Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 8: Perfect Cheat

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“Eh? My school bag?”

Being interrogated so suddenly by Mother Ye while his parents were nearby, Su Lin didn’t have the time to be flustered, so he immediately made up a lie, “As soon as school ended, I went to look for Elder Sister Zhu to play. I probably forgot it back there.”

As he said this, Su Lin thought it wasn’t good enough, so he hurriedly said, “But it’s strange. Even though I went to look for Elder Sister Zhu, she wasn’t home. Did she go to work early?”

“No, she didn’t go early. Zhu’er was probably taking a bath at that time and didn’t hear you calling for her.”

Listening to Su Lin’s explanation, Mother Ye frowned a bit, but she quickly returned to normal. After handing over the bag to Su Lin, she didn’t stay in the courtyard to enjoy the cool air like the others and returned to her home.

Looking at Mother Ye leave, Su Lin also relaxed. His parents looked at him with some doubt. He was afraid of being found out, so he immediately made an excuse and rushed back to his room.

However, Mother Ye only remained quiet on the surface. In her heart, she was already feeling suspicious, “Little Lin returns from school at 5 in the evening, and it takes at least 10 minutes to walk home from Jian’an First High. I returned home at 5:12 in the evening, but Little Lin’s bag was already on the sofa. At the same time, Zhu’er was taking a bath in the bathroom with its door locked. She didn’t even let me enter……, Zhu’er and Little Lin……”

It could be said Mother Ye’s reasoning ability was powerful, or maybe it was a woman’s intuition that is too powerful. Through just a few points, she could guess the entire situation so correctly.

“Not good! After Zhu’er returns home tomorrow, I must ask her about the matter bluntly. Little Lin is still young so he might not understand these matters, but she is his Elder Sister, how can she act so recklessly…”

Mother Ye was getting more and more anxious at heart. Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu had been together since their childhood, and they were also very intimate with each other, and even used to sleep in the same bed. But all that was when they were still young. Now, the two had already grown up, and if this continued… What was going to happen, Ah?!

Su Lin didn’t know about Mother Ye’s worry. His mentality had yet to grow to that point, and he couldn’t understand the meaning behind Mother Ye’s frown. Going back to his room, Su Lin laid on his bed as he was thinking about tomorrow’s mock exam.

“Tomorrow’s last mock exam is a very important opportunity for me. I must take advantage of this exam and experiment on how to use my ability to pause time for cheating. That way, I could pass the College Entrance Examination with good marks. It would be foolproof…”

Although the mock exam could determine one’s results in the final College Entrance Examination, Su Lin was still unfamiliar with his ability to pause time. He needed to experiment so he could cheat well in the final examination.

“I can only suspend the time for a limited time, so I must use it well… Hmm, I must manage it well. I will try it tomorrow…”

As Su Lin lied on his bed in a daze, it was already about to be 12 o’clock. When the hand of the clock turned and passed 12 o’clock, Su Lin discovered that the bright red number actually skyrocketed, suddenly rising by 60, increasing the number to 158.

“What happened? The number rose again. Could it be…besides increasing the time through an intimate relationship with women, the time also increases by 60 seconds after every 12 o’clock in the evening?”

It was Su Lin’s own guess. If he wanted to confirm if it was a fact, he would need to wait for a few more days.

The night was already very dark, and Su Lin slowly fell asleep. At this moment, in the nurse’s duty room of Jian’an City Hospital, wearing a snow white dress, a nurse’s cap, and high heels, Ye Xingzhu held her head in a daze, occasionally revealing a smirk!

“No, no, no! How could I think about that stinky brat! He is a little boy. I can’t do something like that! Don’t think, don’t think……” Ye Xingzhu shook her head as she felt confused.

“Nurse! Nurse……My grandmother woke up! My grandmother……she’s awake……”

A delighted voice came, followed by rushing footsteps. If Su Lin was here, he would certainly recognize the voice rushing in the Jian’an City Hospital. Wasn’t she their Jian’an First High Ice Beauty, the School Flower Qin YanRan?

“Are you talking about Mayor Fang’s mother in No.1 ICU?”

Hearing the voice, Ye Xingzhu immediately brought herself out of her daze, stood up, and arranged everything, including calling for the doctor on duty. In the No.1 ICU, the mother of the city’s mayor, who was sent to the hospital in the morning due to a heart attack had been admitted. Although she was already out of danger, she hadn’t been awake. But now that she woke up, how was it possible for them to neglect her and not call for a doctor!

She was the mayor’s mother. How could the hospital not pay special attention to her? Even the deputy head of the Heart and Brain Department stayed in the hospital. Now that the old woman was finally awake, the nervous doctors immediately rushed over to her.

“How is she? Doctor Pang, how is my mother’s condition now?”

Qin YanRan’s mother, Fang Liping, was the second-in-command of Jian’an City, the mayor of the department-level Cadre. Just like Qin YanRan, her inborn beauty was also very great. Even though she was in her early forties, she still appeared to be in her early thirties. The only difference was the formidable air around Fang Liping, making any man feel inferior before her, not daring to raise their heads and look into her eyes.

“Mayor Fang, you can feel relieved. We just had a thorough body inspection of the old lady, and there weren’t any issues. All her body conditions are normal. The implanted pacemaker is also working well, and the old lady is also fully awake now. She is just physically weak and needs to be nursed back to health!”

The attending physician also breathed a sigh of relief as his taut face relaxed.

“It’s good that everything is fine. Everyone, you have worked hard!”

Fang Liping turned towards her daughter Qin Yanran, and said, “YanRan, your grandmother is now alright. Mother will be here to overlook her, so you can feel relieved and go to sleep now. Don’t you have an Exam tomorrow? Your College Entrance Examination is already at hand. Although your results are good, you can’t treat the exams lightly!”

“Mother, I want to stay with grandmother. Grandmother just woke up. I want to speak to her. I will leave after I have talked to grandmother!”

In school, Qin YanRan was an Ice Beauty who never smiled. It was all due to her mother’s influence. But in front of her mother, Qin YanRan would still act like a spoiled child.

“Alright, then talk to her for a bit. But remember, you can’t take too long as Grandmother recently had a surgery, so she needs to rest as well.”

After receiving Fang Liping’s permission, Qin YanRan arrived next to her grandmother’s bed. Looking at her grandmother’s pale face and weak appearance, she gripped onto her hand, and cried, “Grandmother, you scared your YanRan to death this time. Grandmother, you must get well quickly and can’t stay like this for too long. Didn’t you say you would accompany YanRan to her University?”

“My beloved YanRan, grandmother is already healthy! I will quickly leave the hospital, and then, I will accompany you to the University!”

The old lady on the bed said with a smile, “This time, it was all thanks to a young man who delivered me to the ambulance. Otherwise, grandmother might not have been able to see our YanRan again.”

“Grandmother, do you know who that person was? YanRan must thank him for saving grandmother’s life!”

“I don’t know him, but he was certainly a student. The only school nearby that place is your Jian’an First High, so he should be a student in your school. Alright, grandmother still remembers the youngster’s appearance. When grandmother’s body is alright, she will draw his appearance……”

Qin YanRan knew just how amazing her grandmother’s painting was. She was a famous artist who had been a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts before she retired. Her students were all over the world, and she had taught many well-known painters. Relying on her memory to draw that young man’s appearance would just be a piece of cake for her.

“Alright, YanRan. Grandmother is now tired. We should let grandmother rest now. I will have Xiao Li drive you back home so you can sleep. You have to take the exam tomorrow!”

Listening to her mother’s instructions, Qin YanRan obediently followed her mother’s secretary Xiao Li and went home to rest.


Next day, just as Su Lin marched into Jian’an First High, he could perceive the tension-filled atmosphere. It was the last time for students to get an estimate for what they might get in the College Entrance Examination, so this final mock exam had a great impact on everyone.

Today, Su Lin had a plan in mind and especially got up on time. Finally, he wasn’t late today and arrived in class around 7:30 in the morning!

Also, the seating arrangement for the mock exams was decided randomly through a computer in order to create some barriers for students, so it was impossible to know where one was to be seated beforehand. Su Lin looked at his own Roll No. Slip, and saw that he was in the 17th Examination Hall. So he packed his things and directly walked towards the Examination Hall.

“Yo……Isn’t this our Su Lin? What a coincidence, we are in the same Examination Hall! Weren’t you clamoring bullshit yesterday evening? Today, I want to see how good you are……”

Just as Su Lin arrived in the Examination Hall, he bumped into Tang Zhongwang. Su Lin’s luck seemed not too good that he was in the same Examination Hall as this guy. As he heard Tang Zhonwang’s provocation, Su Lin didn’t pay him any attention and sat in his seat. In his heart, Su Lin was thinking about the steps he should take to cheat using his Time Stop ability!

“Not bad. There are so many bookworms with good grades in this Examination Hall. After a while, I will pause time and copy from them……”

Since he was going to cheat, he first needed to find a good target. As the time to the exam approached, more and more students arrived. Su Lin looked around and recognized some of the students who had very good grades. They were the men of the hour! He could see a lot of people who were in the top 50 positions of the third grade in the 17th Examination Hall.

“Hmm? There’s still an empty seat……”

Su Lin looked at the time. It was already 8 o’clock, and the invigilator of the hall had already gone ahead and was opening the sealed exam papers. As Su Lin had always been late, he couldn’t help but gloat in other’s misfortune. It seemed that the student was in bad luck, being late for such an important exam.

Clip Clop……

Sounds of footsteps transmitted from the corridor, arriving nearer and nearer. It seemed to be the student who was late.

“Teacher, please excuse me for arriving late……”

When the voice resounded from the entrance, not only was Su Lin stunned, all the personnel were also astonished and opened their mouths wide. It wasn’t anyone else, but the Ice Beauty of Jian’an First High, School Flower Qin YanRan!

“It’s such an important exam, yet you……”

The invigilator with black-rimmed glasses was distributing the question papers. As he heard the student was late, he was about to reprimand them. But when he saw it was Qin YanRan, he immediately swallowed his words back and said, “Ah, YanRan! Hurry up! Come, take your seat immediately! I will be distributing the question paper to you in a moment. You must be late due to reviewing too long last night, right?”

Not only were Qin YanRan’s academic results on top of the grade, but she was also the daughter of the mayor. The invigilator knew about her background, so how would he dare throw his temper before Qin YanRan?

“Teacher, I am sorry! My grandmother had fallen ill, so I was late. It won’t happen again!”

Qin YanRan was always strict with herself, so she knew it wasn’t right for her to be late. She arrived at her own seat with a guilty expression, reorganized her stationary, and prepared for the Exam!

“Qin YanRan left school in a hurry yesterday and didn’t return to school again! She was late today as well. Was it because of her grandmother falling ill?”

Being in the same Examination Room as Qin YanRan was a great stroke of fate! Su Lin’s heart indulged in fantasies. But the most important point was Qin YanRan’s results. She was the top student of the entire grade, there was certainly no one better than her. Ah! Being in the same Examination Hall as her—was it even possible to not have high grades if Su Lin suspended time?

It was such a good opportunity, how could Su Lin let it go! In the morning, the first examination was English. Listening, writing, thesis, multiple-choice questions, and all other questions made Su Lin’s head hurt.

The Exam bell sounded, and everyone nervously started to fill in the questions intensely. Su Lin, on the other hand, was relatively at ease, looking over the Examination paper slowly. He even occasionally put on airs and pretended to mark and write on the paper. Even when the invigilators were on their round near him, Su Lin wasn’t flustered in the least bit.

“Alright, the time is almost up, and there are only 10 minutes left. With Qin YanRan’s speed, she should have answered everything by now!”

There were only 10 minutes left before the end of the exam. Perhaps, the difficulty of the exam had increased, but many people were scowling at not having time. They also speeded up, fearing there were too many questions and they won’t be able to answer all questions. At this time, Su Lin silently commanded in his heart, “Time Stop!”

Bam! And everything became still. The vigorous movements of the students were frozen in place. There was only one person who wasn’t suspended. That was Su Lin! Freezing Time, it was really the most perfect cheating method!

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