’s hands.

“Why is this photocopy machine working so slowly? Is it because I stopped time that its efficiency also decreased?”

Su Lin realized that that was the case as he held the question papers in his hand. Moreover, if he didn’t touch the photocopier, it wouldn’t work, and only when his hand was in contact with it would it operate. 

“Could it be that when I pause time, all the living and non-living entities in the world cease their functions, and if I really want something to work, I need to be in contact with it? Just like how I need to touch this photocopy machine?”

After a few more trials, Su Lin realized that that was indeed the case. And he really had to keep pressing on top of the photocopy machine for it to keep working normally.

Pit… Pit… Pit…

When the photocopier spat out the final examination paper, Su Lin was holding a big stack of papers in his hands. Now, it was time to steal and substitute. Just like that, he replaced the College Entrance Examination papers in Peng Shenda’s hands, without him realizing anything.

“Damn… It took me nearly 300 seconds, which is almost 5 minutes.”

Su Lin felt some pain as he looked at the remaining 353 seconds in the upper-right corner of his vision. But it was time that was used well, and every second spent was worth it. When he thought of it, he realized that Peng Shenda and the others would treat the mock question papers as the real College Entrance Examination papers, and find someone to help them solve the questions, and finally fill in the so-called correct answers of the College Entrance Examination.

“Alright! Time is running out! I will immediately make some copies and you all take them out to the students and have them answer the questions!”

As soon as Su Lin recovered the time, Peng Shenda and the others resumed their actions without noticing that the test papers under their hands had already been swapped.

Peng Shenda joyously smiled and sorted out the question papers, then walked to the photocopy machine and started copying the papers one by one. After that, he orderly sorted the copies and handed them over to his cronies so they could follow the plan they had discussed beforehand.

“Humph! Su Lin, you little bastard, I will see how you score better than me in the College Entrance Examination. Moreover, I still need to find an opportunity to invalidate your College Entrance Examination results. Let me show you the result of messing with me, Peng Shenda!”

When it came to Su Lin, Peng Shenda both hated and envied him. Not only because Su Lin had stolen Qin Yanran from him, but also because of Su Lin’s recent show-off behavior. Everything that Su Lin did made him feel unwell, and he wondered just how a random garbage boy in his eyes suddenly turned into the man of the hour at the school?

“So this Peng Shenda was going to cause trouble for me? Great! It seems that I did the right thing by messing his plan up. However, I must be absolutely careful over the next two days before the College Entrance Examination; I must not get myself into any kind of trouble!”

As he heard Peng Shenda’s words, Su Lin’s vigilance immediately rose to another level. It seemed that the words of the ancients weren’t wrong: One should rather offend a gentleman than offend a villain. Su Lin thanked the Heavens that he was able to protect himself from Peng Shenda’s antics.

Before long, Peng Shenda and the others finished examining the question papers, and left the reception room to work on their plan. Once they were gone, Su Lin also came out of his hiding place, and slipped out of the reception room with the true College Entrance Examination question papers.

At this time, the second bell had just rang, and Su Lin walked towards Grade 3 Class 2’s classroom. There were many students coming in and out of the Grade 3 building, and they would never know that the stack of papers that Su Lin held in his hand at the moment was nothing but the College Entrance Examination question papers that had leaked! Moreover, there were question papers for every subject, from Language to Sciences!

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