Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 84: College Entrance Exam’s Questions Leaked

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“Ah! Teacher Lin, you want me to help you wear your bra?” Su Lin pretended to be surprised as he said, “But if you won’t allow me to turn around, how am I going to help you wear it?”

“You… You don’t have to help me wear it! I need you to help me buckle its hook. Have you never buckled a button of your clothes? Are you stupid? Why would you need to look just to buckle a button?”

Lin Qingxue was already annoyed, so she angrily rebuked Su Lin.

“This… If you don’t let me turn around, I won’t do it either! I don’t know how to buckle a hook like this… Teacher Lin…”

As Su Lin was rebuked by Lin Qingxue, he replied in a tone that made him seem as if he had suffered a great injustice.

“That… You can turn around, but… You must keep your eyes closed, do you understand? You aren’t allowed to peep! If you don’t listen to me and peep, I… I… I will punish you with a week of sweeping duty…”

“Teacher Lin, the day after tomorrow is going to be the College Entrance Examination, so your threat doesn’t have much persuasive power!” Su Lin found her threat funny and replied to her with a mischievous tone.

“You! No- No matter what, you must not open your eyes! Do you understand?!” Lin Qingxue again warned Su Lin.

“I understand. So, can I turn around now?”

Su Lin repeatedly assured Lin Qingxue that he wouldn’t peep, and only then did Lin Qingxue allow him to turn around. But as soon as he turned around, he narrowed his eyes into thin slits. After all, it wasn’t like Lin Qingxue could see behind her head, so he was able to look at Lin Qingxue’s bright, jade back through the seams of his eyes. At the same time, he reached out his fiery, rough palms towards the clear back in front of him.


As soon as she felt his touch, Lin Qingxue couldn’t help but scream, “Su Lin, why are you touching me?”

“Teacher Lin, I can’t see! I don’t know where the hook is, so why don’t you help me get a hold of it?”

“Alright! Are you holding it now?”


It was the first time in his life that Su Lin was helping someone of the opposite gender wear something like a bra. Moreover, the other party was none other than his beautiful class in-charge. The current scene was far too exciting and ambiguous for him, and it almost made Su Lin have a nosebleed.

“I have helped you hold it already, so why aren’t you hurrying up in buckling it for me? What are you dawdling around for?”

Lin Qingxue wasn’t too happy with the wait and urged Su Lin into buckling her bra faster.

“Ah! I will immediately get it done… Teacher Lin, I can’t fasten it… Just what is wrong with this hook? Why is it so hard to buckle it?”

Su Lin’s eyes were narrowed into slits, so he couldn’t see quite well. This resulted in his hand movements becoming sluggish. Even after he tried to buckle it a few times, he couldn’t do it. The bra was still unhooked after 4-5 tries!

“Oho! Su Lin, are you stupid? Or are you doing this intentionally?”

Lin QIngxue’s anger rose, and Su Lin’s movements also hastened. Perhaps, he had gained some experience in hooking a bra’s buckle, but after a few failures, he was able to immediately buckle it.

“It’s finally done! Teacher Lin, it’s done…”

Su Lin finally relaxed, but right after Lin Qingxue’s bra was hooked, her anger surged and she acted as if she no longer recognized him. Turning around, she pushed Su Lin away with one hand and said, “I am going to wear my shirt, so close your eyes. I am warning you, you better not peep! Humph!”

“I better not peep? Hehe, I have already seen everything!”

As Su Lin lay on the bed smirking in his heart, Lin Qingxue quickly moved around to put on her clothes. Within a minute, she had successfully worn her white shirt and tight suit jacket.

“I am done! Su Lin, why aren’t you changing into your clothes already? Quickly take off my nightwear and put on your clothes… It’s almost eight o’clock and we are running out of time. Now I know why you are late for class so often! It’s because you are such a slob…”

After quickly getting dressed, Lin Qingxue watched Su Lin with an intimidating expression.

“This… Teacher Lin, isn’t it because you wanted me to hook your bra that I am still like this? Otherwise, with my speed, I would have already changed into my clothes. If you don’t believe, you can watch…”

As soon as Su Lin finished speaking, he immediately took off Lin Qingxue’s nightwear within moments, leaving himself in nothing but a pair of boxers. Upon seeing his semi-naked appearance, Lin Qingxue immediately turned her head around and said with embarrassment, “Su Lin, you little rogue… Quickly put on your clothes…”

“Hehe! Teacher Lin, what are you afraid of? It’s not like you haven’t seen me like this before! I am not embarrassed, so what are you getting shy about?”

Su Lin happily teased his beautiful class in-charge, feeling immense joy in his heart!

“Alright, Teacher Lin, you can turn around now. I am going to wear them.”

Sure enough, it was as Su Lin said, and he wore his clothes in less than a minute. In fact, he only needed to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, unlike Lin Qingxue, who had to wear stuff like stockings, panties, bra, and all that…

“Since you are done wearing your clothes, hurry out and wash up, we will then go to school…”

The clock had already struck eight, and Jian’an’s class bell must be ringing already, so Lin Qingxue was no longer anxious. Since they had missed getting there on time already, what difference was there in missing a few minutes or the entire lecture?

“Come and eat… Qingxue, Little Su, take a look at this… I have prepared a complete breakfast for the two of you. There’s Soybean Milk & Cruller, fried Eggs…”

Just when Su Lin walked out of the bedroom, he saw Mother Lin preparing a warm breakfast. From the current expression on Mother Lin’s face, it was apparent that she was very satisfied. Su Lin could no longer see any signs of the former cold and indifference from last night on her face.

“Thank you, Auntie… I will go wash up first…”

Although he didn’t have a favorable expression of Mother Lin in his heart, since he was currently pretending to be Lin Qingxue’s boyfriend, Su Lin had no choice but to treat Mother Lin politely.

“Su Lin, I am done washing up. You should quickly go, too…”

Lin Qingxue fumbled her hair as she walked out of the bathroom with lustrous, bright eyes. And as soon as Su Lin’s gaze fell on her, he felt as if he was refreshed and energized to face everything that might come his way throughout the day.

Su Lin quickly freshened up and then came over to eat breakfast at the dining table. But before they started eating, Lin Qingxue began speaking, not with Su Lin, but her mother, Wu Qiaoying.

“Mom, we can’t take that million Yuan Su Lin transferred to your account, so you should give me your bankcard, and I will transfer it to Su Lin’s account in a while.”

This was Lin Qingxue’s bottomline, and even if Su Lin really was her boyfriend, she would never take a million Yuan from him.

“This… Qingxue, Su Lin hasn’t said anything, so what are you…”

“Mom! Are you really going to sell your own daughter for money?” Lin Qingxue wasn’t happy and glared at her mother with a questioning gaze. Mother Lin knew that she was in the wrong, and even though she wanted the million Yuan to stay in her account, she knew it wasn’t possible. If it could stay in her account… Even if she couldn’t use it, just looking at it would be a great feast for the eyes, she thought.


“Xue’er! How about we do it according to Auntie’s previous words, and I leave 100,000 Yuan with her? Anyway, 100,000 Yuan wouldn’t be too much, right?”

Su Lin added from the side. In fact, even if he had to give the entirety of the million Yuan to Mother Lin, he wouldn’t feel anything. Perhaps, a million might be a great amount to others, but to Su Lin, a million was nothing much. There were already more than 5 million Yuan in his account, and although they were stolen from Dragon-Tiger Gang, no one would be able to trace them back to him, so long as he didn’t say anything.

What’s more, Su Lin still had the ability to suspend time, so he will have many chances to make more money in the future.

“Look, even Little Su agrees with my words. I will just keep 100,000 Yuan for him.”

100,000 Yuan wasn’t a small amount either, and it would be enough for Mother Lin to be happy for quite a while.

“Alright, 100,000 Yuan it is. I will go out to the Construction Bank in the Colony and transfer the money to Su Lin.”

After receiving the bankcard from her mother, Lin Qingxue settled down to have breakfast.

After having breakfast and tidying up everything, they left the apartment at 08:30. And right after Su Lin and Lin Qingxue came downstairs, Lin Qingxue walked in front while waving her mother’s bankcard and said, “Su Lin, Teacher doesn’t care where you got so much money from, but now, I will transfer all of it back to you. Tell me your bank account’s number, and I will make the transfer.”

“Didn’t Auntie just say to leave 100,000 Yuan in her card?”

“What’s there to leave? I am not your girlfriend, so I am definitely going to transfer every single Yuan of it back to your account!” 

When they arrived at the entrance of the bank, Lin Qingxue asked for Su Lin’s account number and transferred the money back to his account as soon as possible. Only after that was she able to completely settle down.

“Teacher Lin, it’s almost nine o’clock. It seems, today… I am going to be late again.”

Su Lin wasn’t afraid of being late, nor did he care about it on normal days. However, today was the last day of high school, and even though he was late on regular days, he had not expected to be late on the last day as well. Moreover, he was late together with his beautiful class in-charge! [TL: You die when you are killed. (Looking at the repetition.)]

Hailing a taxi to Jian’an First High, Lin Qingxue started explaining their next course of action to Su Lin, “Su Lin, I will have the taxi stop in a corner away from the school in a while. We will get off together, but I will be the first to enter the school. After I go ahead, you must wait for a few minutes before going towards the school. You and I can’t be seen together, do you understand? We can’t let people see us together!”

As the classes had already started, so if a teacher and student were simultaneously late and then entered the school together, it would be enough grounds for suspicion. Lin Qingxue was afraid that people would misunderstand, so she explained the situation to Su Lin beforehand.

“I understand, Teacher Lin.”

As the taxi stopped, Lin Qingxue paid the fair and was the first one to get out. After that, she walked towards the school entrance with hurried steps. Su Lin, on the other hand, remained at his spot and waited for almost five minutes before casually walking towards the school’s entrance.

“Good! Good! Good! My life took a completely different turn in the last few days of high school. I still can’t believe everything that happened…”

Anyway, he was already late, so Su Lin wasn’t in a rush to get back to his classroom. He lazily walked towards the building where his class was located, while happily thinking about his own experiences over the past few days.

He had infiltrated the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s base twice, got 200,000 Yuan of drug money once, and obtained a huge sum of 6 million Yuan the other time. With the 200,000 Yuan of drug money, he helped his Elder Sister Zhu. Moreover, he also saved the beautiful policewoman, Han Xiaoxiao, and then even posed as Teacher Lin’s boyfriend…

As he thought of his experiences, Su Lin felt as if he was dreaming. If he were to talk about all that in detail, he reckoned that even a novel of hundreds of thousands of words won’t be enough.

Just when Su Lin was about to lose himself in the experiences he went through over the last few days, his gaze suddenly landed at a place not too far away. There, he saw Peng Shenda sneaking out of the class building with a few of his cronies following after him.

“Huh? What are these guys sneaking around for? They definitely couldn’t be up to anything good! Hehe, shouldn’t I sneak up on them and see what they are doing?”

Su Lin’s suspicion and curiosity rose, and he secretly followed their group. Later, he saw them sneaking into the reception room of the school, which was prepared for Peng Shenda in advance by Principal Li Jianhua.

Peng Shenda’s father was the director of the Jian’an Education Bureau, so even the principal of a school had to give him some face.

Su Lin followed them to the outside of the reception room and dared not go in, afraid of alerting the snake while beating the grass. But he was afraid that he would miss the important matters if he stayed outside, so he paused time for a while and then slipped inside, hiding behind a cabinet in there.

“Boss Peng, how is it? Were you able to get your hands on something? All of us brothers are counting on you for our College Entrance Examination tomorrow!”

“That’s right! Young Master Peng, no matter what, you are our boss, so we have to follow you…”

“Boss Peng, my father said that if I can really get the questions, he will send you 100,000 Yuan tomorrow as a gift…”


As soon as they entered the reception room, those cronies could no longer wait and started asking Peng Shenda. And Peng Shenda seemed to be enjoying the limelight and expectant gazes directed at him. He pretended to act mysteriously as he took out a stack of photocopy papers from his school bag, and spread it on the table, “Here they are! Language, Mathematics, English, Sciences, and all the other examination papers, I have made a photocopy of them all. The security of this time’s College Entrance Examination’s Examination Papers is far too strict, and the papers were only transferred to our Jian’an this morning. Moreover, the shipment was guarded by armed police guards. All examination papers were sealed and there are only enough copies, with not one extra. You gotta understand the risk I took to make this copy of the examination papers. Even I have not looked at them yet…”

“What? Are these on the table really College Entrance Examination papers? Then, doesn’t that mean that the College Entrance Exam’s questions have been leaked?!”

Su Lin, who was hiding behind a cabinet, was startled by the revelation. He had never thought that Peng Shenda would have such skill, that he would even be able to obtain the College Entrance Examination papers!

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