Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 79: Money Really Came

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“Teacher asked you for help, and you are going down your own lane, adding on to the chaos! You… How can you be like this? You saw that as well, right? My Mom’s attitude towards you changed completely. She might even be looking forward to getting me married to you now; what are we going to do in that case? Su Lin, tell me the truth, just what is it that you are trying to achieve by doing this?”

Her anger rose and Lin Qingxue’s small face flushed red as she glared at Su Lin with a questioning gaze.

“Teacher Lin, you don’t need to worry about anything. It’s just that I didn’t want to embarrass you. Wouldn’t you have felt aggrieved if your mother thought that you couldn’t even find a good boyfriend and brought home a pauper?”

Su Lin explained with an innocent smile.

“Aggrieved? What did we talk about before coming here? Su Lin, before we arrived here, didn’t we agree that we must make my mother dislike you? What are we going to do now? Why did you have to spout nonsense about starting a company and earning a million? What if my mother asks you to take out all that money? What are you going to do then?”

Lin Qingxue was in a mess and had no clue on what to do. If she had known earlier that something like this would happen, she would have never asked Su Lin for help. Asking for Su Lin’s help was a massive mistake, and the matter had become even more chaotic now.

“Teacher Lin, try to look at the matter from a different angle. Won’t it be better if your mother really believes that I am a person suitable to be your Lin Family’s son-in-law? With that, we can just keep the act, and you won’t have to go through the trouble of being forced to go out on blind dates!”

Su Lin calmly watched the Lin Qingxue’s anxious expression and stated each and every word of his with well-founded logic.

“Even if we do that, how long do you think the act will last? Not to mention anything else, just the boasting you did about getting a million will be enough to ruin everything. Does a little brat like you even know how many zeroes there are in a million? Can you take out that much money? Can you really buy a house and a car for me as you claimed? What are you going to do if my mother actually asks you to buy a house?”

Lin Qingxue finally calmed down and questioned Su Lin. After all, the problem had already arisen, so all they could now do was find a solution to deal with it.

“If she wants me to buy a house, I will buy a house!”

“Buy a house? Do you think this is like playing house? Or do you really believe you have a million Yuan?”

Lin Qingxue was too lazy to look at Su Lin, so she turned her head to the side. However, as the matter stood, her move actually made it easier for Su Lin to look at her fair nape; the bright, clean, and jade-like neck of hers was fully revealed for him to see, and it looked especially attractive to Su Lin due to the angle he was looking from.

“What are you gawking at? Su Lin, why aren’t you speaking? What are you going to do now?”

Lin Qingxue was embarrassed to be stared at so straightforwardly, and her strong voice became weaker and weaker as she asked her questions one-by-one. Her eyes moved around restlessly, as if being stared as such by Su Lin made her a little afraid.

“Teacher Lin, you are so beautiful.”

Su Lin’s words were really heartfelt, and he couldn’t help but honestly compliment her. Listening to his words, Lin Qingxue’s slender face turned crimson all of a sudden, and her lips curved upwards into a sweet smile which she immediately restrained. Holding herself back, she grunted and said with gestures that made her resemble a little woman[1], “Don’t think that I will forget about the matter over a little bit of praise. You better try to find a solution for the trouble you caused as soon as possible!”

“But I meant what I said! Teacher Lin, I really am rich, and wasn’t deceiving you or your mother.”

Raising his hand, Su Lin motioned as if were taking a pledge, and vowed solemnly.

“That’s 1 million we are talking about; where did you get so much money from?”

How could Lin Qingxue possibly believe what Su Lin said?

But right at this time, an impatient knock on the door followed Mother Lin’s voice, “Qingxue, Little Su, how long are you two going to chat inside for? The meal is going to get cold like this, so hurry up and eat…”

“Mom, we are coming…”

Lin Qingxue complied to her mother’s words and pulled Su Lin along, “After we go out in a moment, just tell my mother you have some matters to look after at the office and won’t be stay here any longer!”

“Relax! Xue’er, with me here, you don’t have to worry about anything!”

Su Lin smiled mystically and then took advantage of the moment to wrap his arm around Lin Qingxue’s slender waist.

“Su Lin, what are you doing?” Lin Qingxue was about to open the door when Su Lin hugged her waist, and that shocked her into stopping on the spot. Turning her face, she stared at him.

“Xue’er, didn’t you say it yourself that we have to act intimately in front of your mother? Hehe! Otherwise, what are we going to do if she finds out we are only acting?”

Su Lin actually used the words Lin Qingxue had told him before they had entered the apartment, and that left Lin Qingxue with nothing to rebut him with. So, she could only let Su Lin hug her waist as they opened the door and walked out to the living room.

“Qingxue, Little Su, what were you talking about? Come and quickly eat… there are so many dishes!”

As he saw Mother Lin again, he realized that she was even more attentive than before. Although Su Lin felt that she seemed unfamiliar, he still thanked her politely, “The food that Auntie made was really delicious and I already ate enough to make me feel full.”

“If you like the food, you can come over to our place often in the future. As long as you like it, Auntie will make more of it for you.”

Mother Lin smile while enthusiastically putting a large piece of braised pork belly on Su Lin’s plate. It was as if she had already regarded Su Lin as her future son-in-law.

“Mom! You changed your attitude far too quickly! Aren’t you afraid that… Aren’t you afraid that what Su Lin just said wasn’t the truth?”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Little Su is such a sensible child, so he will definitely understand my mentality. Where is there any parent who wouldn’t hope for their daughter to marry into a good family? Aren’t I right, Little Su?”

Mother Lin said realistically without hiding her mentality of despising the poor and currying favor with the rich.

“Yes, yes, it is as Auntie said. I don’t want Xue’er to endure any hardships in the future because of me, so I will put even more effort into my work and make even more money. Auntie, it wasn’t easy for you to provide for Xue’er all these years, so I will certainly let Xue’er and you elders (Mother Lin and Father Lin) live good days ahead of you.”

Of course, Su Lin could only echo the words this future “mother-in-law” wanted to hear. Obviously, Su Lin’s words of filial piety were honey to Mother Lin’s ears and her eyes were all smiles as well, making her say to Xue’er, “Xue’er, do you see how sensible Little Su is? If you told others that Little Su is such a sensible child and has even started a company and made so much money at such a young age, I doubt that anyone would believe!”

Naturally, Mother Lin wasn’t someone who would believe another’s words without verifying them, so she was also looking for a way to verify the truth behind Su Lin’s words. His words might have sounded to be the truth, but anyone could claim they made a million before others. Words were only words, after all. To prove one’s words, one had to come up with real money!

“Right! Little Su, didn’t you just say that you wanted to buy a house for Qingxue here in Jian’an City? Auntie here thinks that you might as well buy a house in Furong City instead of here in Jian’an. Not only is Furong City the capital of the province, but your uncle and I are also over there. In the future, I will try to find a way for Qingxue to transfer to a school over there for work. Whether it be work or life, it will be much more convenient for everyone. What do you say?”

Mother Lin had already calculated a plan in her heart, and now she began putting it in order step-by-step.

“Yes, yes… It’s as Auntie said. Moreover, Furong City is indeed much bigger than Jian’an City, and Uncle is also over there. If we buy a house in Furong City, it can also be considered a place where we might stay for a long time.”

Su Lin nodded again and again, not knowing any of Mother Lin’s intentions.

“That’s right. Little Su, your uncle and I have been looking at house prices recently, and there’s a really good piece of real estate that became available in Linjiang area recently. All the places houses there are good, and the prices aren’t too high either. Your uncle and I inquired about the prices, and they are around 5000-6000 Yuan per square meter, so you should get a place as soon as possible. Little Su, I heard that the current house prices are going to steadily rise in a few days, so why not take advantage of the current low prices when you have more than enough money, and quickly buy a house?”

Mother Lin finally revealed the plans she had brewed in her heart and said, “Considering that you are busy with work and might not have any free time, how about you give some money to Auntie here? Anyway, your uncle and I have been looking at house prices, so when I go back to Furong City in a few days, I can help you pay the initial deposit if I see a good property!”

“Mom! What are you doing? This is the first time Su Lin came over to our place, and you… You are actually asking him for money? Besides, Su Lin and I might get together for real… So what do you want to achieve by getting into these matters so early?”

Sure enough, Lin Qingxue knew there was no way her mother would believe Su Lin’s words so easily. She knew that her mother’s current act was just a disguise to make Su Lin prove whether he really had that much money or not. If Su Lin really was rich, he wouldn’t be able to refute the offer easily.

“Who says it is too early? Don’t think that Mom doesn’t know that you two… you two already did that! Qingxue, you gave Su Lin the most precious treasure of a woman, so SU Lin should cherish you more. What do you mean you might not get together? Mom thinks that you will get together, and you two will definitely get together. Am I right, Little Su?”

Mother Lin was calling Su Lin “Little Su” even more intimately now, and that overwhelmed Su Lin.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Su Lin replied while sweating in his heart. He couldn’t understand how Mother Lin reached the conclusion that he had Lin Qingxue had done something like that…

“Mom, we… We haven’t done anything like that…”

Lin Qingxue tried to explain with a crimson face, but Mother Lin seemed to have already believed that she and Su Lin had already made love that night, so no matter how Lin Qingxue explained, it was useless.

“Little Su, Auntie won’t ask you to transfer too much, just send 100,000 Yuan to Auntie’s bank-card first. When Auntie sees a good property, I will help you two pay the initial deposit.”

Saying that, Mother Lin took out a bank-card from her pocket that she had already prepared. It was her salary card that was connected to her mobile phone, so as soon as money was transferred in, there would immediately be an SMS notification.

“Alright! Wait, Auntie, I will just transfer a million to your account, so when you see a good property, you can directly buy it for us!”

Unexpectedly, Su Lin actually agreed to transfer the money. Moreover, instead of a hundred thousand, he directly decide to transfer a million Yuan to her account.

“Su Lin, are you crazy?!”

Lin Qingxue secretly pinched Su Lin’s waist underneath the dining table, but Su Lin simply grinned and said to her, “Qingxue, can I borrow your phone? I forgot to bring my own. I will use telephonic account transfer to do it.”

“Are you for real?”

Half believing, half doubting, Lin Qingxue handed over her phone to Su Lin. Taking the phone from Lin Qingxue’s hand, he took the bank-card from Mother Lin with his other hand, and then walked over to the balcony. According to his memory, he dialed a number.

After five minutes, Su Lin returned from the balcony with a smile and returned the phone to Lin Qingxue. At the same time, he handed over the bank-card to Mother Lin and said, “Auntie, I have transferred a million Yuan to your account. I will leave the matter of buying a house to you now.”

“What? You can transfer a million so fast over a call?”

Mother Lin simply couldn’t believe what she heard, but just when she finished speaking, her telephone placed on the dining table vibrated and a message arrived.

Picking up the phone, Mother Lin opened the inbox to check the message, and her legs almost gave out. Money… really came.

“Dear Construction Bank customer, your savings card account ending in 7381 received a deposit of 1,000,000 Yuan at 21:23 on June 5. Your current account balance is 1035324.56 Yuan. [Construction Bank]”


  1. The Chinese characters used here are 小女人 (xiǎo nǚrén) which literally translates to Little (xiǎo – 小) Woman (nǚrén – 女人).

    1.1 Little Woman refers to women who often like to haggle, spread family gossips, put on lots of make-up and dress themselves well, and love fancy things. They aren’t open-minded and generous, and are always contending to be better than the others. They love to be greedy and cheap, and love to nag even more.

    1.2 But… Little Women also have a good side to themselves. For example: They are gentle and delicate, like a bird, and fully embody the good qualities of a woman. They love their husband, children, and family, and are very thoughtful in taking care of everyone and everything.

    Lin Qingxue is referred to as a little woman in the context of 1.2.

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