Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 72: Blacklisted

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“Little SuSu… Anh… Little SuSu…”

As the soft and alluring voice fell into his ears, Su Lin looked ahead to see Han XiaoXiao, who was wearing a tight leopard dress and gave off a wild aura. Holding a whip in her hand, she seductively bit onto the corner of her lips and licked them with her tongue, while her eyes kept shooting fire towards Su Lin.

“Han XiaoXiao, what are you doing?! Don’t come over! I tell you… don’t come over…”

The scene in front of him scared Su Lin. What kind of situation was this? How did Han XiaoXiao suddenly turn so wild?

“Little SuSu, why are you so afraid? Don’t worry; I won’t eat you…”

Bringing out her utmost charm, Han XiaoXiao gently stroked her slim waist and thighs, while her hands slowly climbed up towards the full twin peaks on her chests. Seductively caressing herself, she gently smiled toward’s Su Lin and moaned in pleasure. Then, with an aggrieved tone, she said to Su Lin, “Little SuSu, you have already seen my everything and everything you have touched, too… You must be responsible for me now…”

“Responsible? Responsible for what? What are you talking about?”

Su Lin’s eyes widened with surprise, and he felt that the Han XiaoXiao in front of him was unreal. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t move his body, and his gaze stayed stuck to Han XiaoXiao and her sexy and revealing leopard dress.

“What! Su Lin, you are good! Don’t tell me you plan not to take responsibility for this Elder Sister?!”


Han XiaoXiao’s disposition abruptly changed with a crack, and she maliciously lashed the whip towards Su Lin. The weapon hit Su Lin’s body with a loud crack, and he felt a burning sensation where it touched.

“Ah! Why are you doing this?!”

Su Lin had just opened his mouth to argue, but Han XiaoXiao didn’t give him a chance to speak too much. All of a sudden, she jumped forward and crashed onto Su Lin. Pushing him down on the ground, she took a bull-riding position on top of him.


Another whip lashed onto Su Lin’s body, but Han XiaoXiao’s attitude returned to the seductive one from before. She pinned down Su Lin’s hands with her own and started to gently caress his cheek, her hand slowly sliding down towards his chest. As her hand moved further down, she lightly breathed out and alluringly spoke, “My Little SuSu, won’t you let me have the hot and thick sausage you have been hiding? And the two hard-boiled eggs in your pants… Mmm… Let me have a lick…”

Han XiaoXiao almost hooked Su Lin’s soul away as she licked her lips and moaned. And Su Lin also seemed to enjoy such a masterful and delicious Han XiaoXiao as his blurred eyes kept on staring at the full mounds of flesh that threaten to pop out of her dress at any time.

“Alright, my Little SuSu, it’s time I eat your sausage…”

Han XiaoXiao’s slightly quivering voice made it impossible for Su Lin to refuse, and he slightly nodded in response. Han XiaoXiao licked her tongue and gently kissed Su Lin’s thick lower lip with passion. Slowly, she slid down towards his neck, and then his muscular chest, and attractive abs…

“Un… Ah… Unh…”

Feeling the soft, slippery, and cold tongue of Han XiaoXiao roaming over his body, Su Lin couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure.

“Little SuSu, I can’t wait…”

With just a single gulp, Su Lin’s entire body turned numb, and the wet and slippery coldness moving over him made him feel as if he could fly soon. But in the next moment, Su Lin saw Han XiaoXiao unexpectedly stand up from atop him while holding a very familiar thing in her mouth. Chewing onto it with a broad smile, she said, “Little SuSu, your sausage is so delicious, so sweet, ah! And these two boiled eggs… umm, I will be peeling them in a while and having a good taste!”

As Su Lin looked towards Han XiaoXiao’s hand, he saw two very familiar bloody, round things. The scene in front of him made him yell, “Ah!! Help…”

“Hah, hah…”

With a loud shriek, Su Lin sat up on his bed with a start.

“Horrible! That was too horrible… Good thing it was a dream! Good thing it was just a dream!”

As he recalled the scene from his dream, fear gripped Su Lin’s heart. Lifting the quilt from above him, he lowered his head to look inside while touching his little brother with his other hand. Feeling that everything was still in its place, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Why would I have such a strange dream? What was that? And why is my body in so much pain?!”

Su Lin shook his head and trying to recall what had happened. Yesterday, after he tried his best and carried Han XiaoXiao out of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, he passed out due to extreme exhaustion. As for what happened after that, he remembered nothing of it.

“How did I get home? What time is it now? And what about Han XiaoXiao? Also, did the police capture all those thugs of the Dragon-Tiger Gang?”

Su Lin felt as if his head would explode as more and more questions appeared in his mind. It was the trauma left behind by the use of his Time Stop ability. One had to know that while his ability was active, everything in the world paused, and that consumed a lot of mental energy. Yesterday, Su Lin had to suspend the world for an unknown amount of time just to avoid those bullets, and he didn’t know how much he over-drafted his mind and body. Because of that, as soon as he came out of the underground base, he fainted.

“Mother, what happened to me yesterday? Who brought me back home? Wait, it’s already past 10 o’clock! Why didn’t you wake me up for school?!”

Dressing up, Su Lin walked out of his room while gripping his head. Just one look at the clock and he could tell it was past 10 o’clock the next day already.

“Aiya… My little ancestor, you are finally awake! Do you know how scared this old woman was when she saw you yesterday…”

Liu Aizhen, who was busy preparing food in the kitchen, immediately put down her stuff when she saw Su Lin and walked into the living room while wearing an apron and holding a spatula.

“What happened? Mother, isn’t everything alright with me? Right! Who brought me back home yesterday?”

“When did I say something was wrong with you? Yesterday, it was Captain Yan of the Criminal Police who sent you home, covered in blood! And I don’t know where your pants went as you were only wearing your boxers. Mother thought that you had been injured, and that scared me to death…”

Mother Su briefly explained yesterday’s matter to Su Lin, and Su Lin immediately understood what had happened. So it was the Criminal Police Captain, Yan Longyong, who brought him back home.

As for the blood covering him that Liu Aizhen talked about, Su Lin knew that it wasn’t his blood, but Han XiaoXiao’s. Han XiaoXiao suffered a gunshot in her thigh, and there had been a lot of blood flowing from her wound. Since he carried her on his back for escape, a lot of that blood got smeared onto him.

It was no wonder that Liu Aizhen was frightened when she saw her son, Su Lin, half-dead and covered in blood. Let alone her, even if the one who saw him at that time were someone else, they would have thought the same and affirmed that Su Lin was heavily injured.

Fortunately, when Liu Aizhen helped Su Lin wash up, she didn’t find even a tiny bit of wound on him, and that relieved her tension.

“Mother, did Captain Yan say anything else after sending me back last night?”

In actuality, Su Lin wished to know of Han XiaoXiao’s current situation, and whether the Criminal Police had leveled the Dragon-Tiger Gang or not?

“That’s right! That Captain Yan said that you helped the police big time by contributing a great merit. Little Lin, be honest and tell mother what you did after leaving home yesterday evening? When I called your Elder Sister Zhu last night, she said that you were only in the hospital for a while, and then left without telling her anything. Tell me, brat, where had you run off to last night? What made you be covered in so much blood!”

All a parent could do was worry about their child’s safety; even though Su Lin was standing in front of her without a single scratch, the worry in Liu Aizhen’s heart hadn’t lessened in the least bit. Just remembering Su Lin’s appearance from last night sent a chill down her spine, frightening her unbearably.

“Mother, it’s nothing, really! Didn’t some thugs smash the windows of our home yesterday? After visiting the hospital, I thought about it, and went out of my way to look for some clues about them. Who would have thought that I would end up helping the police solve some case they had been mulling over for a while in the process! After that, I went to the Police Station with the other Police Officers. Right, mother, I will call Captain Yan later and ask how the case went!”

Su Lin avoided touching the important details of last night’s fiasco, and made up some story for his mother. He didn’t dare tell his mother how he sneaked into the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, nor did he have the guts to mention that he avoided a hail of bullets in the nick of time last night. If he said that, he estimated that the matter would send Liu Aizhen flying into an unbearable rage.

“Little Lin! How could you take such a risk? Can our little family deal with those thugs who mix in with gangs and whatnot? And the blood that covered you, where did that come from?”

“Mother, you can feel relieved! Our family shouldn’t be having any more issues from those thugs now, and I reckon Captain Yan’s people have already dealt with them. As for the blood, that belonged to someone else. It was the blood of a police officer I saved last night, and nothing actually happened to me.”

As he said that, Su Lin jumped into the air to show his mother he was completely alright and could move around normally. Liu Aizhen’s expression also eased after watching his actions, but she still chided Su Lin by saying, “Little Lin, you will be sitting in the College Entrance Examination the day after tomorrow. All of your other classmates are working hard to prepare for the big day, making a final effort to achieve the best rank they can, yet here you are, running out here and there without our knowledge. Your actions make this old woman very apprehensive. Although you have raised your grades, you must make sure not to get too arrogant and lax…”

“Mother! I know what I need to do. Didn’t you say you won’t interfere in my studies if I increased my grades this time? As for the College Entrance Examination, I assure you that they won’t be a big deal for me. Be happy now!”

Su Lin smiled and pushed his mother back towards the kitchen while speaking, “Mother, I am starving to death now, so you should prepare the food as soon as possible. I… I have already missed school in the morning, so I need to go there in the afternoon no matter what!”

“Your mother, I, already called your class teacher, Teacher Lin, for leave in the morning. Your Teacher Lin asked me to have you get to school on time in the afternoon, too.”

“That’s good! Thank you, Mother. By the way, where’s father? He was busy looking for work over the last few days, right? How is that going?”

When he was in the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, Su Lin had personally opened fire and killed Huang Gou. In addition, the Criminal Police also swept through the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, so it could be said that Jian’an City was going to have a long and peaceful time ahead of it.

So Su Lin wasn’t worried about any retaliation from some underworld gangs, but it was still fact that both of his parents had been laid off. Su Lin’s heart pained every day he watched his father anxiously go out looking for work.


When Liu Aizhen heard Su Lin asking about his father, she breathed out a long, sad sigh and shook her head.

“What happened, mother? Has father still not found a job?” Su Lin asked, “That’s impossible! Father is a driver with over 10 years of experience, and he also came back from the military. How could someone who has even drive military vehicles not get a job even after so long? Which employer wouldn’t want someone like him at work? How is it possible that he has still not found a job?”

“Your father already went to 5-6 companies over the last few days, but for some unknown reason, they all start good and amiable, but then go back on their words. All of them refused to take in your father even when your father told them he didn’t mind if the wage was lower than usual. No matter what method he tried to persuade them, nothing worked…”

Mentioning the matter only increased the worries in Liu Aizhen’s heart. It wasn’t just Father Su who couldn’t find a job, but she, herself, faced the same situation over the last few days of job-hunting. She had applied to various companies and was interviewed by many others, but all the employers refused to give her a job even when she met the requirements. They didn’t even give her a reason for their refusal.

“They don’t even give a good reason! How can they act like that?”

Su Lin felt the matter was strange. Just then, the front door of their house was pushed open, and Father Su, Su Guorong, dispiritedly walked in while holding onto a briefcase.

“What happened? Old Su, didn’t you say the company you were going to apply to was run by an old comrade of yours, so… Don’t tell me they didn’t give thought to old camaraderie, and rejected you as well!”

As soon as Su Guorong walked in, Liu Aizhen rushed out of the kitchen and asked with eagerness.


Su Guorong just shook his head with a dispirited look, and sighed. It was apparent from his action that the result of this job application was a failure, too.

“You failed again? That… That’s impossible! Didn’t your friend say on the telephone that it was all good and you would get the job? Our family… What’s going to become of our family if things keep going like this?”

Liu Aizhen felt enraged. The more she thought about their future, the more alarmed she felt. Taking off her apron in a huff, she sat down on the sofa in the living room.

“Aiya… Aizhen, it’s not that our family is suffering from some bad luck, but we seemed to have offended some big-shot!”

Su Guorong also sat down on the sofa and spoke with a frown.

“Offended a big-shot?”

Su Lin and Liu Aizhen said at the same time.

“That’s right! It was my old comrade who told me that someone from above was making matters difficult for us, Aizhen. Both of our names are on the blacklist of all the companies in Jian’an, and no company here dares to hire us. My old buddy asked me if we had offended some powerful people recently, and that that was the reason he couldn’t give me a job either. But even after I thought about it long and hard, I couldn’t figure anything out. After all, who could we have offended?”

As soon as Su Guorong finished his words, Liu Aizhen grumbled, “I was wondering why the factory laid me off out of nowhere, so it turns out some rich piece-of-crap bastard was pulling the ropes from behind, and made this old woman fall face-first. No factory wants to hire me either! If this old woman finds out who is behind our family’s fall, I will beat the crap out of his eighteen generations!”

“Calm down! I understand how you feel, Aizhen, and I thought about our plight. It seems that we can no longer stay in Jian’an, and will need to think of another way!”

“Who wants this old woman to leave Jian’an City?! Just let me find that bastard, and watch how I will spank the shit out of him!”

Watching his enraged mother, Su Lin calmly thought in his heart, “What kind of big-shot did our family offend? No wonder father and mother are suffering with so many setbacks, and it would only be more and more difficult to get work for them. But father and mother are honest and serious folks, so how is it possible for them to have offended some big-shot? Then, the only possibility is…”

Since it was impossible for his parents to offend someone, then wasn’t the only one in their house, who could have done that, him, Su Lin? Su Lin suddenly realized who was causing all the troubles. It had to be Liu Yuanfeng, that bastard he left behind. Not only had he incited the thugs from the Dragon-Tiger Gang into looking for him, but he even used his influence in the Jian’an City to make things difficult for his parents, making them lose their jobs!

“That bastard is too hateful! Liu Yuanfeng, I will never forgive you!”

Su Lin had found the crux of the matter in a moment. It was none other than Liu Yuanfeng, that little bastard, who was making trouble for them!

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