Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 74: Teacher Lin’s Worry

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As he sat back in his seat, Su Lin helplessly wondered about what had just happened, “What’s wrong with Qin Yanran? How come she suddenly turned like that? Is she really jealous over the love letters sent by all those girls?”

Qin Yanran had returned back to her cold and aloof self, while Su Lin couldn’t understand what wrong he had committed. He would never even imagine that the scene of him being intimate with his Elder Sister Zhu was seen by Qin Yanran, who was in the hospital at that time.

Qin Yanran, who was pretending to be indifferent, also felt uncomfortable. Her heart clearly thought of Su Lin, and she desperately wanted to see him, but she had to pretend to be indifferent. And when Su Lin came over to return the notebook, Qin Yanran had even wanted to lose her temper and ask Su Lin aloud about the woman he was hugging and kissing with in the hospital ward yesterday.

But Qin Yanran held herself back from doing it. What right did she have to question Su Lin? On what basis? And with what attitude? Who was she to Su Lin? She had obviously rejected Su Lin’s confession, so she couldn’t just act arrogantly, right? She couldn’t just pull Su Lin down to question him, right? So, Qin Yanran decided to play indifferent.

Moreover, the College Entrance Examinations were right at the corner, so Qin Yanran couldn’t be distracted, nor could she distract Su Lin. Qin Yanran thought, that maybe, it was better for the two of them to simply move on like this.

What are sentiments? What is the value of love? How can someone as young as her understand those matters? Qin Yanran didn’t believe that true romantic love existed in this world, and the feelings she had for Su Lin, according to her, were just a sudden impulse of hers.

“I really don’t like Su Lin.”

In her heart, Qin Yanran desperately tried to persuade herself that such feelings of affection were only for little girls, so how could they affect her? Qin Yanran had always bragged about being more mature and sensible than girls of same age, and she was also open to many different ideas and thoughts. She could even consider many matters from the perspective of an actual adult.

In her opinion, the love and affection of high-school students was just a waste of time, a sudden impulse, and nothing but childish behavior. Every time she saw a young couple walk out of the school while holding hands, Qin Yanran wondered what kind of result they could obtain like that? It was just a momentary impulse and ignorance of their youth. It was something that had no future.

However, Qin Yanran now found herself unable to persuade herself. No matter how many times she tried to persuade her heart, she found no way to drive out Su Lin’s shadow from the bottom of her heart.

“What is happening? Why am I becoming the same as those other immature girls?”

Although unwilling to admit it, Qin Yanran knew for sure that she liked Su Lin. The feelings she had might be the same as those future-less feelings she always disdained, but no matter what she tried, she couldn’t get rid of them. The feeling of caring about someone, liking them, and wanting to look at them all the time.

“I can’t keep going like this. My mind is just full of Su Lin, and the scene of him hugging that woman. Even if I truly like Su Lin, I… I must deeply bury these feelings, yes, bury them…”

Although her heart was in a chaotic struggle, on the surface, Qin Yanran appeared to be completely calm as she read, reviewed, and prepared herself for the upcoming College Entrance Examinations. To others, she appeared to be no different from normal times.

It was only Su Lin who felt that Qin Yanran had changed, especially her attitude towards him. Throughout the afternoon, Su Lin didn’t see Qin Yanran turn to look at him even once, let alone smile at him.

“Just what’s going on? Is it really true that a woman changes face faster than the turning of a book’s page?”

The depression in Su Lin’s heart, only his desk-mate, Li Hao, could understand.

As his good brother, Li Hao put a hand on Su Lin’s shoulder, patted it, and tried to clear Su Lin’s doubts.

“Rest assured, Li’l Lin! Let me enlighten you with my many years of experience! I say, the School Flower is deliberately ignoring you. In order to capture, one must let loose. Isn’t that one of the Thirty-six Stratagems? Now look, you saw how many young beauties are now trying to pursue you, and how many love letters you received? Obviously, that didn’t make Qin Yanran happy. At a time like this, she certainly can’t follow suit after those little girls and write a love letter to you, so Qin Yanran decided to be cold to you, to make you be worried about her, so you would wildly think about her, let your imagination run wild, and indulge in fantasies, and all that…”

“Come on, Li’l Hao, you know you are speaking nonsense now! And what is this ‘years of experience’ you talk about? For as long as I have known you, I have never once seen you even show any indication of liking a girl. Sometimes, I even wonder if you swing that way!”

Su Lin shrugged helplessly. The College Entrance Examination was at their heads, and he would only be able to Qin Yanran in the class for another one or two days at max. He wasn’t even certain if they would even be able to meet again in the future, so how could Qin Yanran be thinking of making him worried about her at this time? Wasn’t that too cruel?

“Fucker, it’s you who swings that way! L’il Lin, this lord fatty, I, has very high standard! Even the School Flower barely entered my eyes, but since you are my bro, how could I fight you over the one you fell for? That’s why I will let you have her. Also, I heard many of my cousins say that if you wanna get a girlfriend, wait until you are in college. The girls in high-school’s don’t yet know how to dress up, but the ones in colleges know how to be hot and crisp. Their appearances are like enchanting flowering branches, and the attractiveness, ah…”

When talking about such matters, Li Hao had an endless stream of things to chatter about, so Su Lin could only be patient and listen to his nonsense while moving his eyebrows every now and then.

The final class of the afternoon was soon going to start, and they would soon be reaching the end of the lecture, making the time they could stay in school shorter and shorter. In Jian’an First High, there weren’t many things or people worth Su Lin’s remembrance, as the people he interacted with were far and few in-between.

There was Li Hao, his best buddy from infancy to maturity. Although they made jokes about each other, but when it came to serious matters, he knew they were friends who could give their life for the other one. The College Entrance Examination was about to start, and Su Lin didn’t know whether he would be in the same city as Li Hao after it was over, or whether they would drift apart.

Regarding his end result in the College Entrance Examination, Su Lin had no doubt he would score high with the use of his superpowers. But how could he help Li Hao achieve a good result in the College Entrance Examination as well?

As he thought about it, he realized that the difficulty involved in making that happen was really high. Moreover, the amount of time he had left for his ability wasn’t much either, and he only had 560 seconds that he could use. Naturally, the time would increase by 60 seconds every day, and if he could have some intimate relationship with a woman, then the time would increase by a lot each time as well.

As for the upper-limit of the time increase, Su Lin had been thinking hard about it, and came to the conclusion that it seemed to be dependent on his relationship with the woman. The more familiar, and closer they were, and the more mutual their feelings were, the faster the time would increase when got intimate and did ambiguous and unspeakable things.

“It seems, I would need to have a little more intimate relationship with Elder Sister Zhu to increase the time available to me in the future. But still, it was really a pity yesterday! We were almost at the last step when Auntie Liang woke up. I wonder if Auntie Liang had already been awake, and only coughed to remind us at that time?”

Su Lin’s heart burned with excitement as he recalled the ambiguous and intimate time he had with Ye Xingzhu in the hospital yesterday. According to how it went yesterday, Elder Sister Zhu seemed to have totally accepted him. Anyways, since the ice between them had shattered, he would have a lot more opportunities to be alone with his Elder Sister Zhu in the future.

In addition to Ye Xingzhu, there was also Qin Yanran. He didn’t know when, but Su Lin’s mind also had a deep impression of the valiant policewoman from yesterday, Han XiaoXiao, and… There was also their class in-charge, Teacher Lin, Lin Qingxue.

Su Lin felt that he was being too greedy. He didn’t know how many women could take place in his heart, but what he did know was that he really cared about all of them.

Although he had been reprimanded by Lin Qingxue first thing in the afternoon, that didn’t affect Su Lin’s feelings towards her. Especially, when he remembered the stimulating night he spent at Lin Qingxue’s home, Su Lin felt a rush of excitement.

“Ai… What a pity that Teacher Lin was drugged on that day, and nor really sober. If it were now, then… I don’t think I would have any such opportunity anymore… Still, I never thought Teacher Lin would turn out to be so pure. Don’t they say all men and women in college would definitely mingle around and have girlfriends and boyfriends? And considering how beautiful Teacher Lin is, there must have been a horde of outstanding men pursuing her. Who would have imagined that Teacher Lin would know so little when it came to matters in that aspect…”

At present, Su Lin’s thought process was messy and he soon lost himself in random, ambiguous fantasies on his own.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Soon, the bell for the last class of the afternoon rang, and it just so happened to be Lin Qingxue’s English lecture. As soon as Su Lin saw Lin Qingxue walk in with her high-heels hitting against the ground and producing clip-clop sounds, his entire person turned energetic.

“The lesson begins!”

Lin Qingxue said with an authoritative tone, and the class monitor, Qin Yanran, immediately stood up. Following other students, Su Lin also stood up, and together, they greeting their teacher.

“You may all sit down!”

Formally starting the lecture, Lin Qingxue taught a little from the lesson plan, and then seriously began to explain the precautions they needed to take in the College Entrance Examination.

But Su Lin’s eyes, like always, were glued to Lin Qingxue’s body. And adding in the memories of the night resurfacing in his mind, Su Lin soon indulged himself in his fantasies. He remembered that evening, the Teacher Lin who was consumed by passion, and how she pleasure herself with her hand under his guidance! It was all too alluring!

As he thought of the trembling moans of pleasure Lin Qingxue released at that time, Su Lin’s entire body shivered with excitement, and he felt that it was a bit too much excitement for him.

He looked at her, from the black high-heels she wore, to the yellowish-pink stockings that clung tightly to her legs, and the small leather skirt that didn’t even reach her knees… Su Lin recalled the time when he was on Teacher Lin’s bed, and Lin Qingxue came on top of him, and he maliciously ripped the leather skirt and silk stockings off of her…

Obviously, Lin Qingxue didn’t know that Su Lin was thinking about her. At the moment, she had put on a professional smile and was slowly explaining the important points the students needed to focus on. And although she saw Su Lin’s eyes glued to herself without moving, she only thought that he was carefully listening to the lecture, so she nodded towards him with a smile, and continued explaining the main points.

Just then, Lin Qingxue’s mobile phone started to ring.

Because of her responsibility as a teacher, Lin Qingxue didn’t answer the call right away, but just gently pressed the button to hang up. However, after a few seconds, the phone started to ring again. Lin Qingxue couldn’t just hang it up again, so she finally picked up the phone, only to realize that it was actually her mother’s call. She didn’t understand why her mother was so anxious in calling, and wondered if something had happened?

But she had come to school by herself, and her mother was back at her apartment, so could there really have been some accident? Lin Qingxue excused herself from the class and went outside in the corridor to answer the call.

In the classroom, Su Lin had been continuously staring at Lin Qingxue, so when she went outside, he turned his head and his eyes followed her to the corridor. However, when he saw her expression, he felt that something was wrong.

Lin Qingxue, who was answering the call, didn’t seem to be in a good mood. She was frowning, and seemed to be patiently explaining something to the person on the other side of the call. After speaking for a few minutes, Lin Qingxue seemed to be really annoyed, and impatiently hung up the phone before returning to the class with a bitter expression.

“What happened to Teacher Lin? What is she so worried about now?”

Looking at Lin Qingxue’s bitter and worried expression, Su Lin couldn’t help but feel down in his heart, and began trying to guess what worried her.

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