Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 78: Su Lin, What Are You Doing?

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“Mom, what did you say? Wasn’t it you who had always been urging me to bring back a boyfriend, and now that I brought one along, you are opposing our relationship! What on Earth are you trying to do?”

Pretending to be enraged, Lin Qingxue stood up from her seat and angrily said.

“You foolish girl! Isn’t it for your own good that I am doing this? Where have you seen any parents who wouldn’t want their children to live a good life? Mom here doesn’t expect you to marry into some extremely rich and influential family, but you should at least be able to live a decent life, no? A life in which you won’t have to worry about food and clothing! You look at Su Lin…”

“What’s wrong with Su Lin? Isn’t Su Lin soon going to graduate from University? He will get a job when the time comes. Will our life still be full of hardships at that time?”

Lin Qingxue argued with her mother, and she was really getting into the play. Su Lin couldn’t help but admire Lin Qingxue’s acting skills as he watched her blow up. If he hadn’t known her plan in advance, Su Lin reckoned that he, too, would have been easily cheated by Lin Qingxue’s performance.

“How will it get better? Look at yourself — it’s been more than three years since you graduated, yet your salary is barely 3,000 Yuan a month. Even if Su Lin finds a similar job after graduation, you would still have to worry about buying a house and getting married. Where is money for that going to come from? From his side, his parents surely wouldn’t be able to provide any help, and you already know of our family’s condition as well. Let alone buying a house or a car, you two wouldn’t even be able to afford getting married at that time…”

Wu Qiaoying, Lin Qingxue’s mother, considered the matter in a greater depth. Mothers are always like so, and will take into consideration the matter of buying a house, purchasing a car, and everything else required for their child’s future marriage. Moreover, they would always be even more cautious when it came to the matter of their daughter’s marriage. Getting married was a matter was a matter of a lifetime, so she had to make thousands of considerations[1].

“Money, money, and just money! Money dies, while people live. As long as we work hard, will we have to be worried about not having enough money for our marriage?”

Lin Qingxue tried to argue with those words, but Mother Lin gave no room for changing her mind and said with a firm tone, “No! I won’t agree with you and Su Lin getting together no matter what happens!”

With that, Mother Lin turned her head towards Su Lin and said, “Little Su, I hope you won’t blame Auntie here for taking too bluntly and being this materialistic, but this is how society is. I believe you don’t want to make Qingxue suffer together with you, right? Therefore, it’s better to bear through a short time of pain instead of spending a lifetime in it. Auntie won’t say anything else after this, so please leave our house and don’t get involved with our Qingxue anymore.”

“Auntie, this…”

Su Lin was a little confused after listening to her; he had never expected Mother Lin to be so blunt in making her points clear. However, everything happened to coincide with what Lin Qingxue wanted, and it was almost time for the matter to end. But just when Lin Qingxue was planning to pretend to break up with Su Lin because of her mother’s outburst, Su Lin put on a naive and innocent expression and said to Mother Lin, “Auntie, actually… I am quite rich…”

“Rich? How much money do you even have?”

As soon as Su Lin’s words fell into her ears, Mother Lin felt that he was quite an ignorant one.

“That’s true! Auntie, didn’t you say I can’t give Qingxue a worry-free future? Didn’t you say I can’t buy a house for Qingxue and afford a marriage with her? Actually, Auntie, I have money. Cars? I have them! House? I can buy it! To be honest, Auntie, the reason I came back to Jian’an City this time was to buy a house for Qingxue as I hadn’t been feeling comfortable with her living in a small rented apartment. I just bought the house and we can use it as of home after marriage. Also, if necessary, buying a car isn’t an issue either, but it seems that Qingxue hasn’t obtained her Driver’s License yet. Before buying a car for her, I would like to wait for her to obtain a Driver’s License…”

Words after words came out of Su Lin’s mouth and they sounded as if he were speaking the truth. Not only Mother Lin, but even Lin Qingxue felt her mind getting blown away.

“This… this… Why wasn’t this Su Lin playing according to the rules? Hadn’t they discussed before coming here that she, Lin Qingxue, will take care of everything as long as her mother showed that she didn’t like Su Lin? All he had to do was pretend to be wronged and stay silent!

Yet what had the current situation developed into? This Su Lin was actually acting like a local tycoon. He was acting as if he could dig a river and command it directly. He could buy a house and a car for Lin Qingxue? This… What kind of nonsense was this? What Su Lin said had completely disrupted Lin Qingxue’s overall plan.

“Su Lin, what nonsense are you talking about? You… Where did you even get the money from?”

Lin Qingxue glared at Su Lin with squinted eyes full of anger, giving him hints that clearly meant to tell him: “What’s the meaning behind such careless words? What chaos are you trying to spread?”

“I started a business with some of my classmates in University; don’t you know about it, Xue’er? And now that our Startup has turned profitable, I certainly have a lot of money.”

Su Lin said with a righteous tone, pretending as if whatever he said was the absolute truth. What he said clearly stunned the Lin daughter-and-mother duo.

“That… Little Su, what did you just say? You… You have already started a company? Aren’t you still a University student? How could you have started a company? And your company is also profitable! You… How much money have you made?”

Mother Lin was even more puzzled this time. When her daughter, Lin Qingxue, introduced Su Lin to her just now, she clearly said that Su Lin’s family condition wasn’t too good and they couldn’t even afford his University tuition and living expenses. That Su Lin had to depend on his work-study program to complete his studies. Now that Su Lin claimed this, how could she not be doubtful? How could an undergraduate who had to work hard to pay for his tuition and living expenses have time and energy to start his own company?

Mother Lin herself was just an ordinary worker, a commoner, a housewife, and her education was only up to High School. In her mind, what kind of person did one have to be able to open a company of their own? One had to be a big-shot riding luxury calls everywhere. Yet now, a pauper her daughter brought home as her boyfriend was telling her that he had started a company and even made a lot of money — how could Mother Lin not be surprised?

“Auntie, it’s my fault for not being clear enough. Isn’t the Government encouraging University students to start businesses of their own nowadays? I… I got together with some of my classmates and we opened a network company. Isn’t Mobile Internet a hot business lately? We developed some software and a large company liked it and acquired it from us, making it so that we sold it for a lot of money. That’s how our company became profitable. Hence, as a major shareholder and founder of the company, I also made a lot of money!”

At this time, Su Lin copied the interviews and experiences of University entrepreneurs he previously saw on TV and told them with some modification as his own.

“Mobile Internet? Entrepreneurship? Software? Sold for a lot of money?”

How would Mother Lin, a high-school graduate, know of so many new-era words? As she heard Su Lin talk so eloquently and vividly as he explained his experience, her impression that was made after listening to Lin Qingxue’s words completely changed. Mother Lin’s eyes brightened and she thought that the current vigorous appearance of Su Lin, and his passionate words, made Su Lin look like a powerful man at the moment to her.

“Su Lin! You… What nonsense are you talking about? We never talking about anything like this before! What kind of business did you start? What kind of money did you? What do you mean by you came back to buy me a house and car? Where did you even get your money from? Why are you speaking so irresponsibly?”

This time, it was Su Lin’s turn to be fiercely shouted at by an annoyed and angry Lin Qingxue.

“Xue’er, I am the one to be blamed for not letting you know of this beforehand. In fact, I had wanted to surprise you about this. But because Auntie said all those words today, I couldn’t help but confess the truth and explain the situation to her.”

Su Lin, as if having expected Lin Qingxue’s response, turned to look at her with a grin and winked at her.

“Do not speak anymore nonsense! My mother already asked me to break up with you, so we should break up now! Please don’t come to see me in the future!”

Standing up, Lin Qingxue gently pushed Su Lin away and turned her face away in despair.

“Hey, hey… Qingxue, what are you talking about? Why would you have to break up with Little Su? What Mom said was all meant as a joke, so you should let Little Su finish his words!”

Lin Qingxue wanted to go through with the break up as soon as possible, but Mother Lin completely changed her words, hurriedly went forward, and held onto her daughter’s hand. After that, she turned towards Su Lin and said in a tone much milder than before, “Little Su, what were you saying about entrepreneurship and starting a company a moment ago? What’s Mobile Internet software… You see, Auntie here isn’t very cultured and doesn’t understand much. So, can you please explain the matter to me in simple words? What kind of company did you start and how much money did you earn?”

“Mom! Didn’t you just ask me to break up with Su Lin? Why are you now speaking like this…”

Lin Qingxue was certainly not happy with how everything turned out. Her plan was about to succeed, yet this Su Lin overwhelmed her story and killed it halfway by bringing out his own nonsense about starting a company!

“You silly girl… Isn’t Mom doing everything for your own good? Little Su, this child, has opened a company of his own. Mom thinks that he is a very reliable person, and didn’t you just say that you two were in love? Qingxue! As long as the man is reliable, it’s not an issue even if he’s a few years younger than you. Also, isn’t it a common saying that, ‘In marriage, the woman should be older than the man by three years?[2]’ And if we compare your age with Little Su’s, you are exactly three years older than him, so Mom believes you two will be a perfect match!”

Upon hearing that Su Lin had started his own company and even made a lot of money, Mother Lin’s attitude towards him suddenly took a 180-degree turn. But it was nothing surprising as housewives like Mother Lin, who had low education and income, would have never seen much in the world. In their life, they had probably never even gone out of their province. In her eyes, someone who could start a company had to be a capable person, so naturally, Su Lin’s position in her mind rose exponentially.

If her daughter, Lin Qingxue, could really marry Su Lin, then she would have a son-in-law who started a company of his own. If she told that to others, just how much face would she gain in front of her relatives and friends?

“Auntie, I started the company with my classmates. The software we sold was the first time the company made a profit, and it was indeed a lot of money we earned. I am not very clear about the specific numbers that go into my pockets, but I should be earning more than a million, at least. What’s more, the company will be on the right path in the future, and we will continue developing more products, so we will only be earning more and not less.”

Su Lin sat back in his seat on the dining table and said seriously. As he finished his words, he looked towards Lin Qinguxe, whose lungs were about to explode due to anger, and thought with a smile, “Isn’t it just making up a story? Isn’t it just telling lies? Who can’t do that?”

“What? More than a million? So much money? Moreover, you will keep on earning even more money in the future?”

A million! Mother Lin’s mind almost exploded by the number Su Lin threw out. What did having a million mean? In a small, third-grade city like Jian’an, the average price of a house was nothing more than 3,000 Yuan per square meter, and a commercial house of 100 square meters would cost anywhere from 300,000-400,000 Yuan. A million was enough to buy three such places.

The combined salary of Mother Lin and Father Lin was barely 5,000 Yuan a month, or 60,000 Yuan a year. A million Yuan was something that would take the husband and wife a few years to save from their income and that, too, if they gave up on eating and drinking.

But as soon as Lin Qingxue heard him talk about a million, she immediately remembered how Su Lin had asked her before about what kind of person would her mother consider to be rich? At that time, Lin Qingxue had said someone who had a million! And now that Su Lin claimed that he would be getting more than a million, didn’t that mean Su Lin had hatched this plan beforehand? It seemed that Su Lin didn’t have any intention of coordinating with her before they even entered the house, and that realization just made the anger in Lin Qingxue’s heart burn even more. Getting up, she pulled Su Lin away from the dining table and into her room.


Smacking the door shut, Lin Qingxue, who was ablaze with anger, growled at Su Lin, “Su Lin! What nonsense were you talking about? What chaos are you getting us into?! What business did you start? And do you even have any money? What’s more, do you have a million Yuan? What are you going to do if my mother asked you to take out a million in a while? Will you be able to dish out that much money?”


  1. In cultures of the sub-continent, China, and the like, marriage is considered to be a, “You get married, you have to spend your entire life with the person you married no matter how you are treated.”

    Divorce is greatly frowned upon, and in almost all cases (like, 99% of them), the woman is the one who bears the brunt of the matter. Divorced women have it pretty hard around these places and are treated like… I don’t know what word to use. It is sick and unfair, but that’s the reality of life.

  2. I nerfed the translation to simpler words for reasons. The Chinese idiom was 女大三,抱金砖 (Nǚ dà sān, bào jīn zhuān), which roughly means: ‘Having a three years older woman (wife) is better than holding gold bricks.’

    What that means is that one should marry a woman who is older than himself by 3 years, at least. As for why, here’s the explanation,

    ‘If a woman is older than the man, she will be gentle and considerate towards him, will understand not to hurt his feelings, and will also be able to take care of the house. The man won’t have to be worried about his house and would be able to clearly focus on his career.’

    ‘When the man gets home, everything would have been taken care of by meticulous hands, and he will be successful in his career as he won’t have any worry [regarding his house]. In such a case, when the family is living in harmony and his career is successful, won’t it be better than holding onto gold bricks?’

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