Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 81: Spending the Night at Teacher Lin’s Place, Again!

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“Wash up and prepare to sleep!”

Lin Qingxue uttered those few words as soon as she opened her mouth.

“Are we really going to sleep in the same room?”

Su Lin asked with a surprised tone.

“Why? You want to sleep on the sofa?”

“That… What about my family? If I don’t go home tonight, then…”

“I will call your mother about it.”

As she said that, Lin Qingxue took her cell phone and walked towards the corridor, afraid that her mother might hear the call.

“Hello, is this Su Lin’s mother? I am Su Lin’s class in-charge, Teacher Lin Qingxue. That’s right… As Su Lin had to take supplementary lessons today, he won’t be able to return home due to how late it is. Yes… I wanted to inform you that he will be spending the night at my family’s place. It’s alright, we aren’t being troubled. That’s good, he will directly go to school tomorrow morning from here. Yes, that’s good…”

After saying a few more informative words, Lin Qingxue returned to the room.

However, on the other end of the telephone, in the Su Family’s living room.

“Old Su, if I remember correctly, our family’s Su Lin spent the night at his class in-charge’s house last week as well, right? Why is he spending the night at her place again today?”

It was relatively easy for Mother Su to get suspicious, so as soon as she hung the phone, she asked Father Su, Su Guorong.

“Isn’t it because the teacher is giving special lessons to our family’s Su Lin alone, giving him these supplementary lessons, that our family’s Su Lin had such a massive improvement in his grade? Some other day, we must get some gift for Teacher Lin and properly thank her for her hard work!”

Su Guorong was cleaning his teeth in the bathroom at the time, and replied somewhat hurriedly.

“Old Su, I have been thinking that there’s something wrong. That class in-charge of Su Lin, that Lin Qingxue, she’s a young and attractive beauty… That’s right… Old Su, Old Su… What do you think… Now that Su Lin is over at her place… What if… What if something happened?!”

Mother Su’s worry was increasing by every moment and she hurried into the bathroom to ask Su Guorong.

“What? What can happen? They are a teacher and a student; what can happen between them? You old woman, just what have you been thinking about?” Su Guorong spat out the water in his mouth and said.

“That might not be the case!” The more Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, thought about the matter, the more worried her heart got, “Haven’t you see on the TV? Nowadays, there are many queer female teachers who love to prey upon younger students!”

“Do you understand what nonsense you are spouting! Can the things on TV be believed like that? That’s just random nonsense they are spreading,” Su Guorong thought otherwise.

“Old Su, Old Su, can you say that with certainty… You tell me this, where have you seen a female teacher who calls a male student of her own home to give him supplementary lessons, and then makes the student stay the night at her place? Moreover, it wouldn’t be anything if it only happened once, but tonight is the second time it is happening! Why didn’t she call anyone else, and instead, called our family’s Su Lin… You, you think about this… Is there really nothing going on?”

The more carefully Mother Su thought, the more afraid she got.

“You are just thinking blindly, alright. Let’s wait for Su Lin to get home tomorrow, and we can then ask him what the matter is,” Although that was what Father Su said, in his heart, he recalled the time he went to the parent-teacher meeting and realized that Su Lin’s class in-charge, Teacher Lin Qingxue, was indeed a young woman who couldn’t be more than 24 or 25-years-old. When compared to their son, Su Lin, the difference in their age wasn’t too large.

Jinhua Community, Lin Qingxue’s Apartment.

At this time, Mother Lin had already reorganized the tableware, washed the dishes, and went to the study to sleep. As she went into the study to rest, she heavily closed the door behind her. It was as if she were suggesting to them that she was already asleep, so the two of them could just do whatever they wanted to do!

“Su Lin, I just called your mother and explained the matter to her, so you can sleep here without any worry.”

After calling Mother Su and seeing her mother also went into the study to rest, the only ones left in the living room were Lin Qingxue and Su Lin. Su Lin was sitting on the sofa, while Lin Qingxue was standing beside the dining table.

“Sleep here without worrying? How am I supposed to calm my restless heart when sleeping on the same bed as you?” Su Lin couldn’t help but bitterly say in his heart.

Su Lin looked towards Lin Qingxue and thought that everything seemed quite familiar. He wondered why everything seemed so familiar? On that day, in the evening, weren’t Lin Qingxue and him the only two people here in the living room… just like today? However, at that time, Lin Qingxue had been feeling unwell all over her body as she had been drugged with aphrodisiacs, but today, Lin Qingxue was standing in front of him completely sober. In front of him was none other than his own class in-charge.

“That… Teacher Lin, I think I will just rest here on the sofa tonight!” Although Su Lin really wanted to sleep in the same bed with Lin Qingxue, his reason told him that he better sleep on the sofa in the living room. If he really slept on the same bed as her, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t end up doing something reckless.

“What do you mean you will rest on the sofa? Currently, in my mother’s eyes, both of us are lovers, so won’t she get suspicious if I make you rest here on the sofa?” Lin Qingxue said while holding her waist with both hands. She had already taken off her black jacket, and now, she was only wearing a somewhat translucent, tight-fitting, white shirt that clearly outlined her full chest.

“Hurry up and wash your face, then go to sleep. Tomorrow will be the last day of classes before the College Entrance Examination. If you don’t rest well in the last few days, how are you going to perform well in the College Entrance Examination?” Lin Qingxue asked Su Lin to wash up first as she pointed towards the bathroom.

Su Lin dared not defy her words and slowly crawled away from the sofa. Arriving in front of the bathroom, he opened the frosted door, and skillfully found the toothbrush and towel that he had used the previous time.

“Hmm… The fragrance in here, the fragrance in here belongs to Teacher Lin!”

There was a light fragrance in the bathroom that smelled just like Lin Qingxue’s fragrance. As Su Lin brushed his teeth up and down, he recalled the previous night he helped Lin Qingxue solve her physical need in this very bathroom…

Remember how he, at that time, slowly and carefully taught Lin Qingxue how to masturbate made Su Lin feel restless and excited.

“Eh? These are… Aren’t these Teacher Lin’s clothes? Did she place them here to wash?” As his gaze fell towards the plastic basket placed by the side, he saw several items of clothing in it. There were white panties, black silk stockings, white bra, and the like, making Su Lin’s thoughts wander.

Especially, those black silk stockings… Su Lin remembered that on that night, he had used Lin Qingxue’s black silk stockings to calm his raging little brother while lying on her sofa. Remembering the night, the feeling, and the excitement made Su Lin’s heart beat faster and faster.

“Really want to… Come again…” [TL: cough]

Su Lin quietly opened a slit in the bathroom’s door to take a quick look outside, but he didn’t find Lin Qingxue anywhere in the living room. Probably, she had already gone to her bedroom.

Suddenly, Su Lin locked the bathroom door, took off his pants, and picked up Lin Qingxue’s black silk stockings from the plastic bucket.

“This feeling, this smoothness…”

As he felt the unique texture of the silk stockings in his hand, the image of the unconscious Lin Qingxue pressed under him on the bed appeared in Su Lin’s mind.

Gently putting the silk stockings on his raging little brother, he started to move it up and down, up and down, while imagining various scenarios that could have taken place with Lin Qingxue on that day. Not only was he in the bathroom of Teacher Lin’s house, he was playing with himself in the same place where Teacher Lin masturbated for the first time on that day.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he felt, and the more excited he felt, the more beautiful scenes arose in his mind. Slowly, but surely, Su Lin’s panting sounds grew louder, while his movements became faster and faster, faster and faster.

Soon, when it was about time for Su Lin to reach the point of no return… Bang! Bang! Bang!

The frosted glass door of the bathroom was knocked a few times, and Lin Qingxue’s voice came from the outside, “Su Lin, are you not done yet? Hurry up! I need to go to the bathroom as well.”

Being disturbed at such a moment made Su Lin stop his movements, losing all interest and excitement he had gathered. In a hurry, he threw away the silk stockings in his hands back into the plastic basket, put on his pants, and hoped that Lin Qingxue hadn’t seen his antics from the other side of the frosted glass.

“I am done, I am done, Xue’er, you can wash up now…” Su Lin opened the door of the bathroom while speaking casually. Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, hurriedly went into the bathroom. Before, she drank too much when they were eating, and that was now making her uncomfortable.

“What a disappointment…”

Su Lin felt depressed in his heart after coming out of the bathroom. He was in the final moments and just about to… but he was disturbed. However, he thought that the feeling was quite terrific, especially, the texture of Lin Qingxue’s black silk stockings that he used to comfort himself.

As he sat on the sofa in the living room, a sudden sound of running water came from the bathroom. That was when he realized that Lin Qingxue had started taking a bath. Su Lin looked towards the bathroom’s frosted glass and made out of a rough outline. It seemed as if Lin Qingxue was holding the shower-head whole covering herself with shower gel.

“Teacher Lin’s figure sure is great!”

Lin Qingxue was taking a shower inside, while Su Lin just sat on the sofa in the living room, peeking. Although he couldn’t see the person herself, and could only make out her body’s rough outline, it still made Su Lin feel excited as his mind wandered into a world of its own, conjuring up beautiful and ambiguous scenes.

The sound of water gradually became lower and lower, while Su Lin felt that it wasn’t enough. Lin Qingxue was done taking a bath, and was now gently wiping the water from her body with a towel. Bit by bit, from her shoulders to her arms, to her full chest, and then slowly downwards. She carefully wiped her waist, naval, her thighs, and then the mysterious secret garden…

The hazy image on the frosted glass merged with Su Lin’s rich imagination, fascinating him. Soon, with a loud clatter, Lin Qingxue came out of the bathroom completely wrapped in bath towels.

Her wet hair and curvaceous body carried a faint fragrance on them, still giving rise to water vapors. At this time, Lin Qingxue was like a beautiful hibiscus that came straight out of the water. Su Lin really wanted to take a bite out of her.

“Su Lin!”

“Su Lin!”

“Su Lin! Ah! What happened to you?”

Only after Lin Qingxue called out to him several times did Su Lin recover from his trance. With an awkward face, he said, “I am alright, I am alright… I… I was thinking about a mathematical problem.”

“Come on, with that crooked brain of yours, you could have only been thinking about something bad,” Lin Qingxue went towards the sofa and sat next to Su Lin. Then, she picked up the hair dryer on the table and started blowing her wet hair.

Suddenly, the faint fragrance of her shampoo, mixed with the wet air, spread towards him. Not only could Su Lin feel all those, but he could also feel the body heat of Lin Qingxue that was being transmitted through the bath towels tightly wrapped around her.

“Damn! This woman is unbelievably enticing!”

As a normal man, how was it possible for Su Lin to not have a natural response when faced with such an enticing scene?

While Lin Qingxue was blow drying her hair, she asked Su Lin, “Su Lin, where did you get a million Yuan from? Also, don’t try lying to me under the guise of entrepreneurship; tell me how you really got this million Yuan? And give me your bank account number as well. No matter what, I will ask my mother to transfer the money back to your account. Our family can’t take money from you like this.”

“Teacher Lin, although I can’t tell you where this money came from, but I can assure you that it wasn’t my parents’ money. Also, I didn’t obtain the money by doing anything harmful. It was all because I had great luck, did something really good, and got the money accidentally as a result of that,” Su Lin was still conscious and knew that he couldn’t talk any nonsense. And although he was telling her, he wasn’t going to reveal any of his secrets, hence he replied vaguely.

“Alright! I won’t ask how you got the money? Anyway, Teacher doesn’t care about the money and I will have it transferred back to your account tomorrow. Instead, Su Lin, let’s talk about how you were able to jump from the bottom of the ranking to the top 10 so suddenly! What tricks did you use? You should share those with the other students as well. That will help make our class’s overall scores higher than before!”

Lin Qingxue deserved to be a qualified class teacher. Even at this time, she was thinking about teaching and class-related matters.

“There’s really no trick. Hard work is the key! One should diligently study and make as much time for revision as possible,” Su Lin lied with a straight grin on his face.

“Why have I never seen you be diligent like that? Also, instead of going along with my plan, you made my mother take a liking to you! I am afraid that you will have to take the initiative to break up with me, because my mother will surely be reluctant to let a millionaire son-in-law get out of her grasp!”

Her hair had almost been dried, so Lin Qingxue turned off the hairdryer. Tightly pulling the bath towel wrapped around her, she turned to Su Lin and said, “It’s getting late, so you should go into the bedroom and sleep.”

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