Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 75: Your Boyfriend?

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Lin Qingxue was annoyed, very annoyed. She had just received a call from her mother, and her mother, Wu Qiaoying, for some reason, believed that her daughter, Lin Qingxue, must have a boyfriend. So now, her mother had given her the ultimatum to bring home her boyfriend tonight for her inspection.

“Mom, I have told you already that I really don’t have a boyfriend, so don’t force me anymore! I am in school right now, so I can’t talk to you anymore. I am hanging up; goodbye!”

In the corridor, Lin Qingxue tried her best to explain to her mother, but her mother, Wu Qiaoying, didn’t believe a word coming from her daughter’s mouth, and resolutely said, “Qingxue, you don’t need to bother hiding him from your mother anymore. On the day that I arrived at your home, do you dare say there was no man in the house? If there really wasn’t any, then how do you explain those ‘traces’ left behind on your stockings? It was just that I failed to catch him at that time. Well, no matter what, I have already prepared extra food for tonight, so you must bring him along!”

With her heart in a mess, Lin Qingxue hung up the phone and returned to the classroom with a frown while thinking, “If I knew this would happen, it would have been better if we had let mother find Su Lin on that day. Anyways, it wasn’t like anything really happened, and if we had told her the truth, it would have been up to her whether she believed or not. But now, she is sure that I have a boyfriend whom I have had an intimate relationship with. How is it possible for me to bring home a boyfriend when he doesn’t even exist? And who am I even going to ask to be my boyfriend at such a short notice?”

With the matter upsetting her heart, Lin Qingxue no longer felt like thinking about the lesson anymore. After speaking a little more, she let everyone review the important Grammatical points by themselves. She, on the other hand, held her chin, and sat on the podium alone. In a while, she prepared to go home and confess everything that happened in front of her mother.

“What if I simply tell her that my boyfriend is too busy with work, and can’t come over for dinner?”

With her hands on her cheeks, Lin Qingxue finally came up with a solution, but them immediately rejected the method in the next second, “This won’t work either. First, not to mention that mother has meticulously prepared for this, so if I don’t bring someone home, she would definitely fly into a rage. Second, even if I can gloss over everything this time, what will happen the next time? I can evade the matter for a while, but I certainly can’t evade it for a lifetime!”

Ever since she started working, her parents had been worried about Lin Qingxue’s lifelong happiness. It was with great difficulty that Mother Lin found some clues, so how could she not be terribly suspicious and fearful for her daughter? Moreover, the traces that Su Lin left behind in Lin Qingxue’s apartment that day were just too obvious. He had even left his ‘male liquids’ on the black silk stockings Lin Qingxue changed out of, so how could Mother Lin, Wu Qiaoying, not be suspicious?

“Aiya! This is not good either! What a mess! Even if I tell the truth, mother won’t believe me. She already believes that I have a boyfriend now! Just where am I supposed to bring out this non-existent boyfriend from? Ah… It’s all that brat, Su Lin’s fault. How could he go as far as to stain my silk stockings with that kind of ‘thing’. Now even if I want to explain, I can’t…”

With an annoyed expression, and a headache, Lin Qingxue put all the blame for the matter on Su Lin in her mind. Sitting on the podium, she unconsciously turned her head and started staring at Su Lin with a sharp glare, seeming as if Su Lin had committed some sort of a heinous crime.

“Li’l Lin, Li’l Lin, have you broken some rules recently? Why is Teacher Lin staring at you with such a malevolent glare? You… I am afraid you are really going to die this time!”

Even Li Hao felt Lin Qingxue’s glare, and lowered his head, while whispering to let Su Lin know of his predicament.

“This… I don’t know what’s going on either. Although I didn’t come to school in the morning, my mother already informed Teacher Lin that I would be taking half a day off. Moreover, when I came to school in the afternoon, Teacher Lin already reprimanded me at the door of the classroom. And, wasn’t everything okay just before? How come Teacher Lin took a call, came back, and now is looking at me like that? Do you think my face angered her?”

Everything that happened today bewildered Su Lin, so he could only put on an innocent expression, and blame his plight on his bad luck for the day. The two women he seemed to be getting along well with suddenly seemed to have formed a grudge against him, and he didn’t even know why.

Qin Yanran was already like that, and now, Lin Qingxue was like this too. Su Lin couldn’t help but cover his face with both hands, while feeling the urge to purify himself and enter the cycle of reincarnation in his heart.

“Hmph! All of these troubles were brought upon me by Su Lin, and I can only blame him. Now he has harmed me and made me suffer at my mothers hand! No, that’s not good, Su Lin must also take some responsibility…”

As she directed all of her anger at Su Lin, a miraculous glow suddenly flashed in Lin Qingxue’s mind, and she thought, “Since it was Su Lin’s fault and he needs to be responsible, I will just have him pretend to be my boyfriend, and come home for dinner with me today. Hmph! When my mother sees I brought home such an unreliable boyfriend, she will definitely persuade me to break up with him. Then, I will just listen to my mother and break up with him. Won’t everything be solved in that way?”

After racking her brain, Lin Qingxue finally came up with a beautiful solution. Yeah, all she had to do was let Su Lin pretend to be her boyfriend and come to her home, and then, all of her problems would be solved.

Supporting her cheeks, now that she had found a solution to her problems, the way she looked at Su Lin completely changed. From the anger and resentment from a moment ago, her gaze became more bright and mischievous. As Su Lin felt the change in her gaze, he felt goosebumps all over his body, and a bad feeling arose in his heart.

“What’s going on today? Did the sun rise from the west today, making the hormonal balance of all the women in the world to go into a disorder at once? Otherwise, why would Teacher Lin look at me with that kind of look?”

Su Lin felt somewhat fluffy in his heart. Originally, it was him who liked to stare at Lin Qingxue, but now, he could only lower his head and pretend to be reading a book. He didn’t dare to look directly into Lin Qingxue’s eyes. They seemed to be somewhat abnormal and scary today.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Finally, the bell that marked the end of the lecture rang, and Su Lin felt somewhat relaxed over the fact that he could finally leave this damned place, where all the women seemed to be abnormal, and go home. After tidying up his books and schoolbag, he finally put it over his shoulder and started walking towards the exit of the classroom. But suddenly, he heard Lin Qingxue’s voice from behind him, and her words seemed to have immediately fulfilled the bad premonition he was feeling in his heart.

“Su Lin, come to the office with me. There’s a matter Teacher needs your for.”

Sure enough, Lin Qingxue’s gaze wasn’t glued to him without reason. Su Lin had long expected that Lin Qingxue might stop him, so he was eager to get out of school as soon as he could, but it seemed that he had failed in his escape. Looking at his buddy, Li Hao, who was staring at him with eyes full of pity, Su Lin followed Lin Qingxue towards her office.

“Come and sit here, Su Lin. Are you thirsty? Here, let Teacher pour you a glass of water. Also, are you hungry? Look here, Teacher has a packet of cookies here.”

As soon as he entered the office, Lin Qingxue’s attitude towards Su Lin changed again. Not only did she pour water for him, but she even handed him cookies. Su Lin was completely stunned at the sudden change. What was happening with the world? Was the world really coming to an end now? Teacher Lin was actually serving someone else now? How come she was acting so passionately towards him now?

When people flip to the other extremes, they definitely turn out to be monsters; Su Lin immediately raised his vigilance to the highest level he could. Looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar Teacher Lin in front of him, he wanted to see just what sort of medicine she wished to sell him from her gourd.

“Teacher Lin, you… You don’t have to act like this. If there’s something you want to say, you can say it directly, right? It’s really hard for me to… To adapt to such a sudden change in your attitude!”

In one hand, Su Lin held a glass in which Lin Qingxue was pouring water, while in the other hand, he held a cookie handed over to him by her. Sitting across from Lin Qingxue’s desk, he was really frightened by her sudden passion.

“Alright then, Su Lin, Teacher will say it to you straightforwardly. I want you to do me a favor, do you understand?”

The other teachers who used the office had already gone him. The only ones in there were Lin Qingxue and Su Lin, so Lin Qingxue decided to speak more casually. Blinking her eyes, she seemed to not be as serious as before.

“Teacher Lin, you want me to do you a favor? What’s the matter? My abilities are also limited, so I don’t know if I will be able to help you much. You tell me what the matter is, and I will tell you if I can help.”

Even if he thought with his toes, Su Lin would never jump into a fiery pit without reason. If she wanted him to help her, she should, at least, tell him what she needed his help with first. However, with Su Lin’s intuition and Lin Qingxue’s abnormal behavior, Su Lin felt that the matter she wanted his help with would definitely not be anything good.

“First, you must promise Teacher that you will help, okay?”

“No, Teacher Lin, you have to tell me what the matter is first.”

Su Lin firmed his resolve and made sure he wouldn’t give in. Even if the always serious Teacher Lin put on a pitiful and helpless expression, he would not let his mind lose reason.

“Alright!” Lin Qingxue finally accepted to compromise and said, “Actually, it’s nothing much, really. When I was in class today, I received a call from my mother, and she said that no matter what happened, I must bring my boyfriend home for dinner tonight, and let her test him.”

“That’s good! Teacher Lin, then you don’t want to bring home your boyfriend?” Su Lin took advantage of the opportunity and asked with a teasing tone.

“But, that’s the issue! Teacher, I, don’t have any boy… friend!”

Lin Qingxue clearly enunciated her words and stared at Su Lin just like she did when they were back in the classroom.

“Don’t have a boyfriend? Then why don’t you just directly tell your mother that you don’t have a boyfriend?” Actually, Su Lin had already known that Lin Qingxue didn’t have a boyfriend, and he was intentionally teasing Lin Qingxue, and wanted to see what Lin Qingxue would say.

“I told her that, but my mother won’t believe my words. She now believes that I really do have a boyfriend. Now, what am I going to do?”

Saying that, Lin Qingxue raised her hand and pointed her finger at Su Lin, and said, “This matter, it’s all your fault, Su Lin! It is you, you who harmed me and made my mother think I have a boyfriend!”

“My fault? This… What does this matter have to do with me? I definitely didn’t play a loudmouth and tell your mother that you had a boyfriend! Besides, even if I did say it, do you think your mother would believe me?”

Su Lin was a little bewildered at Lin Qingxue beating around the bush and putting all the blame on him out of nowhere. Wasn’t it too much to put all the blame on him?

“Of course, it is your fault! Do you remember the morning my mother came to my place? It was because you spent the night at my place that my mother now thinks I have a boyfriend. If I don’t blame you, then who am I to blame?”

With her hands on her hips, Lin Qingxue felt as if she was a wrong woman chasing after a heartless man.

“I… Wasn’t it all because I saved you? If I hadn’t gone out to save you that night, would I even have had to spend the night at your place?” Su Lin replied resolutely, and he knew he was right because he was arguing based on reason! He saved her out of good intention, yet here she was, putting the blame on him?

“Oh, and to save me, you had to dirty my black silk stockings with so much of your slimy spunk?”

In her excitement, Lin Qingxue didn’t care about what she said, and kept going, “It was because of your dirty matter that my mother now believes I have a boyfriend, and… that I had that kind of relation with you!”

“Ah?! Your mother saw that? This… I…”

When Lin Qingxue put that matter on the table, Su Lin felt that he was on the losing end now. He had thought that he wouldn’t be found out, but who would have expected Lin Qingxue’s mother would find and see what he did? What were they to do now?

“I, I, what are you on about now? Su Lin, you tell me now, are you not the one to be blamed?”

Having gained the upper hand in the argument, Lin Qingxue got prouder and felt satisfied. With her hands still on her hips, she raised her chin, and acted as if she were a cockerel that had won the fight.

“This… Teacher Lin, it is indeed my fault! It was not right of me to do that. But now… What are we going to do now? How am I even supposed to help you? Tell me, Teacher Lin, and I will follow your instructions!”

Ai! If one does something impulsively, one has to bear the consequences and take responsibility for what they did. Su Lin didn’t try to explain or cover up the matter. And since Lin Qingxue had asked him for help, she must have thought of a solution as well, so how could Su Lin still not accept it?

“What you have to do is very simple, Su Lin. Since my mother thinks that you are my boyfriend, then today, you will just have to be my boyfriend and accompany me home for dinner!”

Lin Qingxue’s words immediately shocked Su Lin and he yelled out, “Ah! You want me to be your boyfriend?”

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