Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 83: Su Lin, Help Me Wear This!

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The night was a long one, while Su Lin didn’t think it was just any ordinary night. With a great beauty tightly held in his embrace, his mind was actually lost in various strange dreams.

Lin Qingxue also seemed to enjoy the feeling of being embraced by Su Lin. Her entire person was curled up in Su Lin’s arms like a bird, with a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth. She didn’t remember when was the last time she had been held like this by anyone. Probably, it was a long time ago in her father’s arms, when she was a young girl.

However, Su Lin’s arms were wrapped quite tightly around her, as if he was afraid she would suddenly disappear somewhere.


Su Lin’s sleep quality had always been great, and it had probably even passed the I-900 International Certification Standards[1] that claimed to be able to fall asleep within thirty seconds. Within moments of closing his eyes, his soft snores fell into Lin Qingxue’s ears.

Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, couldn’t fall asleep easily and woke up several times throughout the night. And every time she woke up, she would look at Su Lin’s calmly sleeping face. In her eyes, Su Lin no longer seemed to be a child, nor a male student in her class. Moreover, after Su Lin fell asleep, his lips were slightly parted and drool was leaking from the side of his mouth… Lin Qingxue couldn’t help but smile as she watched his funny appearance.

“I really can’t understand what kind of charm this stinky brat has… Why is it that I can’t stop thinking about him in my heart?”

Late into the night, Lin Qingxue asked herself. When it came to herself, there was nothing she could hide of evade, and Lin Qingxue was well aware of her true and innermost feelings. Moreover, when Su Lin strongly argued with his mother — based on reason — only to win her favor, Lin Qingxue felt both surprised and pleasant in her heart for some reason.

“Not good! This isn’t good! No matter what, our age gap is too large… Besides, Su Lin is soon going to take the College Entrance Examination and then move on to College somewhere far away. Perhaps, we will never encounter each other in the future…”

Lin Qingxue’s mood fell when she thought about the College Entrance Examination that was the day after tomorrow, while the expression in her eyes became gentle as she watched the sleeping Su Lin.

“Su Lin, actually… Teacher likes you too…”

Gently, while Su Lin was still asleep, Lin Qingxue secretly stole a kiss from Su Lin’s face. Her actions were both jerky and shy, just like a chick pecking on rice. Lin Qingxue hurriedly closed her eyes right after stealing the kiss, afraid that she might be discovered by Su Lin. However, when she saw Su Lin’s appearance that resembled a dead pig that wouldn’t wake up even if the sky fell and thunder roared, she knew he wouldn’t be waking up.

Lin Qingxue felt both disappointed and thankful after realizing that Su Lin wouldn’t be waking up and remained in Su Lin’s embrace without moving. She wanted the hug to last longer; she wanted to stay in the warm and soothing embrace forever, wishing that time would stop.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At 7:30 in the morning, the door of Lin Qingxue’s bedroom was continuously being knocked with force.

“Qingxue, Little SU, it’s half-past seven already! It’s time to get up!”

Mother Lin’s voice followed the fierce knocks. Although Mother Lin didn’t want to disturb the young couple, it was already half-past seven, and Jian’an First High officially started classes at eight o’clock. Hence, she came over to knock on the bedroom door to wake them up.


Su Lin still didn’t wake up, and it was Lin Qingxue who was pulled out of her dreamland by the fierce door knocking of her mother.

“Ah! It’s 7:30 already?”

As soon as Lin Qinguxe regained some clarity, she woke up with a jerk and tried to get up. But then she realized that she was still tightly held by Su Lin and couldn’t break free from his embrace.

“Su Lin, Su Lin, get up! It’s morning!”

As she vigorously pushed Su Lin, Lin Qingxue watched Su Lin’s drool flowing onto the pillow and knit her brows.

“Wh- What?”

Su Lin absentmindedly woke up and wondered why there was someone in his embrace? Still, he felt that holding them was quite nice and warm. But as soon as he opened his blurry eyes, Lin Qingxue’s face fell into his vision and he stared at her with a stunned face.

“Ah? Lin… Teacher Lin… I… Why am I here?”

Su Lin was immediately scared out of instinct, but immediately after that, his memories of the night before became clear. Yesterday evening, he had followed Lin Qingxue back home while pretending to be her boyfriend, and then he had slept in the same bed as Lin Qingxue.

“Quickly let go of me and get out of bed!”

Seeing that Su Lin had woken up, Lin Qingxue returned to her class in-charge persona and firmly said.

“Oh! Alright…”

Su Lin found that he was currently tightly hugging Lin Qingxue, his beautiful class in-charge, in his embrace, and quickly let go of her. Still, the feeling of holding her soft body and her faint fragrance still lingered around, making his heart feel refreshed.

“My mother came over to wake us up. Su Lin, hurry up and change into your clothes, we don’t have much time. We will directly go to school after eating breakfast.”

Lin Qingxue sat up and swiftly got out of the bed. And even though she was wearing a thin and loose nightwear, the dress was still able to support her full chest without much effort.

“That… Lin… Xue’er, did we spend the entire night sleeping in each other’s hug?”

Su Lin asked with a faint smirk as he sat up, but Lin Qingxue’s tight nightwear he was wearing restricted his movements. With cute drawings of butterflies drawn on it, the undersized nightwear exposed a great part of his legs and arms, making Su Lin have a very funny appearance.

“Of course. What? What… What else is there that you wished to happen? You brat, I am your teacher, so don’t keep thinking about nonsense all day long!”

Lin Qingxue pouted, and then added to her words, “Also, you better not let anyone else know about yesterday and today’s matter! Do you understand?”

“Un! Un! I swear four… no, five times…I will absolutely not tell about the matter to anyone else!”

Su Lin replied happily. Currently, his heart was ecstatic over the fact that he could share the same bed with his beautiful class in-charge. Even if nothing had happened between them, the matter was still more than enough for him to be happy over for a long time. Su Lin’s arms seemed to still have Lin Qingxue’s lingering fragrance in them, and his face still itched due to Lin Qingxue’s hair that brushed against him before.

“Alright, stop sweet-talking. Su Lin, turn around, I’m gonna change my nightwear.”

Lin Qingxue slightly blushed and said.

Su Lin had to listen and turn around, while Lin Qingxue started to take out her usual professional dress from her closet. The white shirt and black western-style coat, black silk stockings and a black leather skirt, and well-polished, bright high-heels that stood at seven centimeters high.

Rustling sounds…

Su Lin’s heart itched as he listened to the sounds of Lin Qingxue changing into her professional dress. Last night, he had honestly turned around and hadn’t tried to peep when Lin Qingxue changed into her nightwear, but now that it was morning, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity once more.

But if he directly turned around to peep, he will definitely be found out by Lin Qingxue and then Lin Qingxue will definitely bear a grudge against him, which won’t be good. As Lin Qingxue was randomly thinking up ideas in his small brain while looking around, his gaze suddenly fell on a makeup mirror that had been placed in one corner of the room. Moreover, the angle of the mirror seemed to be perpendicular to where Lin Qingxue was changing her clothes.

As long as Su Lin moved to the right, he would be able to see all of Lin Qingxue’s actions from her reflection in the mirror.

“Damn… Why didn’t I find this mirror last night?”

Su Lin’s heart burned with an evil fire and even though he felt some guilt, he still made sure to slowly move inch by inch…

Now, Su Lin could see one of Lin Qingxue’s legs from the mirror. At this time, Lin Qingxue had already taken off her nightwear and was sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling the black silk stockings up on her legs.


Su Lin sucked in a breath of cold air and the excitement made his heart jump. Just a bit more towards the right, and he would be able to see…

Quietly moving over, he kept his eyes on Lin Qingxue’s reflection in the mirror. By now, Lin Qingxue had already put on her silk stockings and the leather skirt, and she was now about to cover her upper body. He could see in the mirror that Lin Qingxue had turned her smooth as jade, white back towards him. And at the moment, Lin Qingxue was holding a bra on her chest.

Moreover, it seemed that she had listened to Su Lin’s advice and bought a softer bra for herself. However, the bra had all sorts of buttons which weren’t very easy for her to buckle, so even after a long time, Lin Qingxue failed to buckle the bra, and now she was in a hurry.

“Ah… It was almost done…”

On the other hand, Lin Qingxue had been trying to buckle the bra for a long while, yet she failed in the endeavor every time, and that made her worried. It was already 7:40 in the morning, and she was still unable to buckle a bra.

It wasn’t going in a good direction. Now, she was unable to buckle the bra herself, and she would have to ask someone else for help. If it was before, and Su Lin wasn’t here, Lin Qingxue could easily call out to her mother and have her help buckle her bra.

But now that Su Lin, her boyfriend in name, was in the same room as her, it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to call out to her mother for help with such a matter.

Now, the only option Lin Qingxue had was to ask Su Lin to help her buckle it.

But, if she called her own student to help her with such a matter… Won’t she lose all face in front of him? Lin Qingxue’s face turned red, hot.

“Eh? What happened? How come Teacher Lin became so motionless all of a sudden? It can’t be that… she can’t buckle her bra?”

As he peeped on Lin Qingxue from the mirror, Su Lin discovered that something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t open his mouth. He wanted to actually help her on his own initiative, but if he spoke up, wouldn’t he immediately expose the fact that he had been peeping on Lin Qingxue?

Alas! It was a matter that couldn’t be solved easily. Lin Qingxue was ashamed to speak up, while Su Lin definitely couldn’t speak up. In this way, the two remained in a stalemate for a few minutes, and soon, the time ticked to about 7:50 in the morning.

After Lin Qingxue tried again and again, and failed again and again, she knew she had no other choice left. Hence, she tried to turn her head to look back at Su Lin, and said with a timid and aggrieved tone while looking at Su Lin, “Su Lin, can you do a favor to Teacher?”

“Hehe… You are finally speaking up.”

Su Lin had been worried that Lin Qingxue would keep wasting time like that, and now, he had to pretend to not know anything, suppress his urge to smirk, and ask Lin Qingxue in a clear voice, “Teacher Lin, what’s wrong? Just let me know, and I will definitely help you!”

“That… Su Lin, can you come over… and help be buckle a thing…”

Lin Qingxue was immensely embarrassed in her heart but still spoke up tactfully. When she woke up in the morning, she had wanted to pretend to be serious, to wash off the ambiguity from last night between Su Lin and her, but now, after something like this had happened, even if she wanted to be serious, she wouldn’t be able to pretend…

“Buckle something? Teacher Lin, can I turn my head around?”

“No… that won’t work… you should just walk backward; you aren’t allowed to turn your head!”

Lin Qingxue covered her chest with both hands, turned her head, and turned her back to Su Lin while speaking.

“Oh, alright!”

Su Lin pretended to know nothing, but in fact, he had already seen everything in the mirror, but just acted as if he was walking backward to Lin Qingxue.

“Su… Su Lin, help me buckle the band of my br… bra…”

Lin Qingxue awkwardly spoke as she held onto Su Lin’s hand, and slowly made him feel the band of her bra.


  1. Seems to be made-up bullshit. Ignore it.
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