Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 82: Teacher Lin’s Moans?

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In the current situation, Su Lin couldn’t help but imagine the ambiguous scenes with the beautiful woman in distress from that night, but she was none other than his class in-charge. No matter what, he had to consider the consequences of his actions.

With a squeak, Lin Qingxue opened the door of the bedroom and went inside. Su Lin also walked behind her and followed her to the double bed in the bedroom. The bed was covered with pink sheets, a light blue quilt, and had two white cotton pillows placed at the head — everything looked so warm.

“Turn around for a while, I need to change into my nightwear.”

Right after they came into the room, Lin Qingxue spoke up and Su Lin had to turn around and look towards the bedroom’s balcony. Through the window, he saw the quiet night and calmed down a bit. There were a few lights that were swaying around alone in the middle of the night, adding a trace of joy to the desolate and sorrowful curse of the dark night.


Su Lin, who was facing away from Lin Qingxue, heard Lin Qingxue open the closet door. Soon afterward, there was a rustling sound of her rummaging for clothes.

After a little while more, Lin Qingxue finally decided which pajamas to wear and began wearing them. Although Su Lin couldn’t see anything, he still heard everything with his ears, and made a rough outline in his mind. The image he thought up immediately made his heart beat excitedly.

“Alright! Su Lin, you can turn around now.”

Lin Qingxue said after carefully organizing her pajamas’ neckline.

Su Lin could finally turn around after getting her permission, and as soon as he did so, he saw Lin Qingxue wearing a somewhat translucent pink nightgown closely clinging to her beautiful figure. Su Lin’s eyes immediately fell onto Lin Qingxue’s tightly accentuated chest. And because the adorable and small white rabbits there weren’t bound by a bra at the moment, two small, pink strawberries had unexpectedly been highlighted through the thin nightgown.

“How much are you going to stare, you little wolf? You don’t even let off your own teacher!” Lin Qingxue’s face turned hot as she felt Su Lin’s stare, and she slightly lowered her head while reprimanding Su Lin with an angry tone. Still, there seemed to be a trace of joy blooming in her heart at the moment.

“Ah! No… I… I won’t look.”

Su Lin didn’t understand what Lin Qingxue meant, and quickly moved his eyes to other places.

“Su Lin!”


“In this nightgown… do you find Teacher attractive?”

Lin Qingxue raised her head and stared at Su Lin with her big, round eyes, and asked with a grin. At this moment, she had completely lost the appearance of a dignified class in-charge, and instead looked like a young girl yearning for love.

“Yeah… Attractive! You are very attractive!”

Su Lin was obviously still a bit uncomfortable, and his eyes had been secretly peeking at Lin Qingxue’s figure again and again. From her chest to her beautiful long legs, there was no place he didn’t look at.

“Then, have you looked enough? If you have looked enough, Teacher needs to turn off the lights.” Lin Qingxue said with a slight smile as she arrived beside the bedroom entrance and pointed towards the switch of the bedroom’s lights.

“Looked… I looked enough.” Actually, Su Lin really wanted to say that he hadn’t looked enough, after all, where would he find the opportunity to watch Lin Qingxue in such a sexy outfit on a normal day? Moreover, the current atmosphere was quite ambiguous as well!


Lin Qingxue turned off the bedroom’s lights, making the entire room go dark. At that moment, the only source of light left was the faint moonlight entering the room from the balcony window.

“I am sleepy; you should also go to bed.”

Lin Qingxue sat on the bed first, raised the quilt, and got straight into it.

Su Lin took a deep breath and soon stripped off his clothes within moments, leaving only a pair of boxers on as he walked towards the bed.

“Su Lin, what are you doing? You, why did you take off your clothes?!”

Lin Qingxue questioned as she saw, with the help of the moonlight, Su Lin standing next to the bed with only his underwear on.

“Teacher Lin, this is how I sleep at home. And it’s not like I completely stripped down? I am still wearing my boxers right now,” Su Lin explained helplessly about how he was used to sleeping in a pair of boxers at his house.

“Don’t you wear any nightwear?” Lin Qingxue asked.

“I have never worn any. Moreover…” Su Lin smiled bitterly, “Even if I had the habit of wearing nightwear, how was I supposed to bring them along when I came here?”

“That’s not good! You must wear some nightwear to sleep!” Lin Qingxue firmly said.

“Ah! But I don’t have any with me.”

“You can put on Teacher’s.”

Lin Qingxue got up from the bed, arrived beside the entrance of the room, and turned on the bedroom’s lights once more. After that, she turned towards the closet, found a nightwear of her own, and flung it towards Su Lin, “Here it is; you can put this on!”

As Su Lin looked down on the nightwear, he realized that it looked familiar. Immediately, he recalled the night he spent at Lin Qingxue’s place before. The butterfly pattern on the nightwear was still fresh in his memory.

“You really want me to wear it?”

Su Lin felt that it was very uncomfortable sleeping in nightwear. He felt as if he were tied up and not sleeping well.


“Do I really have to wear it?”

“You can’t sleep with me if you don’t wear it.”

Under Lin Qingxue’s stubbornness, Su Lin had to give up and take the nightwear and put it on himself.

And because it was Lin Qingxue’s nightwear, Su Lin obviously felt that it was much smaller than his size. He felt as if the tight nightwear constricted his body, and it made him quite uncomfortable.

“Alright! Time to sleep!” As she drilled back into the quilt, Lin Qingxue couldn’t hold back her smile as she watched Su Lin look like a weird creature in the undersized nightwear.

“Can I go to bed now?”


Having received her permission, Su Lin felt around the dark walls, crossed over Lin Qingxue, and got into the bed to Lin Qingxue’s left side.

As soon as he lay down, the faint fragrance that exclusively belonged to Lin Qingxue assaulted his nostrils. At teh same time, Su Lin also felt the faint heat coming from Lin Qingxue’s body beside him, and that made his beastly blood boil.

“Teacher Lin…”

“What is it?”

“This nightwear is very uncomfortable to wear!”

Su Lin twisted around his body bounded by the nightwear, and it was apparent that he felt quite uncomfortable. As Su Lin twisted around a few times, his body brushed past Lin Qingxue’s and the light touch immediately made an electric shock run through him.

There was a charming and beautiful woman in the same bed as him, yet he could do nothing… what could be more painful for a man than a situation like this?

“How come you are uncomfortable?”

Lin Qingxue turned a bit angry and said, “Su Lin, do you despise Teacher’s nightwear?”

“No… Teacher Lin, it’s just that your nightwear is too small for me, and it’s too wrapped around me too tightly,” Su Lin hurriedly replied to her.

“Take it off then if you don’t like it.”

Listening to the stiff tone, Su Lin knew that Lin Qingxue was angry, so he quickly said, “I won’t take it off, I won’t take it off, after all, it’s Teacher Lin’s nightwear. Even if I feel uncomfortable, I will keep on wearing it.”


Lin Qingxue just snorted in response and yawned again. She was sleepy now.

Squeak. Squeak.

A faint sound came from the entrance of the room.

“What’s going on? Teacher Lin, there wouldn’t be mice in your apartment, right?” Su Lin immediately asked as he listened to the voice coming from the entrance of the bedroom.

Clip! Clop! Clip…

The faint sound of footsteps was pretty obvious in the dark and quite night. Soon, it stopped at the entrance of Lin Qingxue’s bedroom.

“Is there a person outside? What kind of person can come here at this time?”

Su Lin was startled and wondered if a thief had broken into the apartment?

“Lower your voice…” Lin Qingxue hurriedly covered Su Lin’s mouth and said in his ear in a soft voice, “That’s definitely my mother. My mother is secretly trying to listen in on us.”

“Secretly listening in on us? What is she listening for?”

Su Lin asked, somewhat puzzled. What was this Mother Lin up to in the dead of the night?

“Naturally, she’s listening for… Listening for those kinds of sounds,” Lin Qingxue replied with a burning hot face.


Su Lin was stunned. It seemed that this Mother Lin believed that because the two of them were resting in the same room, they would definitely toss about on the bed[1]. Hence she secretly arrived at the entrance of the room to listen in on them.

“Teacher Lin, you can rest assured that I will not try anything funny against you, so we don’t have to be worried over Auntie hearing anything.”

“Su Lin, are you really stupid of just pretending? My mother now thinks that you and I have already had such a relationship[2], so now that we are sleeping on the same bed, won’t my mother get suspicious if she doesn’t hear any voice coming from the room? Won’t she find out that you are only a fake boyfriend I brought along?”

“That… What are we going to do then? We can’t… We can’t really be doing that, right?” Su Lin was suddenly enlightened, while at the same time, he didn’t know why he had a little bit of anticipation rise in his heart.

“Fool! We don’t have to show our mother anything, we just need to make her hear. In a while, you will have to listen to me moan.”

If not for the fact that the entire room was shrouded in the darkness, Su Lin would have definitely seen Lin Qingxue’s face that was red from her neck to the root of her ears.



Since the last time she got herself off in the bathroom, Lin Qingxue realized that her knowledge in that aspect was sorely lacking, so she used her spare time from teaching to make up for said knowledge. Moreover, she made sure to learn the matters of the bedroom, just in case she needed them after getting married.

By now, Lin Qingxue wasn’t completely oblivious to the matters of husband and wife after marriage.

“Su Lin, you gasp for me and shake the bed,” Lin Qingxue whispered in Su Lin’s ears.


Su Lin did as he was told, and started heavily panting while shaking the bed under him.

“Ah… Yesh…”

“Um… Ah… Ah… Faster… Su Lin… Unh… Yesh…”

At the same time, Lin Qingxue also started moaning on top of the bed, and her erotic, charming voice immediately made a fire rise inside Su Lin.

Outside the bedroom, Mother Lin lied by the entrance of Lin Qingxue’s bedroom, and listened in on the sounds made from the two “tossing about.” Her face was a mix of smiles and worry, and she thought that the young man was quite a monster as he even made the bed shake so fiercely. Soon, she slipped back to the study room to sleep.

However, in the bedroom, Lin Qingxue didn’t know whether her mother hand left or not, and kept on with the fake play. Su Lin, who was panting and shaking the bed, felt an itch in his heart as Lin Qingxue’s clear moans fell into his ears.

“Anh… Too… Good… I’m… I’m coming…”

After another resounding moan, Lin Qingxue finally stopped and then pretended to gasp for breaths. At the same time, she said to Su Lin, “That should be… That should be enough, aright!”

“Over, it’s finally over. Do you think Auntie has gone back?” Su Lin smiled bitterly and looked at Lin Qingxue’s blushing face under the faint moonlight. Her appearance made his heart palpitate with excitement.

“Teacher Lin, you… Where did you learn to moan like that from?”

“You, shut up!”

Lin Qingxue was shy and her entire person drilled under the quilt.

Su Lin knew that she was embarrassed and shy after the previous debacle, so he didn’t say anymore. But after some ten minutes, he spoke up.

“Teacher Lin!”

“Un! What’s the matter?”

Lin Qingxue’s asked in a quiet voice as she felt her eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

“I… I want to hug you…” Su Lin gathered all the courage in him and said.


Lin Qingxue didn’t reply.

“Teacher Lin? Are you asleep?”


“That… I… I want to hug you…”


Again, Lin Qingxue didn’t reply.

“If you don’t say anything, I will consider it as you acquiescing!”

Su Lin no longer cared, reached out, and hugged Lin Qingxue into his embrace. At the same time, he placed a leg atop Lin Qingxue’s two smooth, long legs.

“Wu… Whatever…” Lin Qingxue groaned.


Su Lin bitterly smiled, and just hugged Lin Qingxue. Feeling Lin Qingxue’s body temperature in his arms, and taking in Lin Qingxue’s intoxicating fragrance while feeling her long hair occasionally brush on his face, Su Lin felt warmth and itchiness in his heart. Having her in his embrace made him feel immensely good.


  1. Toss about on the bed refers to having sex.
  2. Her mother thinks they already had sex on the night before she arrived.


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