Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 80: Little Su, Don’t Leave Tonight!

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Money really arrived!

Looking at the surprised expressions of Mother Lin and Lin Qingxue, Su Lin’s fluttering heart was close to exploding.

One phone call, and it was enough to make it impossible for Su Lin to restrain the excitement in his heart. He didn’t expect that something like that could be done, that all of it was the truth. With just a phone call, Su Lin not only transferred a million Yuan to Mother Lin’s bankcard, but also transferred 5 million Yuan to his own bank account.

“I had never thought that the Swiss Bank account number and password recorded in the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s Account Book would have so much money. Moreover, it seems that no one had touched the money before me, and I am the first one to move it out. Are the Heavens taking special care of me now?”

No matter who, it would be hard for them to suppress the excitement in their heart after something like this happened.

Before, when he talked to Lin Qingxue in the room and heard her say that only someone with a million would count as rich in her mother’s eyes, Su Lin had exhausted his mind looking for a method he could use to get such a large sum of money.

As he was searching through his memory that was enhanced by his special prowess, Su Lin suddenly remembered that when he had snuck into the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, he had read the entire Accounts Book of the Gang, and inside that Accounts Book was recorded an anonymous account number of the Swiss Bank.

Many local gangs and criminals tended to keep their black money in foreign banks to keep it out of the Government’s reach, and many of them would use anonymous accounts. So, even though the amount in the account was huge, all it needed was inputting the account number and password over the phone, and one could transfer the money anywhere else in the world instantaneously.

Su Lin had just wanted to try it out and hadn’t expected that after the call connected and he entered the account number and password, he would hear the prompt that his operation had succeeded. This made Su Lin’s entire person wreath in excitement.

The anonymous account he got his hand on contained almost a million USD, which amounted to no less than 6 million Yuan. That amount of wealth was already enough to make a person a VIP of the Swiss Bank, so when Su Lin issued the money transfer instructions, the Swiss Bank executed it at the fastest speed. They hastily converted the US Dollars to Yuan, and transferred the money with the maximum speed through the international clearing system. Within minutes, the money landed in Su Lin and Mother Lin’s account.

“I reckon that these 6 million Yuan were for the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s bosses to use when they hit the road or were hiding from the authorities, but who would have thought that I would get them before anyone else? Moreover, this is an anonymous account so there’s no record of the transaction left, making it impossible for anyone to track it back to me. Hence, I believe, even if the police or the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s bosses got the account book, it would be impossible for them to know it was me who secretly transferred the money out…”

As the money was black money, Su Lin had no psychological burden when taking it for himself; it was the same as when he previously stole the drug money. Either way, Su Lin believed that after the police was done with the investigation, the money would just be given to the country and would just be used by some corrupt official, so it was better for him to have it.

But different from before, the amount this time was in the millions. That 200,000 Yuan wasn’t considered to be a really big sum of money, and most of it had already been used for the surgery and treatment of Ye Xingzhu’s mother, leaving only a few ten thousands. However, now, he had about 5 million Yuan in his account, and this sum was more than enough for him and his family to live in comfort for the rest of their life.

“Good! Now that I have this much money, Father and Mother won’t have to worry about not finding work anymore. Even if none of us worked, this much money would be enough for us to live comfortably for a very long time. Moreover, we can also use this money to do some business. After all, spending money to make more money is the quickest means of gaining return on investment. They could buy a house and even a small business…”

In a flash, happiness filled Su Lin’s heart and he imagined various beautiful future scenes while calculating in his head. He had been worried about money just a while ago, and had never expected he would gain such a large sum of money just by remembering the Accounts Book he found in a gang’s underground base.

However, when Su Lin recalled the amounts given in bribes by the various corrupt officials recorded in the Accounts Book, he felt that it was nothing much. He didn’t know if it was because of his Time Stop ability or something else, but after Su Lin used his Eidetic Memory a few times, he no longer needed to stop time for it to work. Just a look, and it was enough for him to imprint whatever he saw in his mind. Moreover, the impression in his mind was so profound, that when writing it back down, he could make sure he wouldn’t miss a single alphabet.

Back in the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, Su Lin had flipped through each page of the Accounts Book in a hurry, and now that he tried to recall, he could remember almost every official’s name recorded in it. According to the records in the Accounts Book, just the Municipal Committee Secretary, Liu Jianguo, and his son had bribed the Dragon-Tiger Gang with more than 10 million, and there were still many other officials, large and small, who bribed the Gang to do illegal activities for them. Even at the lowest level, the bribes were nothing less than tens of thousands of Yuan…

Sure enough, they were oppressing the common people for their own gains; they harbored crime syndicates like the Dragon-Tiger Gang to do their illegal deeds, devouring the flesh and blood of common people while at it. When accounted for, the bribes recorded in the Accounts Book easily added up to over a hundred million Yuan.

“Little Su, this… You really transferred a million Yuan to Auntie’s account. This… How is this good? Transferring so much money into my account… Auntie feels… I am afraid I won’t be able to sleep peacefully at night now…”

Originally, she had just wanted Su Lin to come up with 100,000 Yuan, but who would have thought that Su Lin would directly transfer a million Yuan to her account. His act instantly made Mother Lin’s mind crash, dumbfounding her.

When Mother Lin usually chatted about millionaires with her friends, she was very casual about them. After all, to her, millionaires were big-shots that would never have anything to do with her. Howeover, who would have thought that today, she would have a million directly added to her account within minutes.

Although the money belonged to Su Lin still, it was currently sitting in her bank account and she could freely decide how to use it. Since this was the case, how could Mother Lin not be stunned? How could Mother Lin not be afraid? What if the million just disappeared or something like that?

“Auntie, it is just a million. You can keep it and when you see a good house, just directly buy it.”

Su Lin said with a generous smile. Moreover, it was true that the amount in Mother Lin’s account was just a million as his own bank account had received a transfer of about 5 million Yuan.

“Mom, you can’t take Su Lin’s money. You… Quickly transfer the money back to Su Lin.”

Lin Qingxue, who had come back to her sense, hurriedly said to her mother. Although she couldn’t figure out what was going on and how a high-school student like Su Lin had such a large sum of money on him, there was one thing she was clear about: The only relationship she had with Su Lin was that of a teacher and student, and they were just pretending to be girlfriend-boyfriend. One million Yuan wasn’t a small sum of money, and there was no way she could ask Su Lin for it.

“This… it’s already so late and my bankcard doesn’t have phone transfer enabled yet… Little Su, how about Auntie go to the bank tomorrow and transfer the money back to your account?”

Mother Lin was also in a dilemma. She was uneasy about the money in her hand, feeling as if she were holding onto a hot potato, but when she thought about having a million Yuan in her account, Mother Lin couldn’t help but feel complacent.

“All right, Auntie, I don’t lack this amount of money, so you can keep this in my stead. Either way, Xue’er and I are in a relationship now, so you don’t have to treat me as an outside… Auntie, weren’t you saying a while ago that you had prepared a lot of dishes for Xue’er and I, and yet we weren’t eating too much? But Auntie, you haven’t eaten much either, right? Let’s hurry up and eat, or the dishes will get cold…”

Suddenly, the atmosphere on the dinner table flipped, and Su Lin started to act as if he were in his own home, while Mother Lin and her daughter started feeling as if they were the guests.

“Good… Good… Auntie will accept this money first, and keep it in your stead. Whenever you want to use the money, just give me a call and I will transfer it to you. Little Su, it’s our family’s Qingxue’s blessing to be able to find someone like you, and I believe she exhausted half of her life’s blessings on this…”

Mother Lin put away the bankcard that had a million Yuan in it, and looked at Su Lin with a wide smile on her face. Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, kept looking at Su Lin with anxiousness and doubt. The biggest doubt in her mind now was where Su Lin got a million Yuan from? Either way, no matter where the money came from, wasn’t it a bit too illogical for him to just transfer the money over to her mother’s account without thinking?

“Auntie, the fact that I could find someone as good as Xue’er is my good fortune! Also, the food you have cooked is really good, Auntie, so I won’t be holding back on eating!”

Unknowingly, time passed as Mother Lin and Su Lin chatted while eating on the dining table, and a dinner that started at 8:00 PM lasted until 10:30 PM.

“Aiya! Look how late it is already. Auntie, Xue’er, I think I should go back now!” Looking at the clock and realizing that it was alread past 10:30 PM, Su Lin hurried got up and decided to bid his farewell.

“Little Su, how about you don’t leave tonight? It’s not safe for you to go home at such a late time, so you should pass the night here and then go home in the morning!”

Mother Lin was quite enthusiastic in her persuasion, determined to keep Su Lin overnight.

“This…” Su Lin looked at Lin Qingxue with embarrassment and said, “Auntie, this won’t be too convenient, right? After all, the apartment only has one bedroom!”

“That was before? Little Su, it used to only have one bedroom, but after I came over, I tidied up the study room. Tonight, you can rest here in Qingxue’s bedroom, while I will sleep in the study room. How is it?”

As Mother Lin spoke, she appeared to be very casual in her speech and asked with her voice full of concern, “Little Su, you go to University in Beijing and Qingxue teachers here in Jian’an, so both of you should spend more time together. After a few days, when the College Entrance Examination has ended, Qingxue will take a holiday and you two can discuss among yourselves and go out on a trip. Aren’t young couples nowadays fond of traveling around?”

“Thank you for you recommendation, Auntie; we will consider it. It’s just that, Auntie… Xue’er and I… together…”

“Hehe, so Xue’er and you are still trying to hide it from Auntie? Young people, eh! Don’t worry, Auntie understands, and won’t bother you two young’uns! Anyways, in the future, it will only be the two of you.”

“Mom, this…”

Lin Qingxue was also embarrassed as she knew her mother had misunderstood the relationship between Su Lin and her, and thought that they had that kind of relationship[1].

“What the hell, stupid girl, isn’t Mom doing it for your own convenience. Whatever, Mom won’t disturb you anymore, so you can go and wash the dishes first[2]. Also, try to be quiet at night!”

Mother Lin smiled a knowing smile, and then arranged the tableware before leaving for the kitchen.

“Teacher Lin, no… Xue’er, what are we going to do now…”

Seeing that there was no way for him to change Mother Lin’s mind, Su Lin could only turn his helpless face towards Lin Qingxue, eagerly awaiting what she had to say.


  1. Her mother thought they were sleeping together, as in, having smex already.
  2. Can we agree that it was all a ploy of Mother Lin’s to make Lin Qingxue wash the dishes by herself? This old woman just didn’t want to help with the dishes? JK
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