Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 76: Son-in-Law’s Visit

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“What? You want me to be your boyfriend?! This… Teacher Lin, is this your way of confessing to me?”

Su Lin grinned and joked while keenly looking at Lin Qingxue’s plump chest.

“Brat, what nonsense are you thinking about? Teacher here is asking for your help; I am asking you to pretend to be my boyfriend. I am not asking you to be my real boyfriend! Since this is trouble you brought upon me, it’s only natural that you help me solve it. Even if you don’t want to help, you have to help!”

Lin Qingxue said with a stern tone while knocking her knuckle on Su Lin’s head.

“So, how am I to help you? Teacher Lin, all I have to do is to go to your place for dinner, right? But before that, how about you take a look at my appearance and tell me from what angle do I look like someone who could be your boyfriend? Will your mother even believe us? Moreover, Teacher Lin, your mother is definitely going to ask me a lot of questions! What are we to do if I can’t answer them?”

Although Su Lin stood at 1.8 meters tall, his actual age wasn’t going to change and his face looked relatively childish as well. No matter how one looked at him, he resembled a student from every angle. Although Su Lin had never had a girlfriend before, he had still watched a lot of television shows in which the protagonist went to meet the woman’s family. And in every single one of them, the future mother-in-law would always create as many obstacles for the man as she could, making it impossible for him to easily get her daughter!

“That’s something you don’t need to be worried about, I will be the one thinking about that. Right! Su Lin, you are 17 right now, almost turning 18, so when you meet my mother, all you have to do is say that you are 21-years-old. Tell her that you were a freshman — my junior — back at Beijing University, and met me when I was a senior. Now, you are also a senior about to graduate, so you specially came to Jian’an City to look for me…”

In a single breath, Lin Qingxue explained to Su Lin the story-line she had already thought up in her mind. Hearing the plan, Su Lin couldn’t help but admire Lin Qingxue’s ability to create stories on the fly. With that, Su Lin now had a solid identity as Lin Qingxue’s former junior at the University who was now her handsome, young boyfriend.

Lin Qingxue was also proud of her ability to think up such believable stories on the spot, and thanked herself for having read “My Plan to Cultivate Beautiful Women[1]” and “Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System[2]” written by the great web novel author, “Yi Yan Sheng Si Yu Qing Tong[3]”, during her college days. In those books, there had been similiar plot with the protagonist pretending to be someone’s boyfriend. Therefore, she thought, it wasn’t bad to read fictional works on the internet; one could easily copy some of the plot points and utilize them in real life.

“Got it! Anyways, Teacher Lin, all I have to do is: visit your place, speak as little as possible, eat some good food, and then be done with it, right?”

In his mind, Su Lin went over the story thought up by Lin Qingxue and assured himself that whent the time came, he just had to follow the script while superficially answering Mother Lin.

“One more thing! Su Lin, what will you call me?”

“Teacher Lin?”

“No! Su Lin, where have you ever seen a boyfriend calling his girlfriend, ‘Teacher?’ You must change the way you address me, or wouldn’t all of my planning go down the drain if you opened your mouth in front of my mother and called me Teacher Lin? Won’t she instantly know that you are my student and not my boyfriend?”

Lin Qingxue sternly explained to him as she wanted Su Lin to call her name intimately.

“What else am I supposed to call you if not Teacher Lin? Should I directly call you by your name then? Lin Qingxue?”

It was the first time in his life that Su Lin had to pretend to be someone’s boyfriend, and the other party was none other than his class in-charge. If there was a difficulty rating for pretending to be a boyfriend, Su Lin would definitely be going through a five-star difficulty level right now.

“You have to call me intimately… You can call me Qingxue, Xue’er, or even XueXue. Which one do you think is better, Su Lin?”

Lin Qingxue thought about it for a moment and said, “Right! Call me Xue’er! Su Lin, try that.”

“Xu- Xue’er? Teacher Lin… I don’t feel at ease calling you that!”

Su Lin smiled with embarrasment. And why wouldn’t he? In front of him was the class in-charge who had always been strict, yet now he had to change roles and become her boyfriend. Moreover, he had to call her “Xue’er” with intimacy. The sudden change in roles made it hard for Su Lin to adapt to it in a short while.

“Regardless! This is a disaster caused by you, so you have to get used to it. No, you must get used to it! That’s all I had to say. It’s not too late still, so let’s hurry up to my apartment. All-in-all, remember to follow what I told you, don’t speak any unwanted nonsense, and leave as soon as you are finished eating.”

Returning to her stern class in-charge attitude, Lin Qingxue started packing up her things. Taking her pink bag, she walked out, so Su Lin naturally had to follow her back to her place.

At the school entrance, they stopped a taxi, and both Su Lin and Lin Qingxue sat inside. After 5-6 minutes of travel, they arrived at Jinhua Community where Lin Qingxue lived.

Lin Qingxue lived in Building C’s apartment 302 and it wasn’t Su Lin’s first time coming here, but before, he had come there in a hurry during the evening, and he had to leave as fast as he arrived. But this time, it was Lin Qingxue who brought him over. Moreover, he had now come over to officially visit Lin Qingxue’s mother as Lin Qingxue’s boyfriend.

“Su Lin, before we go up, do you have any questions you need me to answer?”

Downstairs in Building C, Lin Qingxue stopped and seriously asked Su Lin again.

“Teacher Lin, about what you said…”

“What did yu call me? How could you be so careless, Su Lin? You are now my boyfriend, so you must call me Xue’er!”

Lin Qingxue immediately interrupted Su Lin and corrected his error.

“Right! Xue’er, what you said, I have already remembered all of that. But I am still just a high school student, so what am I to do if your mother starts asking me about stuff beyond my ability? I already feel ashamed to stand by you as your boyfriend, so I don’t think your mother is going to like me a lot…”

He didn’t know why, but Su Lin’s heart was very tense. He was feeling even more anxious than an actual son-in-law going to visit his future mother-in-law’s house.

“Everything will be good as long as you don’t reveal our plan, Su Lin. As for my mother not liking you, well that’s almost certain. My mother hates seniors and juniors having a relationship. Moreover, my mother wanted me to look for a mature man with a stable job, so when I bring you, such a young boyfriend, back home with me, it’s impossible that she will take a liking to you!”

After saying that, Lin Qingxue grabbed Su Lin’s hand and put his arm around her waist. Then she said, “Also, remember to walk with me more intimately for a while, just like a boyfriend would with his girlfriend. When walking, remember to hug me with your arm wrapped around my waist.”

“I need to hug your waist?”

Feeling the warmth transmitted from his palm made Su Lin’s heart thump wildly. At this time, there was literally no distance between Su Lin and Lin Qingxue, and hugging her small waist, Su Lin could easily inhale Lin Qingxue’s light body fragrance. The contact made Su Lin blush somewhat.

“In any case, Su Lin, so long as you don’t expose the fact that you are pretending to be my boyfriend, everything will be good. Anyway, no matter what method you use, just make sure my mother dislikes you! My main purpose is to get my mother to dislike you, making her force me to break up with you. When that happens, I will just tell her that it isn’t easy to find a good man yet the only one I brought back, she doesn’t like him. At that time, I will see what reason she will use late to force me into bringing back another boyfriend!”

As Lin Qingxue explained her plan, she sounded like a young girl complacent over the grand strategy she had come up with.

“Ah, so it turns out that Teacher Lin asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend just so she could make her mother dislike me and force me to break up with her.”

Suddenly, Su Lin lost heart to go along with this. On the way just now, he had been thinking about how to lie for Lin Qingxue, to be a really believable boyfriend. He even thought of several ways he could use to make Lin Qingxue’s mother happy.

But now, Lin Qingxue splashed a bucket of cold water over his head, putting out all of Su Lin’s enthusiasm.

“No, I don’t want to be rejected like this. Good! Since Teacher Lin wants her mother to hate me, and I don’t want to go down like this, I must please her mother with the best of my abilities, making her mother like me…”

In Su Lin’s heart, the entire plan shifted towards that goal; he wasn’t going to do what Lin Qingxue said, but opposite of it all, “Why do I have to be disliked? You want me to be hated by your mother? For your mother to look down on me? But I want your mother to like me and what’s wrong with wanting that?”

“Su Lin, walk quickly! What are you dawdling for?”

“Ah! That, Teacher… No… Xue’er….”

Just like that, Lin Qingxue pulled Su Lin along while walking in the corridor. With Su Lin hugging onto her waist, the two really looked like a loving, young couple.

“Ah… How great would it be if Teacher Lin really was my girlfriend?”

Su Lin thought while inhaling the sweet scent of Lin Qingxue, snuggling closer to her. He couldn’t help but sigh emotionally. If one ignored the stern and majestic appearance Lin Qingxue put on in school, one would find that she was just a young woman who was gentle and pleasant to look at. Especially, at this time. But it was only Su Lin who had the honour of seeing this side of Lin Qingxue. As for those in his class, be they the good students or the bad students, all of them were awed by Lin Qingxue’s majesty. How would they dare to be as bold as Su Lin, daring to have such thoughts about their strict class in-charge.

“I will open the door now. Su Lin, remember to do more and talk less. Do not talk nonsense with my mother, and be more intimate with me. And don’t forget anything I told you before! Do you understand, Su Lin?”

At the door of the apartment, Lin Qingxue once again reminded Su Lin, and then took out the keys to open the door.

With a squeak, the door opened and Lin Qiaoying, the mother of Lin Qingxue who was cooking inside, hurried out of the kitchen while still wearing an apron and with a spatula in her hand. With a smile, she walked into the living room and said towards Lin Qingxue and Su Lin, “Qingxue, you are back! And this… Hurry up and introduce him to Mom!”

“Mom, look at how impatient you are. Let me introduce him, Mom. This is my boyfriend, Su Lin!”

With a very formal tone, Lin Qingxue then smilingly introduced Su Lin, and then introduced her mother to Su Lin, “Su Lin, this is my mother.”

“Hello, Auntie!”

Su Lin also smiled and greeting Mother Lin, but when Mother Lin closely looked at Su Lin, her face turned gloomy. No matter how she looked, Su Lin seemed to be a little too young.


  1. My Plan to Cultivate Beautiful Women is another book by the author of Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System. Raw name is 我的美女养成计划
  2. Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System is the book you are currently reading.
  3. Yi Yan Sheng Si Yu Qing Tong is the penname of the author who wrote the above two listed books.
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